Thursday 17th of June 2021

Batman Begins Released in Theaters on This Day, 16 Years Ago, Marking The Beginning of Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy. Where Does Christian Bale Rank Among All Time Batman Performances?

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That pass from Gareth Bale Aaron Ramsey special.
Batman Begins released theaters this day, years ago, marking beginning Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy. Where does Christian Bale rank among time Batman performances?
That Gareth Bale penalty went high.
Dear Bale, sorry nasty stuff said about when missed pen. Wales Brazil? fucking coming home.
only Bale score penalties.
Gareth Bale Turkey: assists - chances created - chances created - penalty won - sofascore rating Iconic performance.
Ramsey good good moments Wales created were through Bale magic. Easily motm.
Best Individual performance Euro far, incredible from Bale!! assists 5 chances created shots 51 touches 2 dribbles 2 balls back.
This what means Gareth Bale.
Gareth Bale King Wales.
Massive, massive Gareth Bale giving single fuck about wasting time corner.
heard good things about Turkey guess those were just rumors time only they lost failed score. Wales with Bale missed from spot they have chance move next round.

Bale paaa, least Asamoah Gyan bar***.
Gareth fucking Bale.
Alex dont understand football greenwood wouldnt start Wales promise that gets over bale that Moore guy.
Unreal performance from Gareth Bale.
Have to hand it to Bale. Even after the penalty miss, his instinct was still to go for the jugular.
GOAL! Gareth Bale sets Connor Roberts seal Wales! Live BBCiPlayer, BBCOne Sport app.
talking about defending part bale play twice brilliant.
Bale looks determined make absolute most this tournament create some lasting memories himself (and team course). previous tournament, well have kept corner those final moments. This time, could something special here".

Bale offside that last corner missed officials again like other night
Mbappe- Benzema- Bale under Ancelotti would scary.
Great result mate, just wish Bale scored penalty settle nerves earlier.
Bale beauty.
Bale's masterclass leads Wales win.
What victory Wales. totally deserved. Bale tremendous. Turkey were poor. Expected much better.
Aaron Ramsey Gareth Bale (penalty aside) immense tonight Wales.
adore seeing Bale captain this Wales team, seeing Ramsey performances like that!!!
Gareth Bale isn't finished yet, super performance.
Bale doesnt have pace once had, confidence making runs into still unbeatable. chutzpah trying that goal line twice row!!
Link bale comp.
Gareth Bale best player ever play game. Facts.
All is forgiven Bale...that was an incredible bit of play. Well and truly redeemed yourselfV GET IN THERE LADS!!!! [?].
Real Madrid watching Bale play Spurs Wales.
This really game watch. That pass from Bale sooooo good.
Bale care bout fantasy. Bless.
Percentage Wales fans delighted Gareth Bales penalty extended their lead extra three points. Rugby.
many great performances. Including Wards save. Rodon defending, Davies clearances. Moore taking hits always available. James tireless. Bale poor passing MOTM Ramsey goal, covering much ground that perfectly-timed tackle Muldur.

Gareth Bale Turkey: assists. chances created. chances created. penalty won.
Throughout whole 2016 EURO, most single player Gareth Bale just equaled that single game.
Gareth Bale's penalty.
Well done Bale stunning, Rodon looked more than solid, watch. Lets again!
Reckon Wales should that short corner Bale thing more often.
That Gareth Bale's first penalty miss since November 2010 made last eight club country.
Bale really euros.
Gareth Bale goals/assists last starts club country these last months have been prime Bale.
That Gareth Bale penalty worst ever seen. Amazing what playing Spurs does man.
really, really wish kept Bale after 12/13 whenever left.
The floor is wasting time in the corner Bale.
Gareth bale Congratulations FAWales qualifying round
Bale mare tonight would still considered MOTM providing superb assists. just another level.
Gareth Bales game numbers Turkey: pass accuracy chances created chances created attempted take-ons shots target] 3 clearances successful take-ons interceptions penalty penalty missed Eventful.

Gareth Bale's penalty just landed back garden.
Gareth Bale might have missed penalty, he's world class. Pure simple.
Gareth Bale Aaron Ramsey created total four chances another against Turkey, most single game EURO 2020. EURO 2016, most pair single game also Bale Ramsey (six against Russia). Telepathic.

Though missed penalty, what performance Gareth Bale. Captains performance!
Bale captainers.. sticking?
Gareth Bale overall performance Turkey tonight.
club signed Davis, Gareth Bale Aaron Ramsey play Wales theyd have great side.
Gareth Bale revolutionising game just running ball straight from corners. Sign never first from corner ever again.
Bale season then amad take over.
Bale bigger than Varca.
another reminder, Robbie Savage screams Gareth Bale keep ball corner instead going second goal, that really needs shut fuck
brilliant goal WAL, sublime from Bale dancing from wing, sets Roberts, slides home, finished stoppage time, 0-2.
Gareth Bale thought playing golf went hole
love bale misses penalty people shit, then completely disregard assists just specifically that first one.
head Bale there. clarity thought quality decision making.
Found out where the ball ending up.
What Welsh nation!!! goal technique corner from Bale.
Ramsey showing his class again ..Bale showing he only loves to play for one team guys...
Bale creating chances game.
FOCUS Gareth Bale Turkey: touches assists chances created passes acc. long balls 20/24 acc. passes succ. dribbles [?] 8/12 duels won [?] penalty SofaScore rating remarkable performance!

Bale plays seriously really decent even backup, wages high unless starter.
assists from finished Gareth Bale, goal Juventus flop Ramsey. love
championship more competitive than some leagues world tbh They have good squad As said will depend togetherness team it X factor bale Ramsey hi Plus Wilson.

Gareth Bale created chances Turkey. have created more single EURO2020 game far. forgive penalty miss.
Missed penalty assist more than enough gareth bale. Welsh dragon roared hard today.
Remove that penalty miss weve witnessed world class performance from Gareth Bale, that absolutely brilliant. assists must game.
Madrid Bale injury time.
So una fit tweet Bale.
Bale dunked turkey, best individual performance hungry.
Bale went Welsh rugby with that penalty.
Bale Ramsey playing Wales.
Gareth Bale still good man...
Bale Turkey assists touches 83.3% passing accuracy 5 passes 5 chances created 8/12 duels won 1 penalty World class.
George best, Bobby Moore bale talent there.
This over timeline after Bale howler.
Ramsey excellent today other than missed chances first half Bale created couple chances first half, lets talk about miss that matters
dont know bale.

What You Really Think


Rank the batmen in your fave order.



Keaton 2 Bale Its close but nostalgia takes it over the top.

At the top, sir.

Christian Bale is the best Batman. Its not close. Boomers are wrong.

The best, pretty easily imo.

Behind Keaton, solid.

Sixteen? oh boy.

Begins is basically an art house movie wrapped in a blockbuster. Best of the bunch. Only thing that slightly lets it down is not a great villain in Liam neeson.

Number 1 and it aint even close.

Loved this version because it was darker and showed that Batman was actually human and had a temper.

1st, what the fuck. Not even close.

His Bruce could have done with more but perfectly captures the Batman drive to thump criminals. Kinda like a sportsman wholl do anything to win hell do anything to fight scum.

Number 1 and its not close.

Only Batman to properly portray all 3 faces of Bruce properly... Symbol of Batman, dead inside Bruce, and Playboy front...

Top 2 and he aint 2.

The best. The series also had the best villains. But Christian Bale raised and set the bar so absurdly high.

His Batman can be debatable, but he is the best Bruce Wayne. Imo.

Easily the best.


He ranks as GOAT.