Wednesday 4th of November 2020

Bernies Prediction on The Election is Spot on so Far.

We coulda had Bernie.
Seriously, Bernie would have won.
Tomorrow, we can not only defeat Trump. We can build a progressive future. Our agenda is on the ballot. Join Bernies huge virtual rally featuring over 20 progressive candidates now.
Bernies prediction on the election is spot on so far.
And that concludes the election and our president is - Whats This ?? IT'S BERNIE SANDERS WITH A STEEL CHAIR.
Thinking about this video of bernie sanders talking about mail-in votes.
Bernie is so smart ... come back please.
And that concludes the election and our president is- WHATS THIS ? ITS BERNIE SANDERS WITH A STEEL CHAIR.
Bernie i wish this couldve been you.
Bernie wouldve washed this nigga.
The way bernie is right and predicted this.
OK, here's how Bernie can still win.
Bernie Sanders- Right person, wrong system He will always have my heart.
Bernie we miss you so much ..
Looking at the Yes on Prop 22 campaign in California, and imagining the sheer level of consolidation of corporate power against Bernie had he won the nomination. I agree.
I Wanted Bernie To Win Anyway . Him And Michelle .
Bernie said it too!!
Not at Bernie predicting this election.
230K dead from Covid Unemployment & evictions Kids in cages & 400 will prob never find their parents And its almost tied (as we knew) If candidate was Bernie, we & the rest of the world wouldve had a bottle of champagne already.

By going after Bernie KHive handed this election to Trump.
Here's the thing about Bernie, yes he would of been a better messenger and would of ran a much different campaign. The coalition he would of built would of been much different. But here's the other thing about Bernie, he turned a large portion of the base off too. Warren was it.

Thinkin bout u a lot today Bernie.
If Dems lose after the party colluded with the media again to shit on Bernie, you might want to blame the media and party, not voters dipshits.
If you wanna blame someone for Trump, blame Obama for stopping Bernie Sanders from winning the primaries.
All that jazz and we walk home in the rain. Good job TomPerez thats what you get for rigging against our man Yang tulsi and Bernie.
What? Bidens actively ignored all latino outreach intentionally unlike Bernie who had the most diverse demographics of any candidate ever united in worker solidarity. Biden was literally the VP for Obama because of how racist he was as an appeasement for racist america.

Watch this. bernie predicted it all. now tell me this is a coincidence.
Bernie wrapped up.
Sure did. It shouldve been Bernie as president tho.
Bernie would have won already.
Let us repeat it for those in the back BERNIE WOULD HAVE WON.
Bernie wouldve probably lost florida as well but hed be doing way better with the latinx vote than biden is in nearly all other places.
Should Trump win, don't get angry at Trump Voters. Get angry at the DNC who cut Bernie's knees out from under him in 2016, blame the 2020 DNC for silencing tenable candidates like Yang who could've actually won. There is no way this should even be close. Hold them accountable.

I still want to see the data because Im seeing a lot of progressive policies being voted on but centralist are losing are anemic at best. Even if shy trumper is a thing why cant dems break through? I really wonder what a bernie run would had looked like.

1.) Bernie Sanders is not a socialist but a social Democrat, all the policies he is advocating for are in every developed country in the world. 2.) Bernie was the most popular democrat in the Latin community, his campaign manager even wrote a book about how he got the support.

"can't run Bernie because Florida will never vote for a communist and Biden will definitely not be called a communist".
Not to gloat or that, but Bernie deffo would have won.
Bernie the GOAT man.
Bernie calling this shit like tony romo.
70% of population = of votes reported in my town. 2.5 X Trump over Biden. Obviously I'll be leading a caravan to Costa Rica. Don't even look at the Collins mess. Gonna smoke my legal weed & wish for a better world. We could've had Bernie.

Praying I wake up in the timeline where Bernie Sanders is president see ya later.
Because Biden isn't the one running. He didn't win it by popular vote. He got the nomination by setup. Bernie had it won. The only thing that is keeping him in the game in the hatred of Trump on the left. That's not enough.

Once they ratfucked Bernie, that was the sure-fire signal that nothing would significantly change in America unless there were massive gen strikes and protests.
Yes, he did, and so did other people. Can yall please stop acting like Bernie Sanders is some fucking messiah? Its old now.
Bernie understands Biden election better than Biden does.
Bernie would not poll well nationally yall have to let that go.
If Trump wins, TheDemocrats still won because they stopped Bernie from taxing their donors offshore accounts for healthcare.
Watch this yall.. Bernie hit it right on the nail.
Bernie takes Narnia.
Bernie shouldve been on that ballot.

What You Really Think

Ffs... he has time travelled!


Honestly bernie really fumbled a bag by dropping out, I feel like it would've been better to vote for him rather than biden.

No cause I'm scared Trumps gonna throw some fit over this and its gonna be a mess that's gonna take forever to take care of.

Bernie knows best, cant believe we lost him.

I aint watching all that. whatd he say.


Calm down bro same with snootid calm down.

Calm down.

It made since duh c'mon now.

Mira este video ! Literal habla de lo que deciamos de los votos por correo y Texas.

He seems to be right about this according to the media outlet reports about the current results.

Damn he called it.

Im voting for Nicki Minaj for Favorite Female Artist - Rap/Hip-Hop at the.

Bernie and a gazillion others .

Then grab him by his weird ass hair and drag him out of WH.

This ^.

Wbk he run this account.

Lowkey he run this acc omg.


Bernie legend.

I'm smelling protest if trump is not leaving office.

Lmaoo hes gonna have to replace u as the predictor.

Jimmy a bottom wbk.

Thats what i said.


Ended cardi.