Sunday 7th of June 2020

Ben Carson

Ben Carson said gay marriage could lead to bestiality. Which really only proves that Dr. Carson thinks a little too much about bestiality.
Ben Carson is a cautionary tale that even the most skilled brain surgeon shouldn't try to operate on himself.
Ben Carson went all out this morning.
Ben Carson. The idiot who tells NFL players who kneeled to do exactly what they did already.
Ben Carson tells Jake Tapper he doesn't want to talk about Colin Powell. "I don't find it particularly useful to demonize other people." (Demonize?).
Dear Dr. Ben Carson, Colin Powell is not demonizing Trump. If someone criticizes Hitler is that wrong?
Seriously: are we expected to disregard the president's most public statements until he has a chance to edit himself? No thanks, and f**k off Ben Carson.
Whenever people ask me why I chose neurosurgery, I tell them the truth: to prove that not all neurosurgeons are clinically braindead fucking morons like Ben Carson.
BEN Carson is an idiot.
Under Ben Carson, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has virtually given up investigating segregation and discrimination in housing as prescribed by the 1968 Fair Housing Act.
Asked about Trump retweeting a video attacking George Floyd's character & his other comments, HUD Secretary Ben Carson tells jaketapper, "I believe you're going to be hearing from the president this week on this topic in some detail." He says to reserve judgment until then.

Ben Carson should be a role model, not people who can throw a ball.
Uh, ben carson is more tone deaf and stupid than 45.
The White House announced Trump is consulting "African American leaders." Wonder what Kanye, Ben Carson, and Diamond & Silk will tell him?
Dr. Ben Carson on SOTU right now. IMHO, it would appear Trump will be attempting to appear as though he understands racial inequities in our world No doubt he'll trip all over himself in his efforts He'll never combat the urge to sow division, all-day, every-day.

Why I have no respect for this man...He was about 2 inches away from being the very "Thug" Trump was talking about.... He stabbed a kid and the kid's Belt buckle sheilded him... We would have never heard of a Ben Carson except for a 2nd chance...

Why did he put out the only man of color in his administration to speed his propaganda? Why did Ben Carson Agee to do this?
Imagine sending in Ben Carson to discuss and defend racism.! Hot damn I hate it here!
Ben Carson is out here trying to say we don't have systemic racism anymore... It's all fixed. This guy used to do brain surgery.
Maybe Ben Carson had brain surgery. Maybe we just misunderstood.
US Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson discusses President Trump's opposition to NFL players kneeling during the national anthem with jaketapper.
Ben Carson.
Fuck Ben Carson.
: I present to you ladies and gentlemen.....The *REAL* Mr. Ben Carson!!!!!!!!!!!
I know Ben Carson used to be a doctor. Seems to me that as a former medical professional, he surely should be able to locate his spine...
Ben Carson said he grew up at a time when there was real racism. He should know better. Today, real racism still exists.
Ben Carson is a great reminder that people with an extraordinary amount of expertise in a specific field don't necessarily know jack shit about anything else.
Documents show that Carson's agency moved to block young undocumented immigrants from federal housing loans in 2018.
This was so awesome! Especially seeing the contrast of two black men, one who took the wide road and the other the straight and narrow! God bless Ben Carson! Great speaker!
Ben Carson is something.
In other words, Ben Carson wants NFL players to do exactly what they did. Does this guy live in the real world?

What You Really Think

Hold up,Carson is being Carson,why is CNN interested in his perspective when his opinions are tone deaf. WHY interview this man, Ja Rule would've been a better option.

Is it just me or does Ben Carson always look stoned and constipated?

Ben Carson is promoting white nationalist/supremacist talking points of black on black violence. He is deliberately deflecting the root cause of structural and systemic inequities in our society that work towards encarcerating or lynching black people to perpetuate slavery.


Who had Carson operate on them?

LIAR ...

Major facepalm man ????????????????????

There is a bizarre implication that police are something other than 'black people' when of course plenty of them are black people. What are the stats on black policemen killing black suspects? *and of course the vast majority don't go to jail lol.. they aren't a 'rival gang' FFS.

Ben Carson is a disgrace to his race. It breaks my heart that he uses his voice to hurt his black brothers and sisters instead of helping them.

Actually a police killing a black man is 2x more likely to be jailed than a civilian black.

True they don't go to jail. thats because of the police unions. black cops kill black people at the same rate of white cops and neither are usually convicted. When a cop kills a white man they don't get jailed either. With the culture of 'dont snitch" plenty dont get caught.

I live in Poland, we provide all films with the wrong police in the US, all Poles see what is happening in the USA - In my opinion, and other Poles, Donald Trump is a crazy and dangerous man. Fight for freedom. Good greetings from Poland??

Funny how the smearing is mainly coming from the black community. Its like being the top brain surgeon in the world doesn't matter, unless you follow the herd, do as they say & do. In the leftist Dem world, they dont appreciate speaking out or voicing differences of opinions.

Who you some research. How many black on black crimes do you think are solved and make it to court?

If they would stop the killing, there would be a lot less police in the neighborhood, and a lot less reason for the police to be on defensive alert. Just a thought.

Ben Carson is trump's "somebody"--SMDH.

I totally get what you're saying and agree but at the same time I think things need to be done to help the black on black crime. Black on black crime is popularized and supported in rap music. Growing up with that sort of culture CAN NOT help the issue.

Either way you still tear up your own damn neighborhoods how smart is that.

It's too bad Uncle Tom's Cabin was not called Uncle Ben's Rice Emporium because then the nature of Ben Carson would be clear. Does the white man Suit & Bow Tie make it not racist?

Oh they pulled out the token black guy. This is just sad! I would feel sorry for Token Ben but he deserves the Karma that will eventually come his way.

Uncle Tom.

No harm in suggesting they should be protesting larger issues and voting differently. When you point it out, you get shut down. Most BLM supporters are playing emotional checkers when they should be playing logical chess.

Ben Carson is ultimate sellout. I am from Chicago, I am tired of people using my city as a scapegoat. Black on black violence doesn't mean we shouldn't care when white cops kill black people. HUDgov would have been a slave catcher back in the day. He hates black people.