Monday 8th of June 2020

How Many OMG's Can You Count Tonight.

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Big brother is pre taped, so how can Australia vote people out.
Are you still doing an International Big Brother Coverage (Big Brother Australia)? Because the Permiere Of BigBrotherAU is Tomorrow At 7:30pm Australian time. Remember BBUS & BBCanada are Heading to the same format.

I have no idea why Australia is trying big brother again its fucking done stop trying to revive it.
Have they turned the Big Brother Australia series into an episode of Who Dares Wins?!! ???
Just went into the lounge to discover the new series of big brother australia has started. nobody asked for this.
Big Brother Australia is back! BBAU Win Challenges Controls Nominations Evict Each Other! And when 3 remain ?? votes for a winner!
Big Brother Australia Live.
The Big Brother Australia Premiere Launch Show Starts Now! ?
Big Brother Australia just started and I regret not auditioning :(((.
Who's watching the launch of all new Big Brother Australia!!
Big Brother Australia starts at 10:30am with a worlds first all new format - you can watch it live from the UK on this link here! It will air every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with challenges and evictions every episode.

BIG BROTHER AUSTRALIA IS BACK! The show starts today (Monday) at 10:30am BST, and is available to stream live the link below.
Before BigBrother_AU welcomes his brand new housemates, he invited the Sunrise team to spend the weekend ?? Find out who gets EVICTED from the house here.
Before BigBrother_AU returns on Channel7 TONIGHT, we thought we'd take you on a little trip down memory lane... How many of these guys do you remember? ??
Everything you need to know about Big Brother Australia on Seven Read more.
?? INTERNATIONAL BBAU FANS! BMXtvonline will be streaming the new season of Big Brother Australia 2020 LIVE on their website starting Monday. ? ? ?
Big Brother Australia in t-minus 40 minutes ??
ONE HOUR TO GO! ? Big Brother returns to Australia for the first time in 6 years, tonight at 7.30 on Channel7.
? 1 HOUR TO GO! Big Brother Australia returns at 7.30pm on Channel7! Who's watching?
Big Brother Australia starts tonight which looks like such trash but I'm here for it ???
Monday June 8 I'm Zoning off a few Cones Superman vs Superman Sometimes I Zone Out, just want to break Free and be Superman, then I punch Another cone, I'm Batman, I'm really pumped at the Start of BIG BROTHER AUSTRALIA.. Have a Great Monday , Thank You For Following Xx.

Big Brother Australia??BBAU reboot premieres Monday June 8, 7.30pm (local time) = tonight/Monday morning 2.30am Pacific/5.30am Eastern, I think -official site -watch 'live' eps, archive eps, highlight clips with HMA set to Sydney.

A tradie-turned-model named Chad and "Adelaide's worst driver". Will BBAU do Australia proud? Not long til we find out...
What is more ironic in big brother Australia history there has been two winners named Ben and other bens who competed.
Fuck Yeah,, Pumped For Big Brother Australia 2020.
ICYMI: The 20 Housemates Competing In The All New Series Of BigBrotherAU Competing In A All New Game & At The End One Will Be Crowned The Winner Taking The $250K Grand Prize! BBAU More On The Housemates ????

Even though I am annoyed that BigBrother Australia is already filmed and they seem to be adding a lot more of the overseas rules into the mix this year, I WILL be watching every episode!! Will you? Channel 7 TONIGHT 7:30pm.

Big Brother Australia going ALL OUT for their comeback after a 6-year hiatus! Remember to follow our dedicated account BBAUonTheBiteTV for coverage throughout the series??
Big Brother Australia starts again tonight might have to watch.
Everything you need to know about Big Brother Australia on Seven.
Being confined in the BBAU house doesn't seem so bad . . .
Big brother australia starts up again today you gonna be watching?
Big Brother Australia has been revived. This is the closest peak we've had at the brand new house they have built, buuuut... it has already begun! The housemates have moved in... and yet, it won't air on TV for at *least* two more months! ?

Big Brother Australia back yard.
Can someone inform me what time does Big Brother Australia start EST ? Is it one hour or longer like?
BB has been missing in Australia and will look forward to watching. If we are doing the North American format it still needs to be an Australian. That means the voice of Big Brother "This is Big Brother", HM's refer to him as BB and at least we vote for the winner!

Sonia Kruger's Big Brother House Tour Big Brother Australia.
Big brother is pre taped, so how can Australia vote people out.
Are you still doing an International Big Brother Coverage (Big Brother Australia)? Because the Permiere Of BigBrotherAU is Tomorrow At 7:30pm Australian time. Remember BBUS & BBCanada are Heading to the same format.

I have no idea why Australia is trying big brother again its fucking done stop trying to revive it.
So, brother: here's why your tweet is a problem: 1. Black supremacy isnt possible unless we rewrite the last millennium. 2. Who's doing this without whites? Plenty of allies 3. Your voice is too big to tweet so inaccurately, unproductively & provide cover for white supremacy.

