Wednesday 9th of December 2020

Bald Eagle.

Social Media Says

Idk what youre talking about, thats clearly a penguin standing on a hook.
Spicy boi buttplug.
It's actually a dual faceted piece of art. The cheeto itself is Mr Krabs' claw, representing his greed. The shadow it casts is that of a seahorse, representing the fact that he was Spongebob's spiritual mother.

What You Really Think

It looks more like an Asian triboriomite (triborium refutgeus) and it goes for around $6,347 depending on the species /s.

I like how you said 2.31k but 2310 is fewer characters.

You have to find the hair on a separate auction for $1,500 though.

It's a toupee, you meanie.

That's an insult to the Flaming Hot Cheeto Community.

Thats the sound the eagle makes.


This sounds like the Scandinavian Bud Light. Crack a Laak.

Spongebob me boy, look at these gains.

Its a real treasure what can I say.

Ikr, they could have sold it for so much more, I guess they just want to get rid of it quick.

Shoulda def posted it for $999.98 so the customer thinks they're getting a deal.

You should, that things a relic.

A small price to pay for da eagle cheeto.

Cheeto loop.

Its already been in someones mouth dude.

Your $1,000 give me it.

No joke, if Cheetos actually bought this for a thousand bucks, it'd be great marketing. Get all the free advertising from the news articles and tweets about it, plus probably have a ton of people rush out to look for their own "unique" cheeto.

What does it mean?

I wonder if someone could find it on the internet...

I found this on eBay.

I dont believe you.

Unfortunately yes these are the same people who tend to by factory-sealed empty Coke cans for thousands of dollars.

I was going to ask that, because I can find some weird looking shit. Dead squirrel that looks like John Travolta, oak leaf shaped like the space shuttle, ny bf's toenail clipping that looks like a little canoe. Need money to pay medical bills.

I see a catbird on a stick.

Scrolled too far for this!