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Monday 10th of August 2020

Big Ten Had internal Vote & by 12-2 Margin, League Members Opted on Not Having a Fall Football Season.

Sources: Big Ten cancels football season; no games for Michigan, Michigan State in 2020.
Reports are that the Big Ten is ready to cancel football season. Just remember: 13 of 14 Big Ten campuses will have students taking classes on campus in the fall. So we can send Johnny to economics class, but be can't play football. Makes absolutely ZERO sense.

Big Ten had internal vote & by 12-2 margin, league members opted on not having a fall football season.
A Big Ten spokesman has confirmed that no vote regarding the cancellation of the 2020 season has been held.
Props to Jim Harbaugh for writing this letter laying out the reasons why Michigan and Big Ten can and should play this fall.
Big Ten cancels football season by a overwhelming 12-2 vote.
In letter obtained by outkick Nebraska Senator BenSasse writes to Big Ten presidents and chancellors opposing shut down of college football.
Big Ten: We have decided to cancel the 2020 college football season The SEC.
Tuesday could be a significant day in CFB history. Pac-12 and Big 12 presidents meet. Big Ten presidents meet tonight for a final vote, per Graham_Couch. Others: ACC has scheduled meeting Wednesday, and SEC presidents, as we reported, are meeting today but no vote expected.

RIP BIG TEN Football 2020.
The Detroit Free Press reporting Big Ten has officially canceled its fall season. A monumental move that will have a far reaching impact on college football.
Big Ten football canceled for fall; no games for 2020 season.
Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) has drafted a letter that he plans to send to Big Ten presidents, identifying reasons why he believes college football should be played. SINow obtained a copy. Sasse is a former university president.

If the Big Ten sits out Fall 2020, a National Championship without the most historic power conference will be suspect. They've been in every title game since the BCS started except in '20, '19, '18, '17, '16, '14, '13, '12, '11, '10, '09, '06, '05, '04, '02, '01, '00, & '99.

I've heard anecdotes, mainly from the US, where there was a big backlog. People were told to bundle multiple swabs in one test. Therefore if one swab was positive, all the others were counted as postive, three to ten at a time. This could explain why some had result, then -?

So Much For Magical Thinking: Big Ten Conference Reportedly Pulls The Plug.
As has been widely reported Monday morning, the Big Ten is cancelling football for the fall sports season and attempting to move it to the spring. The Detroit Free Press confirmed multiple reports Monday morning about the news.

Football gods were obviously pissed the Big Ten canceled the season.
The politicians pushing the Liberate the Big Ten message have truly learned nothing about politics since COVID hit.
This new pic of Dylan McCaffrey is released and all of a sudden the Big Ten decides to quit?!? Coincidence??
Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren has been an unmitigated disaster. Puts out new schedule last week, says hes fine with his son playing football on Thursday, then this weekend he tries to bully all of college football into canceling the season? Pathetic leadership.

Big Ten determines its not safe to play college football due to COVID19. Yet realDonaldTrump wants you to believe its safe to put 30 high school seniors in a classroom for five days a week. And VP Pence says schools dont even have to follow CDCgov guidelines to reopen.

Every university president wants to lead a school in the Ivy League, the Big Ten or Stanford.
You know Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren is a disaster when reporters have to ask whether some of your top schools are trying to bail on the conference because of your incompetence.
Big Ten cancels 2020 football season, per chrissolari of the Detroit Free Press. The presidents voted, 12-2, to end the fall sports in the conference. Only Nebraska and Iowa voted to play.
The Big Ten's presidents are scheduled to meet again on a call at 6 o'clock ET tonight, when they'll make the final decision on the football season, per source.
Power 5 AD just texted me: Its looking more and more like its Big Ten and Pac-12 vs. SEC, ACC and Big 12.".
Big Ten back tracking because they're getting thrashed all over the country right now lol Did you think we were going to be all honkey dory about this?
It appears the Big Ten Conference is going to be the next to hault their sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
And when all those other teams come down with covid, some players die, maybe fans and family members too... that will really show how stupid the Big Ten is..right.. people who have no regard for life.. have football.

Big ten just giving me time to find a superstar football player bf <3.
The damage Kevin Warren and 12 of 14 Big Ten University Presidents have done is on a massive scale. Big 10 is in tatters. University of Minnesota President has done our University no favors. Weve gone from Row The Boat to gapping hole in the boat with no life preservers.

Aight hear me out. Nebraska Bubble. We have the space for it. Build like 6 fields out by the panhandle. The Big Ten just moves here for like 2 months. We have a season. The ball is in your court B1Gfootball we will be expecting your call.

It seems like the Big Ten and Pac-12 are punting on 4th-and-inches from the opponent's 35-yard line.
A suggestion for the SEC and ACC: Announce you are going to play, announce you are increasing scholarship total per team for 2020 to 90, and announce Big Ten transfers are immediately eligible.
Not a good look for some of the big-name sports journalists who appear to be carrying water for the Big Ten either...
Will big ten have a season next year? Bad flu risk?
Big Ten votes to bankrupt their athletic departments and destroy the careers of their student athletes so that woke sports media won't be angry with them.
U-M, MSU voted to not play football season, report says.
LOL! Now the Big Ten is scared to cancel because of the backlash and the potential of losing players to the SEC/ACC! Grow some balls and stand by your decision if you really feel that way KevinFWarren! Go ahead and destroy that conference!

Big Ten canceled. Justin Fields to VT you watch.
Just got a text from a Big Ten spokesman. "No vote has been held by our presidents and chancellors." Hence, the Big Ten watch continues.
Big Ten spokesman says "no vote has been held by our presidents and chancellors.".
The Pac-12's decision on the 2020 season won't come until Tuesday, "at the earliest.".
Hot Links: Moving pieces in the fall college football discussion.
Ohio State is overrated. Always a bridesmaid. Never a bride. The buckeyes think they are a contender but in reality they are a pretender. OSU would get stomped in the SEC. Big Ten schools always get dominated by SEC schools. Been that way for years. OSU can't compete vs SEC!

Illinois chemists tackle our polyurethane problem: BTN LiveBIG Big Ten Network.
Presidents of the 14 Big Ten universities took a vote 12-2 to cancel, w/ only Iowa & Nebraska voting against canceling the season. It is unclear whether the Big Ten will try to play in spring of 2021, or whether there will simply be no football in this school year - Dominos MF.

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