Tuesday 9th of June 2020

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro sounds like a racist kazoo.
Ben Shapiro & Tucker Carlson are excellent examples of the conservative establishment: privileged elitists born w/ silver spoons; fragile, terrified, incessantly whining & claiming victimhood; brittle teacups whose lives are so removed from their listeners & their hardships.

Ben Shapiro said yet another brainless thing? Lemme bring this gem back to the TL.
Ben Shapiro is what happens when you try to cook a whole chicken in the dishwasher.
Ben Shapiro is mad that he can't watch sports anymore because there's too much "politics" in it: "My place of comfort has been removed from me".
Ben Shapiro looks like you tried to draw a dude you hated in high school from memory.
Jared Kushner is the Louis Gohmert of Dan Quayles. He doesn't know a damn thing about a damn thing. TrumpRecession CareNotCops NothingGoodHappensWhen Nadler Congressional Black Caucus Ben Shapiro Kushner Congresswoman Yashar Mr. Rather Declare the KKK Make the KKK Gorka.

Ben Shapiro fans think AnTiFa is a Final Fantasy 7 Remake character.
The looting needs to STOP. Trump & the GOP have looted a trillion dollars from workers & handed it to billionaires. TrumpRecession PeoplesBudgetLA CareNotCops Ben Shapiro Kushner Congresswoman Yashar Mr. Rather Declare the KKK Make the KKK Trump Opportunity Zone Clay Travis.

Calling her a bernie brat is kind of hilarious. It's like when ben shapiro tried to call andrew Neil a left winger because he didn't blown smoke up his ass.
Ben shapiro is a little pussy boy.
1. This guy doesn't watch sports. 2. Human rights are not political issues. 3. Ben Shapiro just asked for a safe space.
Ben shapiro: "sports are getting too political" sports history: "we've always been political".
My mans really busted down a wall to shout at ben shapiro about climate change.
Clay Travis teaming up with Ben Shapiro isn't enough reason for you to stop listening to that ignorant shit stain's opinions..? I'm screaming I can't help ya.
Ben Shapiro is a hateful little leprechaun idk why people even bother listening to his whiny ass all he wants is your gold.
Ben Shapiro watches sports the way Donald Trump reads the Bible.
There is no way Ben Shapiro watches sports.
Is Ben Shapiro complaining about the lack of a safe space for himself.
It's amazing to me how Ben Shapiro can be so wrong on 100% of his words given he uses so fucking many words. I'm an atheist, but that has me wondering if he has a God-given talent.
Which Ben Shapiro book should I be ordering off of Amazon right now and why is it none of them?
Ben Shapiro vs Robbie Shapiro two debate lords one is a uneducated moronic racist and the other is just a well educated simp.
Ben Shapiro, to me, is the oddest of the right wing pop figures. He just seems like such a simpering little turd in a world of fake tough guys.
Ben Shapiro: Everyone else.
Who gave ben shapiro a platform? did the right just see him say that he doesn't care about civilian casualties abroad and be like "yup! that's our guy! fuck them kids!" bc i swear he's that one kid who couldn't grow out of high school debate.

Ben Shapiro is a nobody. If he doesn't get it, he's a nobody.
Any day that Ben Shapiro is trending is a truly pathetic day for mankind.
Thoughts & prayers go out to Ben Pu$$ya$$ Snowflake Shapiro.
You know conservatives always push the narrative that liberals are "sEnsItiVe" but this right here is some real bitch shit. Ben Shapiro is being a little bitch right now.
Sitting in a police officer coffee shop and hearing all the cops whispering that when Ben Shapiro pulls up his socks they come up to his neck.
Ben Shapiro is what happens when the trust fund only pays for the first two weeks of intro philosophy.
Ben Shapiro wrote a crummy and incredibly racist fiction novel where a cop is 'falsely accused' of racist violence against by what Ben terms as 'race hustlers' who gave a child a gun and told him to go kill a cop so they could have a pretext to riot.

Ben Shapiro is trending - OMG I just can't --- Can somebody else go take a look and report back? I have too much jinx on me already - I hope to gawd no one has given him a new gig - like trump making him Chairman of the Joint Chiefs or something equally as crazy.

Ben Shapiro's cousin Mara Wilson does not seem to like him very much.
How I sleep knowing I unequivocally can whoop Ben Shapiro's ass.

What You Really Think

He looks and sounds like a guy who needs to incessantly talks about non-sports related topics while watching sports. He probably talks during movies too.

Ben Shapiro is human garbage.

I guess he likes to be a loser.

Sports has been a safe space where right and left can not give two shits about politics and just be fans of the Red Sox or whoever. We can just cheer together.

Sports is entertainment, it exists as a space of comfort. universities are preparation for the struggles of the real world, they exist as a place to be challenged.

How sad I feel SO sorry for you.

Man. Wait til he learns about old international boxing matches and The Olympics.

Ben admits he's so radicalized that mainstream sportball is now too lefty.

Narrator: Of course, removing political expressions by players from sports is, itself, a political act.

Yo which side am I supposed to be on.

Poor Little cry baby. Awe somebody give that man a head rub ?

Maybe we should send the Ben Bot some sports theme coloring books.

So safe spaces are only good for liberals? You don't want sanctuary for all people. Just your people.

What a huge fucking baby.

I'd say he lost hes escapism from his job, which is to talk about this kind of stuff.

I feel like this would have been his same reaction if he was around when Jackie Robinson first entered the league.


Awww, sorry Ben...reality is a tough place to be when you have to face the truth of who you are.

Thank you for sharing this, it's hilarious to see the double standards.

Man, it is amazing how unbelievably fragile he is when something he doesn't like happens.

Politics are in everythimg. Ben needs to grow up. Society isnt here to comfort him.

He sounds similar to what I assume a slaveholder post civil war sounded like when confronting the reality that the world is changing with or without them and the walls are closing in.


These white boi conservatives are the biggest puss bags in the world. They live so comfortably yet from what they say you'd think their constantly under the guillotine.

"my place of comfort" aka white privilege. You can afford to ignore issues when they don't affect you. It makes him uncomfortable because he's used to ignoring problems, and people he doesn't care about.

The poor snowflake. Guess what Ben. SPOS DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS.

This is smart for the right...

Reminds of the time when some morons wanted an all white basketball league. Sounds right down Shapiro's alley.

What a loser.

I guess we should remove the star spangled banner and jet flyovers. no more politics in sports!

You sacrifice nothing as a spectator if an athlete takes a knee during the anthem. Not one thing. Absolute fuck all.

So because LeBron (the person, not basketball player) voiced his opinion on Drew Brees' opinion, on his own time and outside of basketball, he's not gonna watch the nba? weird how Brees gets to voice his opinion no problem. Ben is transphobic and racist.

Sports dont care about your feelings Ben.

Why does he frantically move his head and dart his eyes around when he talks?

Ben wants 2 sports leagues, one with politics and one without, hmmm which sports league was just brought back and had a rule that politics wasnt allowed ?... oh right it was the XFL... a league that failed...again...


You can just taste the irony.

If it walks like a snowflake, and talks like a snowflake... What I'm getting at is Ben Shapiro is a snowflake.

"Thank you Ben. For the rebuttal, I'd like to introduce...yourself.....".


Do people believe that wimp actually watched sports to begin with?


This dude sucked at T ball and gave up all sports then.