Ball of Salt That I Took Out of The Dead Sea.

Tuesday 6th of July 2021

Ball of Salt That I Took Out of The Dead Sea.

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30 before you start hallucinating.
I immediately drank water after reading this comment.
If you chuck it at someone you hate itll take only one good lick.

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This comment made my tongue cringe.

Looks like a painful kidney stone.

Do not lick Dead Sea unless you like bromine and other minerals.

3 and a crunch.

]Thats the saltiest thing Ive ever tasted!]().

I guess good thing your butt has a sphincter or else that would burn too.

>about it burning your urethra. It would've been helpful to have a warning tbh.

I went in and fully submerged... so thankful I just happened to have eyedrops handy bc they burned like crazy!

My Grandad had a little skull ring that he lost abt 20-30 years ago in the Dead Sea. Wonder if anyone ever found it.

Burns male pee holes too. Can confirm.

I did and it was good. Not sure how safe it is but at least it looks clean.

The *Grander* Canyon.

I went to Mt. St. Helens a few years ago and spent serious effort to find responsibly-sourced volcanic dust and rocks. Same idea, right, we're all told to never take anything from a park. I'd gotten petrified wood from the Petrified Forest gift shop in the past, for example. I'm trying to be a good guy. But no one had it. No little vials of dust, no rocks glued to a plaque. It was *everywhere* outside, of course. We passed a road-construction site where they were just bulldozing it away. So I figured it was OK to just take some.


Minerals are already being from removed the dead sea at an industrial scale.

Which is a logical fallacy because the place is made of more rocks that simply havent fallen off yet.

As a geologist, I say fuck that rule. Just don't leave rock stacks please.

That reminds me the time I was on a tour of Mammoth Cave and some grown-ass adults got caught picking up and pocketing stones inside the cave. Each tour group had two rangers/groups to accompany it (one to lead at the front and do all the talking, and the other to follow behind the group to make sure no one got left behind etc.). The tour had to pause while the second park ranger escorted those people back out of the cave (and locked them out with the entrance gate), making them put back all the rocks they had pilfered. Youd think adults would know better.

Also don't go fully underwater. It absolutely burns the eyes and lips/mouth (though closed, still burned like hell and took 5min to subside).

I was there a couple days ago! The sand was SO HOT I almost burned my feet, and the water was unexpectedly hot too. Id been before in February when it was pretty chilly so this was all a shock. Also fell into a muddy sink hole that had rocks at the bottom and broke my toe nail but overall a very cool experience. Also there are signs everywhere saying to absolutely not dive in and to find a lifeguard of you swallow any water cuz its poisonous lol.

RIIIGHT?! I felt like I was floating in pee!

All that saltiness definitely gonna make it retain more of the heat it captures.

You just reminded me that I need to rewatch ]An Idiot Abroad]().

Its also a great place to remind you of each and every single paper cut you had since age 10.

I would recommend visiting as soon as you can regardless of season. It's not getting any bigger.

Joke's on you, I'm going in August...

Been there for a day, went to hotel room, slept, and left the day after. Temperatures get literally unbearable if youre not accustomed to anything.

All three of the times I've been to Israel have been in the summer, and both times I went to the Dead Sea were some of the hottest days of those summers. It's insane there... But the last time I went, we went to the top of Mount Masada first, and it was even worse up there. But it looks like you went to a different location than the one I was at recently. There was zero sand, it was all dried up mud/sand/whatever, that was nearly impossible to walk on. Sand would have been far nicer...

I went in December in like 2015ish and it was the perfect temp for swimming.

I went in July of 2017. Did the salt in the Dead Sea expose every little cut on your body when you swam in in?

I couldnt even open my eyes without goggles in the regular ocean, so I wouldnt dare to do that.

April is the best.

I remember feeling like a French fry between the heat and the salt.

I hope it's edible.

O Find a person to love :p.

"Rub this rotten egg smelling shit on my back right quick". - You probably.

Im fighting a kidney stone rn and now Im just gonna imagine it looking like this ball of torture until proven otherwise.

That's the Dead Lake, it's one town over.

Did they ever come in handy?

Not as salty as your bitch ass (sorry, I just wanted to say that to someone on this thread and I chose you, but Im sure youre a good noodle).

Reminds me of the Chef's salty balls from south park.

Overly salty and no life!

100% instant paper cut finder.

True story. I had a bunch of road rash from a motorcycle accident when I was 14. A couple days later I went to swim in the Great Salt Lake. Not the best idea and the dead sea even saltier.

Or a gash, like 50% of us have.

Stick it on your nightstand, only for it to fall on the floor and under your bed, and then you wont see it again until you move.

*NaCl intensifies*.

"They're minerals. Christ, Marie".

I have no idea about meth value, but I'm imagining a crystal that size would be quite expensive.

I was wading, maybe 3 feet in and the water is really clear so i was looking at the sea floor. I saw tons of salt crystals, most were stuck to the ground but I guess this chunk broke off somewhere so I just leaned over and picked it up. Not complicated haha.

The entire sea floor of the Dead Sea is covered in these. you can pluck them right off the beach as youre wading in.

Do you think it's unsafe?


Ooh that's cool.

Lmao I don't think it would fit in my mouth.

Unbearably hot but very pretty.

It wasn't floating it was on the sea floor, several feet into the water.

Pretty much the whole sea floor there is made up of these salt balls its pretty crazy.


Do people actually do that lol.

Only if he is a 20 something that just finished their military service, and now wants to come to Canada to experience the world, snow, and high data prices.

Here's a photo of one that was closer to the shore.

Hot and painful but so pretty.

Show some respect smh.

Saved it, although based on some of the comments here that alone makes me a bad person. Oops.

Settle down, Kavanaugh.

More like r/possiblypermissiblesnacks.

It's actually a bit bigger than it looks in this photo but yeah I bet there are pretty cool big ones.

Can't deny climate change when the dead sea is drying up at the rate of 3 ft a year :(.