Just an FYI that even though your dad, brother, boyfriend, dog and big toe are cops you can STILL understand that there is something inherently wrong with the police force and that police reform is deeply needed. Thank you.

(3) Even though Mew didn't invite many to attend due to the social distancing norm in current situation, his special brother, Gulf Kanawut, made a surprise for him by sending him a big bouquet of white rose to congratulate him MewSuppasit GulfKanawut ?????????????

They definitely do. They're just not allowed to express it without being called out as a big baby or over emotional or less manly. My brother struggled in high school and almost burned himself out with weight training just because he thought he needed to be "perfect.".

Not Angela and Big Brother having relationship issues?
My big brother ArvindKejriwal is a warrior & he can defeat the enemy inside the body Get well soon big brother, God bless you ???
I hate myself because I had no intentions of watching Big Brother tonight but somehow it ended up on my TV and I might have got myself drawn in ?
My brother it was a blast to listening to you again!! Loved the interview with Gray!! A big hug to you and Drea ????
So excited missing my big brother.?
When they show up for my show trial to demand I say back the words they demand that I say it will not go well for them. I will neither bend my knee to their Big Brother cult nor will I parrot the words they desire to hear from my mouth. I am an American.

Big brother encourages newbie to give swimming a try. Will he succeed? Let's see Golderetrievers (Goldenretrieverloverz IG).
Big brother buy for me na ?? I love you very much sir.
Loving the Big Brother discussion show. Spot on commentary! Agree about Ian too - he's fantastic.
Riddle me this... my city has cameras at every stop signal add some form of auto parking meter and a portion of traffic ticket money for city driving could be done big brother style. is this a (dumb 'don't blame us') way for cities to get a big ticket item off their budgets?

All-Stars 2 in the Works at CBS PaulDailly1992 --We Cover TV Too!
NEW: Big Brother: Best Shows Ever has it's very own brand new eye logo! The 10 part series begins THIS Sunday at 9 on E4.
Get on the Big Brother House tour! SoniaKruger is your guide and she's setting off now! BBAU, tonight 7.30pm on Channel7....more.
Happy birthday to our big brother. ? HappyJinDay JINDAY WorldwideHandsomeJinDay ???_??_????_??
- did Big Brother shut you down?
Get Lich's Big brother.
What a sweet little sister for you and I know you will be the best big brother and mind her well???
Lol This kind of big brother that is always balling alone.
So.... was Big Brother as shit as what I thought it was going to be or????
Come on big men my lonely brother everybody get together and try to love one another right now.
Angela is the sole reason why I'll keep watching this show lol.. And Big Brother is too funny...
There needs to be a big brother house with only gamers.
When did big brother turn into a queer show?
If Found is out!!! Get it on iOS to play with a touch screen! Get it on PC/Mac to play with a big beautiful screen Or do as my brother & hook your phone up to your TV! ?
And if he was always uncontrollably angry, why the hell did he not reveal his big sacrifice to WN and LWJ when he was told of his golden core situation? As much as WY did not want to tell JC about his sacrifice, JC did not want to say of his just as much to his brother. <3.

Completely forgot big brother was starting tonight omfg.
Americans are my favorite big brother country, you're so strong, you fight for what's right and have humour to go with it.
Angela & Big Brother fighting over the house has made my night ?
Anyone know who will be posting or where to find Big Brother Australia links for the new season that premiered earlier today?
The crazy australian fucks are actually doing big brother i love it.
Happy Monday from the LooseWomen. Today Brian Dowling will be telling us how Big Brother prepared him for lockdown, talking about making history on Ireland's Strictly & giving us the goss on the RHOCheshire Reunion. See you at 12.30pm! Join the fun ?

Big brother is always watching you!!
Hey Big guy. Looking v. handsome. Also fuck JKR. Amirite?! Hugs lil brother.
's Laura Says Housemates 'Quickly Shut Down' Her Conversations About Race.
Shit happens. And it did, as bigbrother_au made an ill-fated return to the telly. It was awful from beginning to end. Kill it, now.
Age with grace big brother more years ahead.
Big Willy Style?
? We would like to introduce you to our little lady, We are all so in love and Charlie is the proudest big brother ? Windermere.
Ok, so this is the follow up question and it's answer from brave Muslim brother Farhan68020698 He is fearless when it comes to head on matters Allah - can't eat a slice of cake - can't take a human form as too big, but has a throne Vote & on god question above ?Hu Abr.

Marnie is lucky A real big brother.
So 6ix9ne was wearing a 360 lace front melted wig and you lot were quiet now my brother is wearing expresion is a big deal? cmon join the gang.
PRAISING GOD for my Big Bro?He turned *56* yesterday!!! Inspite of his health concerns from a stroke 5 years ago!! God's hand is TRULY resting on him!! I asked God to stop my blessings in exchange to extend my brother's life!! GOD HAS DONE BOTH???GLORY!!!

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