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Tuesday 12th of January 2021

WARNING- if You Are Triggered by images of Cruelty to Animals Scroll Past Anything to do With Azealia Banks Today.

Azealia is not well. Thats really it.
WARNING- if you are triggered by images of cruelty to animals scroll past anything to do with Azealia Banks today.
Boiling her dead cats skeleton so that she can take remnants of it with her because she is moving is arguably one of the least offensive things Azealia Banks has ever done.
Doja Cat when Azealia Banks asked for a feature.
Call me azealia banks the way i consume pussy.
Azealia Banks when she gets hungry.
Day 12 of 2021: Azealia Banks cooks her fucking cat.
Me after finding out why Azealia Banks is trending.
This how the cat was chilling before azealia banks put him in da soup.
Call me azealia banks the way I kill the pussy.
Azealia making cat soup?
When youre eating dinner at azealia banks house and she tells you what youre eating.
Azealia banks instagram is a whole trip.
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Call me azealia banks the way i murd3r that pussy.
Yo Azealia Banks you good?
Everytime i listen to luxury by azealia banks i am forever reminded by the fact that she cooked her dead cat and ate it.
God someone tell Azealia to just stfu and sit down so I can enjoy 1991 without the searing pain of guilt.
And Azealia uses gay men like a purse. As long as you're cosigning whatever her whim of the day is, you're useful.
The cats at the adoption center when they see azealia banks come in.
AZEALIA BANKS DUG UP HER DEAD CAT AND COOKED IT... i have no words for 2021 this is not the year.
Azealia banks cat looking down from heaven.
Azealia doesn't like the Black women who are ready to come to her aid. Idk what kind of help she can get, but she is not well.
Cats when they see Azealia Banks coming.
The mice in azealia banks kitchen watching the cat be made into a soup.
I wish I was 2 minutes younger and hadn't just checked to see why Azealia Banks is trending.
Knowing azealia got the cats bones for her alter makes more sense but I truly wish she didnt include us in her things.
How to eat dinner wit Azealia Banks.
Azealia Banks horrifies her fans by digging up her dead cat, cooking it, and posting videos on Instagram.
Azealia banks is a nutbag she fucking stewed her cat up bro, like arrest that bitch.
Aint no way azealia banks dug up her dead cat and cooked it...2021 cursed now.
POV you are Azealia Banks cat.
Only Azealia Banks could dig up her dead cat and cook it and not surprise me at all.
Cause no what Azealia did now?
Scrolling through Instagram and seeing Azealia Banks boiling her dead cat.
Azealia Banks did WHAT to her cat ??
People after unstanning Azealia Banks today.
Azealia is sick in the head.
Every time azealia banks trends I always think of this wildNout episode lmao.
Azealia Banks when you ask her if she eat pussy.
The yts raided the capitol.. some girl so disrespectfully climbed a pyramid... & azealia digging up her dead cat & cooking it.. lord its only day 12.
Azealia just doin the same shit other women be doing using sage, crystals, and puttin period blood/pussy juice in niggas food IMO.
I'm so fucking disturbed rn and want to inflict pain Fuck Azealia Banks so fucking much.
Lana Del Reys cats knowing Azealia eats cat now.
Azealia has been transphobic, homophobic, fat shamed Lana Del Rey and Doja Cat, is a Trump supporter, an anti-masker, anti-vaxxxer, and just cooked a cat on her Instagram and some people still support her.

Me: Goodmorning Twit- Twitter: Azealia Banka cooked her dead cat live on insta! Me.
People taking shots at *Azealia Banks cat" who probably cant even explain what "Bone Magick and Ancestral Spirituality" are Make me sick. Just admit You're Christo Normative and Ignorant and move on.
Man, DCYOUNGFLY was right to roast tf outta Azealia Banks on Wild 'N Out, she a straight weirdo and nobody can seriously like her.
Dinner is served ***nulb.
So what is this that I'm hearing that miss Azealia Banks just dug up her dead cat and she her skull in her house umm .are we suprised.
I really cant handle azealia banks right now.
CW: animal death . . . . . . . . . azealia banks boiled the bones of her deceased cat so she could take the skull w/ her and people are (imo) unnecessarily freaking out. the process itself is super fucking common and ordinary.

Me checking to see why Azealia Banks is trending.
Azealia banks looking for her next dinner.
Me: Hey Azealia what ever happened to your cat after he died? Azealia.
Azealia banks is one crazy crazy woman.
Even though, and I repeat, Azealia did not eat her cat jfkdkdksks.
PLEASE get this bitch Azealia Banks some help bro.

What You Really Think

Your warning reinforces my current standard response to her name trending.

Not that the whole thing wasn't super cringy, but the cat was already dead.

That child needs help...the people around her are trash if they are not actively pushing her to seek treatment for her well-being.

Oh lord.

Saw it, and the saddest thing about this is, shes been mentally ill for years, and apparently no one gives a shit. After what I just saw, she needs to be 5150d. Today.

I do that anyway. Once I saw her name trending, I knew right away it wasnt anything good...

Of all the things I expected for 2021 I didn't expect Azealia Banks...

Too late. Thankfully I didnt see pictures, but I heard what she did.

The cat was already long dead though.

Thank you for the warning.


Can't scroll past what I don't normally look at so im good. Im sorry you had to see whatever it is you saw. Things like that can be traumatizing.

I was never in any danger.

I've seen some things on this app but never in all my days did i think I'd see THAT from her.


Do i even want to know what happened?

Oh shit. Okay...thanks for the heads up!!

Saw the vid but did not press play. Thank God my wits were about me this morning.