Monday 26th of September 2022

Stefon Diggs Normally Plays to The Crowd. Waves. Smiles. Nods. Not Today. At Least Not Yet. Just Locked in.

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Feels like home. Youre incredible, BillsMafia!
Josh Allen Devin Singletary Goal! BillsMafia BUFvsMIA CBS : Stream
Bills most talented team NFL, Dolphins will beat them today. Miami utilizes motion shifts more than team football, which forces communicate, Bills starting backup DBsthat spells trouble.

Panini Sticker.
Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins Sunday 1969 Miami Orange Bowl.
Really missing corners safeties right now.
More future ammo stefondiggs JoshAllenQB found Wegmans MidWest! BillsMafia Squish Fish today!!
Allen connects with McKenzie BuffaloBills BillsMafia BUFvsMIA CBS : Stream
defence looks like shit.
Ahhhhhh just want play.
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Hope everyone played over.
those missing players defence showing time.
MAKE THAT ALLEN! Josh Allen throws pass day, this time Isaiah McKenzie! BillsMafia lead 14-7! McKenzie ATTD 275).
entered chat This printed Buffalo Bills stand here just time for.
push from front 7this going long day.
attendance thelounge!
feeling today, BillsMafia? JoshAllenQB BUFvsMIA CBS : Stream
struggling, understandably. this.
Buffalo Bills Kelly Josh Allen Highland Mint 13'' 16'' Bronze Coin Photo Mint.
This BuffaloBills offense though...
willing listen read more Edmunds hate.
tip: Just Josh Allen throw ball.
Currently watching BillsMafia
Huge answer bills offense. josh allen inevitable.
Missing starters.
these little underneath routes gunna open Miami. Buffalo isnt letting these track stars take over. Buffalo tackle well stay disciplined.
Happy Swampysundays everyone except Miami Dolphins fans!
like short kick offs. Each time they have kept them short yard line.
Allen been immense tell that half defensive starters missing. going great game cardiovascular health this.
scared this game might come down last seconds, dont like that. Deja
Josh Allen started today 11-for-11. finished qtr, yds,
petition WhoDey BillsMafia can't play same time keep this bond strong watch both games back back every week
Damn. Come plays needed.
trying send message tyreeke there
14-7. BillsMafia Against.
Bills defense need watch offsides. already cant happen like that.
Josh Allen Isaiah McKenzie six!
Manifesting pick-6.
Single handedly keeping airlines business.
Anyone know good follow game? Bills Game televised about worthless.
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"The tight ends used receivers with Dolphins.".
Friends intro were Buffalo Bills.
BuffaloBills: tied after one.
Isaiah McKenzie with today. Probably plenty more passes coming way.
Come defense. Lets stop!
Josh Allen finds Isaiah McKenzie third down second touchdown pass day. Buffalo leads 14-7.
Football Sunday.
McKenzie!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOO!!!!
figure. They start drive with Singletary they score again. Amazing what happens when keep your best players field.
love buffalo bad. Like real bad.
Please some more money today.
record their opening drive row.
Johnson just FLATTENED Hill.
That looks nice faces BillsMafia, gonna take toll half!
ready BuffaloBills fans, it's Moss drive next time ball! Gotta have turn some reason!
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every which stop this BillsMafia offense right other than turnovers nobody been able solve riddle.
Come join Nikki breaks down TogetherBlue Eastern Live YouTube TheFullMonteSportsShow Join best chat room YouTube.
turn time!!! LFG!!
Remember Guys It's Only Half Allen 2Td's Oweee.
JA17 hits Isaiah Dirty McKenzie stride score. faces franchise making plays McKenzies hometown. Buffalo takes 14-7 lead second quarter.
swear Bass been practicing specifically having kickoff land He's been hitting that season.
defensive play would nice. sack. Fumble loss. Interception.
have Josh Allen. Thats Thats tweet.
Needs refund every single person that paid this shit.

What You Really Think

Ready to go!

Need this today. LFG.

No fun and games today... good.

Look the f*ck out.

Dolphins secondary better say a prayer.

5tds for him today.

Yes sir!

We need to call the police for animal cruelty in advance.


Love when Diggs is being a goofball but today is different. Game face activated.

Time to eat.

I get too watch Josh Allen play football!

He is HIM.

Him mode.

All business, Stef about to go off this afternoon. Miami aint ready for HIM.

He is in The Zone.

Today is different. Playing for a different reason.

Dude is saving it all for the game. Go Bills!

All business today,, pure concentration.

Do NOT stand in the mans way!!

That's the look of someone who's about to go off!

Cyborg mode.

He got that look in his eye.