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Yeah wouldn't want class="u-nolinkc" href="">a 1 star rating.
Cop has already planted some *evidence* in the back seat.
9 here in CO recreationally it's been medically legal since the 2000s.

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They should completely decriminalize weed. Those who disagree should get stoned.


It's like blase legal in the u.k. I would genuinely not feel worried about walking down most roads I've lived smoking outside. But we still have to buy it from back street dealers.

We ( voters) legalized it here in Florida back in 2020 but the Florida Supreme Court killed the legalization initiative recently and against voters wishes. I hate this state ever since Republicans took it over years ago and systematically destroyed my home state.

Where's that? And medically right?

Smoking is illegal but edibles are available on govt approved stores, i live in weird country.

I moved from TX to AK and now MT. Can't wait for January 1. Lol.

In fucking New Zealand its never even getting legalised New Zealand is basically a retirement home/country so the majority of people here are fuckheads who think its evil.

It's technically illegal here but I can't remember the last time someone I know got busted.

Be me, a Texan, sad that I can't have nice things too.

He might be talking about driving high, I believe thats illegal everywhere.

Where the f is it legal for 10 years.

Sad to hear that, from where I am from it would probably take at least 20 years before we even consider it.

Username checks out.

But what if the driver told him that he's consuming it, maybe regularly, or even growing it? He could get his license plate checked, and the next morning some nice police officers will search his house and arrest him.

Saying it's "gonna be real awkward" when he realizes his passenger is a cop does not imply that talking about it is a crime, or that he's gonna get arrested for what he said. It just means that the realization he's soon to experience will be uncomfortable, that's all.

He never said it was.

Still be hella awkward.

He also never said hed arrest him.

Yeah it's always weird to me to read something and then remember Oh yeah it's not legal everywhere/every state.

Still illegal in about 30 US states, yep. And they'll jail you for it in the south.

I was curious so I went to the trouble of tracking down the original tweet. The whole account is deleted now, but he's in Indiana, so yeah, very illegal.

He clearly didnt break a law lmao. Its just funny considering hes in a place that its illegal. Cop seems pretty cool about it.

I think he's just saying it's gonna be awkward.

Im sure some over zealous cop in my state would use that as probable cause just to be a prick, regardless of it leading to an arrest or not or if it would hold up in court. Ive seen cops fucking assault people for using bad language despite that not being a crime. They dont actually require cops to know the god damn law so its kind of whatever they feel like might be a crime. Some know better but abuse it and some legit really just dont know and dont care and abuse it. Half the city and county police here are repeat DUI offenders and feed homeless folks literal shit sandwiches.

He's not talking about getting hammered during the game, causing an embarrassing drunken fight with his wife thus clearing out the house and then proceeding to beat the living shit out of her. Can't relate.

He didn't break any law. Nothing in the tweet implies that he did. So I'm not sure why you posted that.

Idk the protocols from precinct or district or whatever but i see cop cars frequently in driveways where i live. Safe bet its just an option if they want to or not.

I dated a girl with cop dad(and step dad), he had to park his squad car on the edge of his jurisdiction (next county over) and drive his normal car to a specific police parking lot. But her also-a-cop (from different jurisdiction) step dad, parked his squad car right out front of the house like it wasn't shit.

Americans seem to be allowed to show off jobs like that. Can't even wear your uniform in public in the UK without covering it up let alone take the car home. Same with the armed forces.

It depends on the department. Here you can opt-in to use a department vehicle for limited personal use and also park it at your residence (take home car program). In rural areas Im sure they just let you use them as POVs.

>like many modern countries You can literally count the number of countries were weed is fully legal on one hand.

Eh, people still freak out around cops even with it being legal. It's still so fresh here, some people get nervous about it.

"many modern countries" yeah like three.

There are hardly any countries where weed is legal. The list is quite a bit bigger if medical is included but still not many.

Ok smart ass name every country where weed is fully legalized.

As a Canadian it really fucking irks me when people circlejerk Canada as if it's some holy land compared to The States when it couldn't be further from the truth. Just because weed is legal here doesn't make it some magical wonderland.

Its a really old tweet. From when basically only CO had legal recreational weed.

I'd assume most people don't want to fraternize with criminals.

*laughs in Australia*.

Its already quite literally criminal though right.

Some do. I think it varies from place to place. It's just like driving a company vehicle that you take home with you.

Do you think a government employee cant bring a laptop from work home? Like they lock all supplies in cages when you go home at night.

Think it depends on the dept? Likely smaller ones do if nothing else.

It's reasonable to assume that weed is not legal where this cop lives, because if it were then the tweet would make no sense. Weird that you would assume the tweet is wrong, rather than assume a cop knows whether it's illegal or not in their own state. Are you kinda high right now, maybe, Mr. /iamverybadass?

This is what is known as a 'joke'.

Its legal in a sell number of countries. Mostly north america. For The rest of the world bar a few exceptions its illegal to use weed.

Cool dont call them if you get robbed then.

You clearly dont live in the south where cops are basically Nazis about weed. And everything else.

Weed is illegal almost everywhere in the world.

Alcohol isn't illegal tho... while weed is. This is like pulling up to a fire fighters house after talking about how fun it is to light stuff on fire.

Well yeah, obviously. Alcohol is legal so there would be nothing uncomfortable about pulling up and seeing a patrol car in your passenger's driveway. > Dumb ass cop I don't think it's the cop who's the dumb ass here.

I think he was the passenger...

Nothing in the tweet implies that is. It means exactly what's it saying, nothing more.

This is years old.

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