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Tuesday 26th of May 2020


and now is the perfect time for a revolution.
Forgery is NOT a crime punishable by death. This is not only , it is MURDER! First Eric Garner, now this. We must put an end to the senseless killing of our Black men!
My god. Another black man, not resisting, pleading that he can t breathe, while an officer has his knee lodged firming in his neck, closes his eyes and dies. Murdered. I d say his name but that hasn t been released. I can t watch that video. When does it end?

If your first reaction is "not all white people" in response to and "not all cops" in response to police brutality instead of standing in solidarity with victims of white supremacy, you arent listening and you clearly arent an ally.

For those of you who don t understand or refuse to acknowledge, THIS IS WHY KAEPERNICK KNEELED, you morons. If you support or any other racist, unfollow me now.
I can never fuck with the police. Idc if it s good cops out there. I m not about to give props to good cops for doing something they re SUPPOSE to do. Protect & serve. Sorry not sorry. Tired of seeing videos of my people being killed.

Comfortable, gentle, thoughtful arrest. Of someone whod, moments before, SLAUGHTERED Black people as they prayed. Followed by a trip to grab dinner. For the arrestee. (x ).
They chocked him to death . Being Black in America should not be a death sentence.
IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Appropriate v. Inappropriate Kneeling Kneeling.
We should be drawing a straight line of racist terror from to this Minneapolis cop. Too often, she is the beginning. He is the end.
His name was George Floyd. Say his name. Pray for his family. Demand Justice.
The Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd is outrageous. The officers involved must be held accountable. We urgently need community control of police, police review boards and full time investigators to look into all cases of death in police custody.

Racism is the original American pandemic and continues to kill each and every day.
A Black man was murdered last night by the Minneapolis Police Department after being choked and having a knee placed on his neck for up to 10 minutes. This man was MURDERED. MURDERED.
Once again, another Black man is murdered in broad daylight by members of law enforcement, despite being watched and recorded. THAT is how bold and confident in the system, they are to let them get away with murdering our people.

Don t forget about this women too. DONT FORGET TO SAY HER NAME. Breonna Taylor! Black lives matter, not just black men! WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR EVERYBODY. She was murdered in her own home by the police.
A Minneapolis police officer killed this Black man last night after kneeling on his neck for nearly 10 minutes. The man cried and shouted, I can t breathe! He then became unconscious and died shortly after at a nearby hospital. Eric Garner all over again!

If you don t support unfollow me. What s happening in MPLS and all over the US is appalling, but it isn t new. This is an endless cycle being perpetuated by the president of the United States and everyone who refuses to hold these police officers accountable.

Say his name. George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police.
Thank u.
fuck this fucking man. fuck you. FUCK YOU.
Kids will be scared when they see police nowadays.
America, where its okay to kneel on a black mans neck and murder him, but its "unpatriotic" to kneel in protest of that murder.
George Floyd. Pleaded plz . Murdered by . The 2 cops are on "relieved of duty status" & receiving pay. Aka: on vacation. This is how murderous cops are off w/pay.
Minneapolis police killing George Floyd as he says is heart-wrenching. Police are supposed to protect and serve our communities, not terrorize them. We need community control of police to hold officers accountable and end police brutality.

That cop murdered in broad daylight, knowing full well that he was being watched and recorded. THAT is how much cops trust the system to let them get away with murdering black men. Tear it all down.
Video shows Minneapolis officer with his knee on the neck of a motionless, moaning Black man who later died; the Minneapolis Police Department attributed the death of the unarmed man in its custody to "medical distress".

Now this is the funniest thing Ive seen in a long time.
Every white person who likes to downplay police brutality and disregard the movement needs to watch this.
Remember them . . . George Floyd Ahmoud Arbery Sandra Bland Sean Reed Tamir Rice. Eric Garner. Oscar Grant. Michael Brown. Walter Scott. Freddie Gray. Dante Parker. Remember all of them. Minneapolis.
George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis PD. These murderers need go be arrested now.
The threatening displays of white rage around the country lately, are happening with such frequency and ferocity, because participants know that they have in this president, a dedicated advocate, a willing partner, a powerful accomplice.

Please Say His Name: George Floyd. Rest in power, Mr. Floyd.
Most of yall are well-meaning and want to inform or persuade, but those pictures and videos arent it. Its little more than trauma porn at this point. George Floyd didnt deserve to be murdered by the police. No pictures needed.

Yesterday, Today and .
* BREAKING NEWS * Minnesota Black man killed by White police officer who kneels on his neck for several minutes while he is on the ground handcuffed, face to the ground, screaming that he cannot breath.

His name is George Floyd. He was unjustly murdered by a white police officer. Being black in America should NOT be a death sentence.
to all my black re beautiful. you re handsome. you re fucking amazing. melanin is fucking beautiful. i m proud of all of you for fighting. we got this. we matter always.
When are we going to start arresting and locking up police officers who brutally murder unarmed black men? That is how we stop police brutality.
I cannot breath. Again. A handcuffed black man represents more danger than armed white man shouting at the police.
I think police departments in this country need to conduct some English language training so that all police officers understand wtf "I cant breathe" means and that it means exactly the same thing when a BIPOC says it as it does when a white person says it.

Though many claimed they didn t know Jews were being exterminated, they knew. Germans weaponized the Gestapo against the Jews, knowing that by being an informant , they were party to their execution. Sound familiar?

Dear when will enough be enough?
My God, when will this END! I dont care what color you are, THIS IS A FUCKING HUMAN BEING! And spare me your "White lives matter too". Every life matters, but we dont get treated like a black person does for little or NO NO CONSEQUENCES.

& I m gonna scream it to the top of my lungs until I go!
It s a sad day living in Minneapolis today.
In 2014, Eric Garner s last words whilst being strangled by members of the NYPD were I can t breathe. 6 years later, in 2020, amidst an entire pandemic, tells Minneapolis Police I can t breathe. before he dies. Do ?

Malcolm X was always right.

What You Really Think

I want to help! I know for locals, reaching out to the DA and advocating with their votes can help, but how about for those of us non-locals?

Knee on neck with his hands in his pockets. COLD BLOODED MURDER.

If this is not murder I don t know what.

Then for the other police Officer to make a joke saying this is why you don t so drugs kids it s adding insult to injury.

Isn t it same America? It s ok, well done God Bless Nigeria.

I prosecuted and defended excessive force cases as a government lawyer for both the City of Atlanta and Fulton County from 1995 until 2008. The local prosecutor and the internal affairs unit for the present officers should be all over this.

so if he was white it would be ok?

Are we considered as human beings?

People like this dream of killing a black man, well it happened just a Minnesota thang I guess.

I want both of them arrested for murder! The BOTH OF THEM!!

All the cops present should be sentenced to death!

Pretty gross. All this over a so called bad check?

Shame on these cops! Disgusting behavior!

Any and all Black people!!!

The officers have their hands in their pockets, so they can t say that they feared for their life. And they will try to say that. Watch out for the tricks.