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Friday 20th of November 2020

Emily Thornberry's Face When James Cleverley Said Priti Patel Just Wants Her Employees to Work Hard.

Emily Thornberry's face when James Cleverley said Priti Patel just wants her employees to work hard.
Imagine being Sikh or Hindu and not seeing your family at Diwali, but you still lose your jobs because of the lockdown that has to happen after the government lets people go nuts at Christmas.
Boris Johnson's attack on devolution wasn't just a slip of the tongue, it was a slip of the Tory mask. Westminster is the real disaster. Brexit, Iraq, PS9k fees, and a decade of Tory cuts. The only way to protect Scotland's interests is to become an independent country.

The Tories hold court eh? Yet 70,000 excess deaths, Billions to peers & racist Windrush etc & its SNP & Corbyn getting the firing squad? Get real, The right prosper when the left is split.
Fiona Bruce everyone, the Conservative party representative on bbcqt Just dont mention food banks or poverty, she will cut you off!
It's like having an extra Tory on the panel every week.
Our bold action to tackle child poverty has been praised by the UN. We've introduced new game-changing benefits and ambitious targets, while the Tories have been imposing austerity and scrapping their own targets. Here's the facts.

The governments response consistently lying about schools this reply to a petition for face masks is full of them and yet you still dont bring that up.
Absolutely shocking that Emily Thornbury does not regret trying to install Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. Shameful.
Please do NOT whatever you do this video, I'm sure you will want to help the BBC after they accidently posted Priti Patel's true views on the poor before quickly deleting it to help the Tories. I urge you again *Please do NOT Retweet this video*.

Boris Johnson will put on his tank top and go blubbing to the EU . Itll be a Marc Almond Brexit Swallow the lot , and Swallow it now.
This week LabourMuslims published a report that revealed 1 in 3 Muslim members have witnessed Islamophobia within the Labour Party. Not that you'd know it. The fact bbcqt is *still* discussing Labour's "antisemitism crisis" after 5 years tells you everything you need to know.

Bizarre rant from FraserNelson. Criticises poverty in Scotland but completely ignores the fact that the biggest drivers of poverty over the past decade have been Tory austerity cuts, punitive welfare reforms, and Brexit - all of which Scotland and the SNP opposed.

Hes beginning to look a bit like the young Tony Blair showing the country that his party has changed and is ready for re-election. Spectator editor FraserNelson says the Conservatives should be a little bit nervous about Keir Starmers Labour leadership.

Ian Blackford lying on questiontime bbcqt about; education, attainment, life expectancy and social welfare responsibilities. Utterly shameful.
What has Jeremy Corbyn got to apologize for? Genuinely I don't get it.
A man with no view on any subject. How sad to try to build a career on platitudes.
Our Prime Minister wrote this virulently antisemitic trope in his deeply Islamophobic novel "Seventy Two Virgins". You'll never hear about it because the BBC doesnt give a fuck about antisemitism or any racism. The BBC only cares about protecting its Tory masters.

My campaign to limit the number of people retweeting this image hit a small hurdle last week when 13 thousand of you decided to retweet it causing untold embarrassment to michaelgove I expect to see a massive improvement this week together we can get the number down.

James Cleverly criticises poverty in Scotland but conveniently ignores the biggest drivers of poverty over the past decade have been his government's asterity cuts, punitive welfare cuts and of course Brexit - all of which SNP opposed.

Hey JamesCleverly, you can't say Boris Johnson is a big fan of Scottish Devolution when he called it Tony Blair's "biggest mistake".
Sign and 412k already have we want schools safe for everyone and what we were promised smaller classes, virus low in prevalence, fully working TT.
James Cleverly on bbcqt and can I be the very first to say that he is not going to say anything remotely clever.
Corbyn has nothing to apologise for. Labour Right manufactured hate against him. Media amplified it. Tories exploited it. Why? Pro-Israel. If anyone should apologise, it's them.
This is how the BBC reports the Tories and Brexit.
What will the main topic tonight? The Governments abysmal handling of a Global pandemic? Or an opportunity to bash Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party? Distraction by an impartial publicly funded impartial broadcaster. Place your bets now.

The always impartial.
The problem with politics is that Ministers can openly lie and get away without challenge. To criticise the SNP Gov's handling of the drugs crisis when the power to legalise and introduce safe consumption rooms is held and has been denied by Westminster is beyond the pale.

Emily Thornberry says she was right to campaign for Jeremy Corbyn to become PM ***nulb James Cleverly not having any of it! "How much evidence do you need? He spent decades associating with 9/11 truthers and holocaust deniers" Well said.

GREAT NEWS My ongoing campaign to limit the number of people retweeting this image and causing upset to Gove has made great progress I am now so confident that nobody will it that I am going to tag in michaelgove so he can see how well we're doing. Thank you.

Fiona Bruce, please explain why Nicola Sturgeon *shouldn't* make an announcement before Boris Johnson. We elected theSNP led government to govern Scotland. It's really not Nicola's fault if Johnson takes hours to learn his lines and concoct answers to press questions.

.JamesCleverly is not fit to wipe the dirt off JeremyCorbyns wellies. Thats it. Thats all. We take no lectures from those who prop up, and are a part of, one of the nastiest, most divisive governments of all time.

