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Sunday 21st of June 2020

Unlucky Patrick_Bamford!

Is it going to be one of those days for Leeds? Bamford inadvertently denies his own side a goal as Harrison's shot is blocked on the line with Bamford in an offside position! ??? Watch Bluebirds v LUFC on Sky Sports Football or follow it here.

45 1 - Bamford blocks his teammate Harrison's effort off the City line. (1-0).
The game was in hand until that mistake from Phillips. Cardiff are packing their box and making it difficult but Dallas' finish looked like it was in before it struck Bamford's leg. Work to do.
Really hope Bamford scores a hattrick in the 2nd half and shuts me and all his other detractors up.
WTF is Bamford doing ??
Patrick Bamford is on a mission to stop Leeds getting to the Premier league.
Not Bamford's fault there ?
Unlucky Patrick_Bamford!
I'd love my 13yo son to replace Bamford "lol".
We paid 7m for Bamford...7 fucking million.
We dominate the game for Phillips and bamford to throw it away. Proper leeds shit that.
Can't think of a change neither other than maybe Shacks for Roberts or Bamford.
My reaction to Patrick Bamford!
My biggest, posdibly only, complaint about Bielsa is his insistence on using Bamford....
Bamford with our hopes of scoring.
Whole squads bang average today . Fair play to bamford though, great keeping skills.
I'm not convinced he'd beaten the keeper at all. Looked like it was straight *at the keeper* (as he was coming across directly behind bamford).
Bamford needs to get his foot out of the way mitchellsport99 says ....?. So do I!
Started drinking to calm the nerves and will continue to drink to drown my sorrows. Absolute shit show from Leeds and Bamford once again x cheers lads x.
Don't get me wrong I like bamford, but he does that all the time - ball doesn't reach him in the box then he's so slow to get himself back in position love him outside the box but he just needs to be smarter sometimes.

Dont think i seen anyone slag phillips off in the same way they have bamford tho?? ?
Maybe move Bamford to defence?
Bamford is not and never will be good enough to play for Leeds united pass it on....
True. I agree with Hasselbaink, though. It was strange to go for the near post and not send it back to the far corner. Based on that, Bamford was theoretically out of the way. But unfortunate.
I like bamford now.
Patrick Bamford has just stopped Leeds from equalising with a block on the line ?????
Always rated Bamford.
NOT unlucky..he was looking at the striker, and just stood there offside, in the way. What a plank.
Patrick Bamford would break your heart.
Top strikers in the league have 22/23 goals this season so far we have bamford on 13. then sign an unfit back up striker thats not played for us yet nd still cant nothin to do with covid either. mental stuff looking to get promoated without steady goals. preston got s.sinclair.

Love u really Patrick_Bamford pls score.
Alright we get it u mongs.
Bamford is so error prone and clumsy seems to be always be in the wrong place lufc ???
Please..just sell bamford this upcoming transfer windows..he's shaite.
Has anyone told Bamford he is a centre forward & your not supposed to stop your own players scoring ?
Cant do with Bamford man what a donkey.
Probably because Phillips does one a season, Bamford does three or four a game.
Devo for Bamford. Bloody unlucky. Devo for Harrison even more. A cruel moment. ?
Guarantee Bamford scores a one yard tap in in the second half ? starts cupping ear at camera ?
Much to improve on. We can do it! far too much panicking !! LUFC Lord Bamford to bag 2nd half.
Oh my goodness! Bamford just ruined his own teammate(ManCity loanee)Jack Harrison's equalizing goal. Wow.
HT: SkyBetChampionship CardiffCity 1 (0.13 xG) LUFC 0 (0.74 xG) Sloppy from Leeds in possession and Hoilett takes advantage with a fantastic strike from the edge of the box. Bamford denies his side an equaliser. CARLEE shot map ??

So not only do you NOT score goals but now you're clearing them off the line as well, need a fucking warehouse full of this stuff I think, dreadful :(.
Bamford wtf he's touched the ball twice once to stop our goal.
We need to start shooting from outside the box. Cardiff are sitting too much in their box we can't just run the ball in the net... especially if Bamford is defending for them ????
Great save from Bamford though. ??
The same people are defending Bamford are the same people who defended Bates.
Look I know I probabaly stick up for Bamford too much but in fairness he made a good run and probabaly expected the ball to come across goal. Unfortunate but frustrating, could've been avoided and should've been a goal.

Bamford is an absolute donkey though, we've seen that ezact moment many times this year.
Worried about dave situ.
Bamford ?
So is Patrick Bamford.
Now football is officially back - dominating possession, don't score, concede a sloppy goal against play, bamford blocking shots, me shouting at the tv. Oh I've missed you LUFC.
When will it sink in Bamford is SHITE Here we go again bottlers.
Bamford what on earth.
Bielsa to Bamford at HT.
Bamford's playing at the wrong end of the pitch with a wonderful stop like that, he should be centre back.
Bamford second half hat trick incoming.
Everyone on Twitter slating Bamford.... JFH just said he was in the right place, just massive bad luck. Phillips was lazy and gave a goal away but nobody says anything about that!
Amazing save by Bamford to keep his team out of the contest! ??
Someone explain what Bamford was meant to do ? its just unfortunate.
What a nonce.
Absolute classic Bamford.

What You Really Think

NOT unlucky..he was looking at the striker, and just stood there offside, in the way. What a plank.

Alright we get it u mongs.

What a nonce.

This is a violation.


How that guy starts for Leeds is beyond me.


Admin is pissing himself laughing.

Was offside anyway.

Leeds will have to move him on if go up. Championship his level.

Shut up.

Shit off.

Unlucky?! The fucking guy blocked his own team mates' goal hahahah.

Fuck this game.