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Saturday 1st of August 2020

Powerful Pregame Speech by Matt Dumba, Who is Joined by Malcolm Subban And Darnell Nurse For National Anthem.

Let's GOOOOOOO! 4-1!
GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY HOCKEY DAY! The Blackhawks take the ice for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Qualifiers against the Oilers at 2 p.m.
Second intermission report with the usual suspects once again, NonnieJonnie &.
Two periods down, one to go in Edmonton! How are you feeling, Hawks fans?!
Dominik Kubalik sets record for most points by an NHL rookie in playoff debut, per SNstats. The record for most points by a rookie in any playoff game: Mikko Leinonen (6) on April 8, 1982.
C'mon Dom HAT TRICK HAT TRICK HAT TRICK!!!! 5 points after 2! HAWKS HAWKS HAWKS!!!
Dominik Kubalik sets record for most points by a rookie in his Stanley Cup Playoffs debut The record for most points by a rookie (in any playoff game) is 6 by Mikko Leinonen of the Rangers on April 8, 1982 vs Flyers.

Forward lines ice time after two periods; Second line: 7:15 Third line: 5:58 Fourth line: 5:46 First line: 5:03.
Everyone that doubted the Blackhawks.
Rookie Dominik Kubalik has five (5) points in today's game. Is that good?
ANOTHER ONE! Dominik Kubalik redirects Duncan Keith's blast in and it's 6-2!
Playoff hockey is so much fun. Its even more fun when the Blackhawks are playing well.
The Oilers 50/50 is over 700k right now. That would just about buy the alcohol required for all Oilers fans during this intermission. 6-2.
Dominik Kubalik has two power-play goals today. He had four ALL SEASON. 26 of his 30 goals came at even strength.
Dominating at 5v5 aftwr two periods; 3 goals for 0 goals against 20 shots for 12 shots against 16 scoring chances for 10 scoring chances against.
Kubalik hand eye makes my mouth water. The few views of Colliton makes me like him more and more, he has the eyes of intensity. I will be drunk by end of 3rd if hawks win.
Dominik Kubalik registers his second goal and FIFTH point of the game.
Playoff Kaner Activated.
Anxious. Very. Very. Anxious.
Looks like another flood at RogersPlace with NHLBlackhawks scoring.
Kinda crazy that, with all this scoring, Cat has been in on any of the Blackhawks goals yet.
Powerful pregame speech by Matt Dumba, who is joined by Malcolm Subban and Darnell Nurse for National Anthem.
Pay that man!
Looks like a standard game in edmonton, they gave up 6 goals and the crowd left.
This just feels good! nEvr ever underestimate the Hawks!
Shoutout to the LAKings for the rights to Kubalik. Appreciate yall.
It doesnt matter who The Oilers put in the net, The Blackhawks are putting plenty of pucks in their net! Oilers coach at next intermission; Just so you know Wayne Gretzky isnt walking through that door!

Message to NHLs big boys!!!
Before the 2nd period starts, make sure you download the MyTeams App for the best Blackhawks coverage in town.
6-2 Blackhawks after 40 minutes. Wow. What a second period from the Hawks led by Dominik Kubalik who now has two goals and three assists in his playoff debut. Hes been involved in all three powerplay goals. Pay the man.

It's been this kind of afternoon for Dominik Kubalik, everything he touches turns to gold. Five points for the rookie.
If you'd have told me before the game that the score would be 6-2 at the second intermission, I'd have believed it, but I wouldn't have guessed the Hawks would be up. Twenty more minutes of hard work, boys!

Good guys up 6-2 after 40 minutes. Kubalik is with five points and two goals.
Just going to leave this here.
Youngest players to record a playoff point in a Blackhawks sweater: 1. Eddie Olczyk 18 years, 237 days old 2. Kirby Dach 19, 193 3. Marc Bergevin 19, 266 4. Stan Mikita 19, 311.
Kubalik now has five points (2 goals, 3 assists). blackhawks 6, oilers 2.
Crawford has been ridiculous, at times.

What You Really Think

It wasn't powerful. It was an embarrassment. Keep accusing average people of 'systematic racism'. A ridiculous term that is meaningless. This league will die like all the rest.

These rituals are tedious. They should ponder the sacrifices made for their freedom and ya know, getting to play a sport for a living.


Such a shame hockey has been destroyed by politics and BLM terrorists.

Good submission whitey.

So sad. I have been a die hard hockey and Blackhawks fan for over 40 year. No more. They let Dumba kneel for our national anthem. See ya.

Symbolic photo in its essence. When all stand in unison, even for those standing for others through kneeling, all can hoist that stanley cup of life with victories celebration within our hearts. Thank you for your post. God Bless, John German.

Pay way too much for overpriced tickets to be lectured by millionaires who never went to college.

He looks like a douche bag. Hes from Canada says racism is everywhere then kneels only for the American nation anthem. He contradicted himself.

No racism in Canada right?

How about anti-semitism. This should be a message about Hate in America not freaking race oppression from 70 years ago. America is sick of it and that includes the majority of black America.

This was AWESOME to watch. Very good presentation to kick off the playoffs in Edmonton.

Fuuuuccckkkk!!! Stand up!

That was anything but powerful. That was the endorsement of a false narrative which will further divide us. They just couldn't be the one sport to really stand among the other sports. Do it once more and you will lose a ton of fans!

Maybe he is going through a breakdown.

Ironically the Blackhawks are playing.

If by powerful you mean creepy and weird as hell, then yea, powerful. that was a weird black supremacist religious ceremony ritual thing. Dumba used to wear 55 and w the lettering on his jersey it would spell out Dumba55. That pretty much summed him up. Really low IQ.

Why not kneel during the Canadian anthem?

Nothing like be reprimanded by a Canadian who kneels for the US anthem and proudly stands for his as he decries racism in hockey. Hows Prime Minister Blackface???

So this Canadian comes here, makes MILLIONS of dollars, says hes oppressed kneels for our anthem and stands for his own, hes privileged to be able to play hockey here for ridiculous money, and he does this?

Dont worry, the woke agitators will still find some problem to have with it.

Thrilled to see this. We need change.

I'm just here to see which racist shitbags I need to block today...


Bb bb b. Bjhi Bbbbbbbbbbobbbbbbobbiinobbbknbbobbb nbbb.

Kneels for national anthem yet stands for Canadian anthem what a Joke.

Yup all from Canada real joke!!

Was Jussies Smollet unavailable to lecture us?

Pure Cringe.