Boris Johnson has shown his ignorance and disrespect calling devolution a 'mistake' and 'disaster'. We've got a proud record in Scotland - free tuition, free care, free prescriptions and climate action. It's time to finish the journey and become an independent country.

Here's Glasgow 1980 , who was in power then?
James Cleverly & his alternative facts. Mate, whats genuinely shocking is the sh*t shower of a Tory government.
Fraser Nelson making outrages lies on bbcqt and being schooled by Ian Blackford.
Emily Thornberry says she was "ashamed" of EHRC Report, but still campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister. She should also be ashamed of herself.
You have just demonstrated your complete lack of knowledge re devolution and Scottish affairs on bbcqt Scotland does not have a deficit. Scotland is prohibited from having a deficit.
MSM, neolibs, Red Tories, Blue Tories, etc., didnt go after Jeremy Corbyn because they believed he was anti-Semitic, they went for him & continue to go for him because hes a socialist. They still go for him because they fear anyone who takes on the neolibs.

Tell sweaty Betty that if he's going to keep going on about Corbyn then he can hardly tell us all on twitter to stop piling on Priti.
. FBruce complaining that NS does her job, by making announcements to the Scottish people, before Bojo announces to England. Another example of how dare you Scotland, England should be spoken to first.

Shocking drivel from Fraser Nelson, 20yrs ago the top ten poorest areas were in Scotland, today top ten poorest areas are in England !
Here's James Cleverly shamelessly defending the Tories editing a video to falsely show Keir Starmer being tongue-tied during an interview.
Are still looking for a translator.
Fraser just making up facts. Bruce interrupted when the SNP come back to set the record straight.
We have a Conservatives government found guilty by NAO of cronyism, by spending PS21bn of Taxpayers money on Covid19 to there chums, for unfit goods & all Bbcqt deflect this with.
A truly dreadful performance from Emily Thornberry tonight. She could not have come over more smug or condescending.
Nothing about this tonight???
Fear of Labour? Christine Lagarde, when head of IMF, said UK economy would be in better shape if it followed John McDonnells policies. Who should we fear...
Can't believe that 5 Live are praising Fraser Nelson when he had his facts on poverty so wrong, not to mention his fantasy belief that everyone is following the Covid rules. Has he not seen the footage of the thousands flouting the rules?

Blame this man.
Did the BBC say that Fraser Nelson is in the employment of two tax dodger billionaires?
Beyond a shadow of doubt bbcqt stooped to greater depth than ever-this was like a meeting of Likud with Cleverly casting himself in the role of Netanyahu But worse still Nelson & Cleverly launch a barrage of utter lies about Scotland and frankly Ianblackford_MP rebuttal was ..

BBC Question Time guest James Cleverly said 'Nelson Mandela was the defining politician of my generation' That explains why he joined a political party that supported Apartheid, labelled Mandela a terrorist & had members who wore t-shirts calling for him to be hanged!

Does Ian Blackford deflate as the day goes on?
Emily Thornberry: 'Priti Patel should resign as a Minister' based on a report that no one has read yet Also Emily Thornberry: 'Corbyn wouldve been fine as Prime Minister' despite the shocking EHRC report we have all read mmmm Keir_Starmer sort your shower out.

Spitting image sums her up perfectly.
Im so bored ImACeleb bbcqt Priti Patel Fleets FreeMelee Snapchat WaysToGetTrumpToLeave Home Secretary Supernatural KiddXCiroc diysos imgxnct Nintendo Insta Godfall FreeMelee Nintendo Big House drake bell Rudy.

Bet his neighbours bloody love him.
Emily Thornberry says Corbyn "allowed his feelings of being personally under attack to mean he wasn't able to objectively take proper decisions." By definition: If he was too focused on being a victim to see the scale of the damage done to Jewish people, that's damning!

Emily Thornberry was so ashamed of the actions of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn she stood shoulder to shoulder with him at the general election.
Fraser Nelson argues about semantics: did she break MinisterialCode or did she break some unwritten 'over-assertiveness' rule? What will James Cleverly say in response to audience question: what would he do if it happened inside his team. Fiona Bruce lets him escape.

Fiona Bruce seems to pick and choose who she lets ramble on without answering the question and who she wants to nail down for an answer and interrupt every 30 seconds.
Priti Patel Fleets FreeMelee Snapchat WaysToGetTrumpToLeave Home Secretary Supernatural KiddXCiroc diysos imgxnct Nintendo Insta Godfall FreeMelee Nintendo Big House drake bell Rudy.
They are talking about a television show called The Crown bbcqt THE FUCKING CROWN...
Thank you for Anglosplaining that.
3M people remain ExcludedUK and after 8 months have still been deliberately targeted as unworthy of support during a global pandemic. Jobs lost, businesses folding but mostly, the physical and mental damage inflicted is unforgivable. bbcqt peoplebeforepolitics nulb.

What You Really Think

Exactly how all you lefties look when hard work is mentioned. Lazy as the days long.

Priti fucking awful...

I always thought she was a bad egg.

Think he meant - do hard labour.

Making political points when this woman has just denied and denounced Jeremy Corbyn with a full-on recant is whataboutery of the finest.

Her employees? She doesnt own them. Not one of them.

Will these covid19 pandemic be investigated has the same as the 2010 Spanish flu investigation took place that major pharmaceutical where behind the 2010 just to make money for themselves.

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