Sunday 27th of December 2020

Nashville Police Are Saying That The Recorded Warning & Countdown to The Explosion Was Coming From The Vehicle That Blew Up. Not The Police. This is an incredibly Strange Development.

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My son & I were at CVS in Los Angeles, the epicenter of the virus where 1 person is dying every 10 mins from COVID-19 & this woman was refusing to wear a mask & arguing with everyone. The selfishness she exhibited was intense. It blew our minds. My 10-yr-old has more sense.

Trump blew up a relief bill for millions of suffering and starving Americans - including millions more who will run out of unemployment today - and what does he do? He goes golfing on Thursday. He goes golfing on Friday. On the taxpayers' dime, at his club.

Wowowow. I havent been this surprised, delighted, and moved by a movie in a long time. SoulMovie just blew me away. One of those did-I-just-watch-my-favorite-movie moments that reminds me why I love movies and why I love life.

Am I missing something why isnt anybody talking about who blew up that bomb in Nashville?
I didnt think they could top last episode, but this one just blew it out dawg.
Mine too. Thank you so much. GalGadot absolutely blew me away with that performance to. It was all about this moment, and she was just above and beyond.
Donald Trump just blew it again.
The person who invented balloons must have been like "wow this blew up".
Yeah first half blew second half is ok.
Wow tweet blew up dont mind me doing some lil acc promo lmao hi i make art.
My favorite lynch film. That twist blew me away when I first saw it.
Swing Kids is the most blew me away movie this year. It has similar impact when watched Dancer in the Dark. Its a masterpiece, but cant casually recommend. Wanna watch it again, but dont wanna. After all, want people to watch. Pay attention to Doh Kyungsoo who played Rho Kisoo.

He really just blew me cause now Im going back upstairs.
Top Book Club Picks: 8 Reads That Blew Us Away in 2020 - Off the Shelf ~.
[?] he blew a small raspberry and decided to intertwine their hands while theyre at it . so whats your name . he asked in a low tone , feeling slightly relaxed by her . she gave off a nice vibe . [?].

This run also deserves its own post. Immediately blew that green with a pretty mediocre Riverview.
That wind last night nearly blew my wig off.
A chemical being stored in the basement, which flooded, that reacts violently or explosively when it comes in contact with water could explain the apparent underground explosions the that blew off sewer drain gates. h/t.

Head full of: "no but i said my heart V fluttered and >nulb then he came into my >nulb room, blew me an air kiss winked at me and did thefinger gun shooting gesture...what do i you want to figh(t) no..okay~ i love you ".

And a terrorist blew up a bomb in a large American city.
You finally did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Goddamn you! Goddamn you all to Hell!
You can tell by pictures the trees have been blown away from the building. If the rv blew up it would have been the opposite.
But wasnt viral. He blew up after death.
I watched it. And I knew alot, but damn, that blew my mind away. DJT has to know, I hope. And there's to come, 3.0... That was 2.0.. Does DJT know? Sidney? The Kraken!!!
Donald Trump just blew it big time on unemployment.
: no but i said my heart fluttered and then he came into my room, blew me a air kiss, winked at me and did the finger gun shooting gesture...what do i you want to figh(t) no..okay~ i love you too~.

Oh no! Was the weather windy where you are last night? It was so noisy here and blew over my bird table. Kept me awake for a bit but then I slept like a baby.
Morning Chris from a damp Hertfordshire. Bella really blew through here in the night. Talk about the rain battering the windows and the wind blowing fast and loud. Hope today is a calm one. Enjoy your day xx [?][?].

That tweet came after nnoggie talked about mdt on social media and it blew up. Seems to me preheats tweet was intentionally fucking with nnoggie and not an innocent tweet. Also as someone else mentioned preheat has a past which makes more sense he is being a dick to nnoggie.

My phone blew up :(.
Probably the best foreign language film Ive ever seen. Watched it as a 16 year old and it blew my mind.
This year/Holidays blew.
P-Square sold off their cars to finance their Get Squared videothey believed so much in the song & the video was going to cost N1.5m (huge money back then) because of the special effects & sets. As an afterthought they shot a B-rated video for Busy Body. We know which blew.

Only 9 minutes into this video, but conway's game of life, programmed in ... conway's game of life, just blew my mind.
They had a chance in the last election. They blew it. Labour is so concerned about their Brexit electorate that pondering the two chairs they end up on the floor. Time for decisive leadership. For whatever her critics say, NicolaSturgeon is the only one with balls.

SeonHo Kim is one of the hottest actor right now in S Korea. He blew up with recent acting in the <Start Up>. Check out his review on Jimins D-icon mag. :) Zou Yi.
Y'all remember that fake that blew up & got actual noticed by the twins? well I couldn't keep it away any longer ;) GraysonDolan imma see you tonight in your nightmare <3.
Did you guys see the RV bomb that blew up in Nashville yesterday? So strange, It had a speaker system warning people to get away before blew up. Respect to the police officers that cleared the area. Why would anybody do this.. so odd.

