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Monday 29th of June 2020

Bill Shorten Turns up With The Paperwork - P72 of The 2018 Federal Budget, he Points Out, Records an $83.7m Cut to The ABC Over The Following Three Years.

Bill Shorten turns up with the paperwork - P72 of the 2018 federal budget, he points out, records an $83.7m cut to the ABC over the following three years.
Trioli: Let me hear from Bill Shorten on this one. Shorten: Sports rorts.
Former Labor leader Bill Shorten has called for former High Court judge Dyson Heydon to be stripped of his Australian honours after an independent investigation found he sexually harassed six junior court staff.

Between Bill Shorten and Yasmin Poole, Paul Fletcher's line in weasel talk isn't getting much traction.
Hurrah ... Bill Shorten finally managed to get the truth of the cuts to the ABC factually stated. With the page from the budget as proof. Paul Fletcher talks nonsense.
David Speers was far more critical of Govt on Sunday, but Virginia Trioli restored Q&A to past glories tonight. Minister Fletcher was left blithering. Bill Shorten showed his pay grade, but Yasmin Poole starred as did the other panelists. True balance means more youthful input.

I agree. I cant believe Bill Shorten was described by Heydon as not a credible witness. Shorten seems to me to be honest, reliable, loyal and credible. None of which now seem to account for anything in this tank of snakes in which he was operating.

Bill Shorten really nailed the COALItion's new University Policy to Double the Cost of Arts Degrees It's a Brain Fart.
LaTrioli: 'Let's hear from Bill Shorten.' Bill: 'Sportsrorts.'.
Powerful Women Bill Shorten roasting the Liberals is the boost I didnt know I needed today.
Bill Shorten was on the ABCs QandA tonight and again was impressive as he advocated passionately for the rights and benefits of Australian workers; especially the huge numbers of casual workers in the arts and hospitality industries who do not qualify for Job Keeper.

Bill Shorten killed it on qanda tonight, makes me wonder how the Murdoch media managed to smear him with the no charisma lie. He has such better character than Scomo. Also, is Josh Frydenburg the most boring person to ever exist? Talk about lack of charisma.

Thought tonight: Virginia Trioli is excellent, Bill Shorten would have been a great Prime Minister, the government is still utterly atrocious.
Tasmania has short memories of what Bill Shorten did during the Beaconsfield Mine Collapse.
Remember, the Liberals deployed *Deyson Heydon* to smear Bill Shortens reputation in the foul circus of the trade union royal commission.
Bill Shorten on the ball, shame he is not our current PM.
Bill Shorten should have been our PM, and Labor in Government.
I voted for Bill Shorten. Look at the alternative.
Remember when Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon questioned Bill Shorten's "credibility as a witness", accusing Shorten of giving non-responsive answers. And not long after, Heydon spoke at a Liberal party fundraiser. While the RC was still underway. LNP protected species.

Just watched qanda .. Bill Shorten was on fire, plenty of mongrel, never missed acknowledging a questioner by name .. Have no doubt he was enjoying himself dissecting govt rorts and promises.
The only reason Im watching Qanda tonight is because Bill Shorten is on it.
Bill Shorten: Sports rorts Hes straight into it. I miss Bill. Lol seems everyone is a political opponent of the corrupt LNP. Singers, students, business women, TV panel show hosts. Bill Shorten, (the only political opponent on the show), showed up Fletcher as the liar he is, truth hurts eh Alex.

Bill Shorten just pwned Paul Fletcher.
This article completely destroys all the reasons the Liberals have given for shutting down access to humanities ed. Yet another Liberal policy that completely ignores the evidence & results in real harm. Bill Shorten is right- it's a brain fart.

It's clear to me that if Bill Shorten was now Prime Minister, there would be a much more equitable distribution of relief funds in Australia.

What You Really Think

Do when's a cut not a cut? When Morrison says it's not apparently.

Close the ABC down. It is a waste of tax payers money and full of left wingers.

Good on you Bill. The Country is in alot of Pain at present. Let the ABC feel some pain too. After all aren't "We all in this together"? Or is it only the workers who have to feel Pain ?

Onya Bill!

Not a mention of Q&A in the media this morning. Wonder why?????

I dont see how a company makes large job cuts with increased funding ...

Will be like John Hewson in years to come, a respected leader we wish we had had as PM.

All taken from ABC annual reports In 2010 the ABC was given $915M In 2014 it was $1053M In 2019 it was $1062M I'm sorry you think your funding has been cut but you can take it up with the bosses who have chosen to stop paying for things you like.

Not to be horrible, Bill makes a much better Minister than he did Leader of the Opposition.

They gave almost that much to REX airlines this year.

So we have just now work out that Morrison is a lying piece shit that's not fit for office. Hold the phone MSM some real news by Bill that will never see the lite of day...

And we got Morrison! Oh gawd.

Bring Bill back.

How unfair hes using a real document to support his argument LNP havent had time to get it reprinted with the politically correct lies. Give them time.

Good because the ABC is turning into the liberal party's mouthpiece he should be happy.


Only $83.7million? Pikers.

Why is there a delay in uploading the qanda episode from tonight on iview?

Thats great... we have all the info directed into a pool of no accountability and no action... we need serious changes... i want the abc to be paid for by the people and to be around for as long as Australia exists..

Paul Fletcher was hopeless. Not prepared. Typical of LNP. Want praise and to get paid lots of money for doing fk all.

He has far more passion and fight in him than Albanese. Labor is just laying down and letting the LNP stomp all over them at the moment.