Friday 23rd of October 2020


Social Media Says

Listen, there is nothing worse than a knock off of a Protected Designation cheese.
Good afternoon everyone the meds are making me feel too sick to even think about eating.
]Image description: A page from a book with whiteout over some of the text].
Thats poggers but instead of poggers you say peg.
If youve sent me an ask or something through tumblr messenger that never got answered and youd like to get a response please...
Company causing me mental damage.
Omw to the dentist,,,, awful.
Not to be gross but i believe that everyone should have at least one person in their lives with whom they can exchange stories...
Who wants to see a cursed pic of two nightopians making out???
Me trying to read Peanut's fkn replies in the back seat of the truck with my family and keep a straight face.
Emily in Paris is an Awful Show.
Trying to read the stars and stripes between us remains the worst decision i have ever made. i cried. not in a good way but...
I was very interested in reading this fic until i noticed the last tag.
Who Shall I Vote For? Here's 1 Awful Political Party You Should Avoid.
Hey what was your favorite crayons color mine was cerulean.
Yo this flesh prison is busted and tries to kill me on like a bi-weekly basis, where do i get a new one.
Art by Awful.
Star Wars 47 May 2, 2018.

What You Really Think

One of my co-workers has issues with constipation and we all know this because she's proud of herself whenever she poops and wants to share the good news.