Muting this for now wow it blew up, ill try and reply to everyone later and hopefully we can be moots <3.
Thankfully she only needs this one for a few refills. But everything else for her is crazy expensive too that one just blew my mind when i went and paid for it today. Lol i was like "sir theres an extra 0 in here" lol.

Blew the bag Morro more showers.
The amount of money i touched & blew this year smh imma do better.
They blew up something they didnt want anyone to see and someone they didnt want anyone to know about its what they do.
Just about made it to the ThamesBarrier for the dayshift Lots of standing water on the motorways this morning after StormBella blew through the night On duty watching the flows rising Won't peak in the lower Thames until tomorrow evening More online.

The fact that there are so many responses with so many different characters who blew up the moon really bothers me.
Dont hate on SYSK. good info within. this here blew me away but then remembered the audience. "in February 2014, the New York Post ran a story about men in Brooklyn paying as much as $8,500 for facial hair transplants in order to grow better beards.).

Two years ago today, AdamLambert gave everyone chills and brought Cher to tears with his ballad version of "Believe"! The performance blew up with millions of views, and it's still being shared every day: A total masterclass of vocals and emotion.

The storm cover blew off my motorbike. False advertising!
Man blew every bloody Yoda's chode off and they loved it.
But when it is all over, and this period of time becomes just another ugly chapter in our Countrys history, WE WILL WIN!!!
Courts are bad, the FBI and Justice didnt do their job, and the United States Election System looks like that of a third world country. Freedom of the press has been gone for a long time, it is Fake News, and now we have Big Tech (with Section 230) to deal with.

Bitcoin just blew past $27,000. $30k by New Years doesnt seem that out of the question. (But who knows short term).
So blew they just woke me up.
Okay so, karl, sam, george, fundy, an badboyhalo made a country in 1 hour, then karl blew it up after they were done.
Fake signatures, illegal immigrant voters, banned Republican vote watchers, VOTES THAN ACTUAL VOTERS (check out Detroit & Philadelphia), and much more. The numbers are far greater than what is necessary to win the individual swing states, and cannot even be contested.

I remember seeing the video for it when it first came out I was 14 and it blew my mind like I almost gave up on music bc I couldnt find anything that sounded even close to that for years.
I just blew awayy.
Imagine if ossoff just took the $750,000,000 he blew on three campaigns and gave everybody all the sh*t he keeps promising to vote for?
Time for Republican Senators to step up and fight for the Presidency, like the Democrats would do if they had actually won. The proof is irrefutable! Massive late night mail-in ballot drops in swing states, stuffing the ballot boxes (on video), double voters, dead voters.

Hm, yeah, that depends on your level of competence. I spent an afternoon windsurfing once. When the wind changed direction so that, instead of blowing me along the beach, it blew me out into the deeps, I was well and truly screwed.

Indeed lets hope so When it blew down there sparks and shorts every few seconds. I guess it was a good thing they'd cut down all the trees.
Tbh yes,, she blew up in less than a year and he's been working hard since 2016 :///.
At least yall got blew out in yall Ls. Its disgusting seeing these choke jobs from my team.
Infinix outdid themselves with the Hot 10. Our full review.
Guys thank you so much for all of your kind words, Idk if it will blew up, I hope he likes it, we tried our best because I know how it feels when we got noticed or something by our Idol, that's why I'm really happy when MU helped me to send a birthday wishes to BrightV.

What You Really Think

The explosion was on Commerce Street, impacting AT&T and Sungard Availability Services. Sungard Chairmain is Glenn Hutchins, founder of Silver Lake Partners. Silver Lake had 70% share of Solarwinds (but sold $158m stake in 7 Dec 2020 just before hack was announced).

Excuse me? Of course it came from the vehicle. How would the police know how long it would take the bomb to go off?

Raises the question about what was the intention of the bomb? If they were warning people away from the vehicle, it wasn't body count, so what was the target? The IRA didn't give enough of a shit about people to give a meaningful warning for example.

Nashville is a beautiful fun loving city . Why would anyone do such a thing ?

Like Ireland and the troubles.

Well, it's Christmas . . . nice to have such polite terrorists at the holidays.

A smokescreen to take people's attention away from the disgraceful COVID relief package and the corruption in Congress. I'm half joking, of course.

Absolutely heartless attack. Amazing no one was killed.

Definitely Antifa.

Like the ira would do How strange tho.

Use the evacuation notice to lure people into the streets.

It really is. Seems like a really sophisticated operation, and (yet?) actively trying to minimize any casualties, at least any non-law enforcement casualties. IRA like. And in Nashville?

It had to be intended as an infrastructure kill not people kill. Early Christmas morning when people are off and asleep, and the audible warning. I think it's a test run for another attack in another city. Damage 911 infrastructure then attack something else.

Remote control device .

That confirms the suspicions about why they picked 06:30 on Christmas Day - to avoid anyone getting killed. So why did they do it at all? Any connection to the SunGard data centre at 200 Commerce Street?

It's a warning. It has to be. Of what, I don't know. Reminds me a little of the Weather Underground bombings. Similar warnings etc.