Thursday 23rd of April 2020

Be Kind

Social Media Says

Its , do something to show this awesome planet we call home how much you love her..
So, I just gave a Virtually.It was supposed to be on the main stage at the main conference in Vancouver. But things changed.Please enjoy my Ode to Living on Earth..
Suns out at the Tower of London.
you are my favorite reality star!!.
Another activity you can do lockdown with your neighbour.
A reminder that although we may all be experiencing the same storm, we are not in the same boat. The journey of others may be a very different experience through the COVID 19 pandemic , depending on personal circumstances..
Proud public servant. Members of staff from redeployed to help food distribution were asked to support a resident with food. 21 tomorrow so they provided a little extra - cake, candle and gift.
Yo should be ashamed and apologise for such a crass question.
Arty Archie spreads some cheer with.
More than you could ever imagine. Why pose such an inflammatory question that comes from an ill-formed mind, particularly in such difficult times. You should be ashamed and apologise..
Looking out for your neighbour Heres what to do if youre aware of anyone that is self-isolating, who might have no friends or family members nearby and may need support..
I figure Id have time alone with my thoughts. But it turns out I dont have as many thoughts as you think.....
Sana is staying at home during this lockdown and helping her juniors by talking classes online. This is how Sana uses her time during the lockdown period. Be kind. Be like Sana!.
has started screaming at me for dinner, so its time to head off for the night. Thanks to Twitter, I have something to read, something to watch, some great new connections also some awesome old friends!.
Me too! Its so addictive! Heres mine.
A few months ago SM was full of the now here we are seeing one man being vilified for asking for a LOAN to save thousands of jobs!! A company that contributes millions to the economy! Check the true facts and remember words effect people indirectly or not.
Very true, humanity and compassion to be shown to all.
Good morning have a beautiful and safe day xxx.
I couldnt stay quiet for any longer!.
Week three of our posts on Instagram. Really impressed with the posts we have received from the students. Todays post is from Abi in year 11..
Thank you so much Cayte, well done on all the work you are doing to support our residents.
Be nice you guys! That means chicks too! I was surprised to see some pretty bad talk on Twitter today. Ppl just tearing into others, then scroll down to their other posts talking about how wonderful kindness is. Jeez. Especially s not easy.
3 days before his birthday.
Good morning tweeter Have a great day and stay safe!.
Please remember you may be the only contact someone has in a day so please make it a kind and compassionate contact.
Darn forgot to post this here Happy Earth Day!Thinking of the planet and all its people and wishing everyone safe and well..
Seen in someones front schooling not that easy, is it ? Never mind, ....this too will pass.
I watched the film Wonder last night and loved the final quote from Auggie. This couldnt feel anymore relevant right now.
Going to share this with some colleagues today who I know are teetering on empty.
This is making me extra cautious. Im the clotting-est person On earth. Please yall, if you chose to go out, be safe not only for yourself but others..
Dont pay for the murder of a gentle, feeling, sentient being. Grow a brave heart thats courageous enough to take a stand against injustice and all things evil and.
With the help and support of one of our lovely Senior Play Spcialists the children have had fun creating these beautiful scrub bags for the Nurses.
Good morning my lovely friends !The ideals which have lightend my way, and time after time have given menew courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty and Truth..
A hell of a lot of shaming on social media about peoples run times versus their elapsed times on Strava. Ultimately, who cares. Just get out there and enjoy it. Different people, different goals. Be thankful you can run and encourage who you can on the way..
are smarter than dogs.Pigs are not filthy animals.When given enough space they will never sleep or eat where they deficate.They roll in mud to cool themselves off because they cant sweat. Think twice about perpetuating false stereotypes and ..
This is very important to realise. Please share the knowledge, thank you..
Wed love to see your achievements on the Running Club on Join our community and be prepared to get inspired and to inspire!.
MRT Expand into ! RT.
These two have started a food bank drop off outside our house. collected the first box, they are collecting again next week. Thanks heysham /Rylstone Drive residents for supporting our girls to help others.
Proud to be part of a team thats willing to be open and transparent, helping understanding of what we do, should not mean watching our backs.
Everything is temporary, even lockdown, it wont last forever! Make the best of the good things and dont dwell on the bad things as theyre just temporary.
Share this link for 30 days of home activities for settings and parents.
brings to the darkest night! RT.
Death threats to politicians Are. Not. Ok. EVER. Be better, Aotearoa..
"the PVC used in the production of many artificial leathers ... requires petroleum and large amounts of energy thus making it reliant on fossil fuels. During the production process carcinogenic byproducts ... are produced which are toxic to humans and animals.".
Happy Today Im going to read this book about looking after my when they need help..
Just a casual Thursday reminder.
Just been shouted at by a bin collection lady. And then shouted at for wasting her time when I stopped to listen to what she was shouting at me for..
This is amazing.
Online or offline, your words can do damage. We all have the power to be kind. This pledge to.
I feel like a lot of the rudest and ill-mannered tweets I get in my TL are from people who have the hashtag in their bio. Or literally write it after their rude tweets. Then complain if they get called out on it. Is that just me or anyone else seen that too?.
A comic I made in 2017. But I felt like sharing it again in light of recent news. Sending love to anyone who needs it Books -.
Couldnt agree more..
Be Nick, Telitec Fibre @.
Wow! This is amazing! To get a special recognition from for being kind is just amazing! You have made so proud!.
to the planet Happy !.
Cant wait to be behind the decks again to party with you! Who would like to join me when we are allowed to? Hope you are still doing well!.
Some beautiful music for the day ahead. This morning I am grateful for this When you start the day with a grateful heart the world seems brighter. Have a relaxing day friends and to self and others.
Good morning my lovelies so how do you like your eggs in the morning? Mine with a hug its so and.
Read this and remember that in the pictures of all the empty places lies the real truth about how much we do care for each other.
How much more can we achieve if we all take responsibility for the world we live in, and each do a little something each day to make it a better place?.
Pacific community who may/may not be aware: 2020 Samoan Quota (SQ) and Pacific Access Category (PAC) has been delayed, particularly to Kiribati and Tuvalu For more information visit:.
Starting TOMORROW and the next 6 weeks tune into TV 3 (Three) at 4pm to catch our Pacific Presenters from across Aotearoa giving you the latest updates on COVID-19 in 9 Pacific languages..
Today was hard but Ive also had and so I try to remain grateful for the roof over my head, food on my table, a job that still pays, family thats safe and friends afar who draw you flowers to brighten your day and calm your.
I like to keep my feeders sorted by Monochrome and Technicolor!.
The two greatest forces on earth are and hate;One is constructive,One is destructive.One will bring peace,One will cause suffering!Let each thought, each word and each action arise from a place where love exists..
Well, and didnt last.
New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Coster and Civil Defence Director Sarah Stuart-Black provided a COVID-19 update this afternoon..
The police, having taken Tuesday off, are out kindly whacking those who arent being kind to their kind..
I dont need any hate for posting my makeup looks and having a makeup account, i do makeup for my personal enjoyment and to watch my growth I see so many people hating on others for their looks and its so sad to see..
We are privileged to be able to support our health and social care heroes across the South Lanarkshire region..
Happy Earth Day 2020. Be kind to mother. Baby steps from each of us makes the world better place..