Monday 9th of January 2023

Our Amazing Medical And Athletic Training Staff Members Were Recognized Pregame. Lets Hear it For These Heroes!

Social Media Says

amazing medical athletic training staff members were recognized pregame. Lets hear these heroes!
We meet again.
What week. What win.
BuffaloBills need every game conditions stadium from here out. BillsMafia day!!
For Damar.
made become better father, better teammate, better person." Dion Dawkins taking anything granted after this week.
Josh Allen getting emotional when talking about Nyheim Hines' opening kickoff return
Big win today.
Might helpful BillsMafia familiarize themselves with Acute Dstress Disorder.
First time with double postgame photo. matter where are, BillsMafia best world.
We agree, JoshAllenQB.
Showed out today See yall next weekend.
Ryan trying brush crying football move. Ryan down sobbing live human. always been bigger than football.
Score between Bills Patriots game today coincidence! for.
Emotions inside stadium were already running high, those emotions reached peak level when Nyheim Hines took games opening kickoff yards setting stage emotional over Pats.

Last Kickoff Return Touchdown: 3Years 3Months. Not Coincidence[?].
know kept that ball BillsMafia HamlinIsland. Thats BuffaloBills roll love each other! Love Damar speed recovery kiddoVV.
Josh Allen thrown 4,000 yards rushed yards consecutive seasons. Allen only player ever thrown 4,000 yards rush season he's done this twice.
Unbelievable start, some anxious moments along way, plays down stretch phases. Quality win. been enduring season, great standings. 13-3!
"It's been years months since last kickoff return touchdown... pretty cool.".
Miracles do happen! V.
Is all of.
Lets show our support for Tee Higgins as well.
Painting DamarHamlim with a.
wants smoke ..?????
3VBuffaloBills JoshAllenQB Let's Buffalo
crying, youre crying. Unbelievable.
love BuffaloBills! Prayers said prayers answered! Thinking your family.
This Damar.
Sean McDermott 50-21, including playoffs, since 2019. don't know they're going all; it's still great roster minus injured, randomness will ensue. Make mistake however, this everything waited for.

been minute these two.
Section this happened. outraged disgusted this. Emerson huge dawson_knox fan. sending this little autographed Knox jersey please BillsMafia lets this family another game! Emerson freezing after incident took them home.

What You Really Think

Would have LOVED Vto have seen the recognition that was given out to these guys today instead the TV viewing audience got something else!!!!!! You are ALL AMAZING!!

You are all outstanding individuals.

God Bless you Damar I m still praying for you and your family for a speedy recovery.

Wonderful recognition. Well-deserved.

Respect! V.

Everyone on the team is important. They all hav their rolls. Saviors for sure.


Nate, you put together an awesome team! Everyone in South Dakota is so proud!

Ice sculpture outside Lambeau Field.

They made the difference!

True heroes.