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Sunday 2nd of August 2020

The Blues Fall to Defeat in The Final. Credit to The Lads For a Fantastic Cup Run, it Just Wasn't Our Day Today.

The Blues fall to defeat in the final. Credit to the lads for a fantastic cup run, it just wasn't our day today.
We've been working all season to enjoy a moment like this, playing a great final match at Wembley. I did treatment for the whole week, but unfortunately the pain persists. I won't be on the field this time, but I am with my teammates until the end! Come on Blues!!!

A sneak peak inside the Blues' dressing room today!
This is how these celebrities survived the lockdown with the help of their friends. jan_iyer, raizawilson, Sundarwashi5.
What happened little guy?
First Sunday Blues 120 Live from the PINT Club in Marrara NT.
Beat the blues, chase away the fears and put the world on pause! Read Anamika Khanna falls in Love.
Say something about those Blues props.
Have you heard the song 'Jazz Me Blues Lonely No More'?
Food, food glorious food make it the centre piece of the day nothing outrageous but with variations everyday a real mood lifter to beat the lock-down blues.
Tresco is an upcycled felt vase wrap memories of Cornish beaches,blues and turquoise cornwall beach gift giftideas summer sunflowers Felt vase.
Bruh wtf?
Isnt this interesting?
Afropop Worldwide Africa and the Blues.
ICYMI carltonfc_w have advised four 2020 listed players that they will not be required in 2021. See who's departing Ikon Park.
Sorry The Blues we are the Champs.
Its being broadcasted.
Gave me the blues and then pink purple skies.
Rebels -4.5 (in-play) $170 Rebels -5.5 (in-play) -$100 (moved from -3.5 to -5.5 during the call) Chiefs 9.5 -$300 Brumbies Vs Reds total points more than 40.5 (in-play) $180 Highlanders Vs Blues total points less than 67.5 (in-play) $135.

Yeah yeah.
History youtube gue jadi blues clues compilations sama butterbeans cafe.
Masculinity Crisis - Horse Girl Blues - DIYs Not Dead.
Now playing Backing Singer Blues by Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry!
This is why the red/blues are so deadset on passing the corporate liability protection. Which - btw - is probably the only reason they even went back for more COVID "relief".
Between these RPs and my gang I still love blues ***nulb.
WATCH: Airport blues? Prague's Vaclav Havel airport is hosting 'fun runs' and 'staycations'.
Bad like gal ina blues.
Stray Cat Blues.
Let's face it everyone hates mondays so come and play those blues away.
Every place I move goes to hell 10 years later. Arrived in ATX in 2007. There ya go Next ? nulb.
Health Care Workers whether in the hospital or on the streets, we will stand with you.
FOUEEN TIMES. Here's how Arsenal beat the Blues to win the.
Such bad play from the blues.After the red I was done.
You look about 40 , I'm 17 and yet I'm more mature than you , I'm here telling you fairplay and you deserve to win , while you talk nothing about football and tell me to cry more ? Life as a blues fan is good not sure if you can understand.

Now on Swing & Blues Radio: II: Obsession by Charles Ruggiero-Frank Basile Octet at 02:02:02.
Complain about the white nosy ass woman near the white van almost getting shot at but as you all see clearly she kept lookin back being nosy And the person in the car didnt get hit But yall still complain about women not being protected but when we actually do it is a problem.

If anyone needs a website done, contact me. I specialize in backend programming, but can hold my own in frontend development. Would love to work with you.
Jim Croce - Working At the Car Wash Blues.
This 1967 album marked a whole new era for, to date, 1-hit wonders, The Moody Blues. The combination of the acquisition of a mellotron and their record companys suggestion to blend their sound with classical music resulted in what is now seen by some as the 1st real prog album.

More fake press at the violent antifa protest tonight in Portland. This person was blocking responding police in the street w/a car. Shes even carrying protest signs! Several people displaying press markings threw projectiles tonight, by the way.

Writer pens down book to beat Covid blues.
DWrabella GoodMusicBx ReturnofR Mercury Blues.
Ye le.
Stop the fake? English please?
Sunday 2nd August Round 3 Tooheys Newcastle Cup Seniors Monarch Blues Tag Full time score South Newcastle defeated Roos 12- - 0 U19s Full time score South Newcastle defeated Roos 17 - 16 Reserve Grade Full times score Roos defeated South Newcastle 18 - 14.

Nobody will be hurting more about this result than Frank Lampard. Chelsea will be back next season, harder, fitter, faster, stronger & with exciting new players to bolster the squad. Keep the faith. Win Or Lose Up The Blues Be nice to each other & keep the peace nulb.

Track Name "The House of the Rising Sun" Artist "Nina Simone" Album "Sings the Blues" start time : 2:00am.
The crystal clear waters around these islands are famous for their dazzling turquoise blues and are one of the biggest drawcards for visitors from around the globe.
Get your damn tickets to the Blues v Crusaders. Its going to be a hisser!
A Crusaders' victory over the Highlanders next week will guarantee them their fourth straight title.
Good morning the blues.
Is it weird to say you remind of French jazz blues at 2am ?
But i'm a fire and i'll keep your brittle heart warm if your cascade, ocean wave blues come all these people think love's for show, but i would die for you in secret the devil's in the details, but you got a friend in me would it be enough if i could never give you peace?

Happy shut the f*ck up Friday.
You cannot enjoy the rhythm and ignore the blues This is incredibly powerful from claraamfo on the death of George Floyd, racism and its effect on her own mental health.
Dirty River, from our new record Stardust Blues, coming this Friday. Its a song of desire and hope, a kind of prayer to the power and the vulnerability of nature and the cosmos.
Who knew crunching a hour long video down to 12 minutes would almost blow up my pc anyways i had fun both editing the video and drawing,,,hope u guys like it :).
Still buzzing from last night. thebollywoodco x cometoUKAFF safe Bollywood drive-in screening of deepikapadukone & RanveerOfficials ramleela was INCREDIBLE Well-organised & collectively put on a stellar event. Definitely blew away the Lockdown blues! Vnulb.

Now Playing : Dancin with the Blues by Wayne Nicholson & John Campbelljohn Listen online at.
On All Blues Radio: Help Me (Soho Live) by Peter Green Splinter Group Listen anytime on your computer, tablet or mobile.
Morning vibes for Sunday, August 02, 2020.
Growing up in Blues I always found it weird why people would vote for Zanu.
MADShampoo Never Stop A Industrial Blues.
We gotta dig the groove, we're gonna hammer the blues, you can't sit down 'cause we got a job to do. -- Neil Young.
Cha-cha-cha is agile Blues dance is evocative Dance is tireless and so on.
Led Zeppelin / Heavy Blues: Third UU Tour Summer 1969 10-10-196.
You a Blues fan?
These vicious, simple-minded people, with their $50 haircuts and $2,000 suits: they know nothing, nor do they care about, the people out of jobs and out of money. As well, they dont understand that no money to spend=no demand=no business=no jobs. Vote all Republicans out!

The Blues bus roles on SuperRugbyNZ how good is it to see the local rugby clubs open their doors on a Sunday afternoon and people come together!
Hot Wired tejak_strato at gimme_shelter_bali.
Hillary Clinton didn't just fund the dossier, she sourced it. And the FBI knew that the source came from her associate and friend, but Comey went ahead with trying to frame Donald Trump any way.
The return of the disco goats, an instant cure for the midweek blues. Sound on.
Sonnet 97.
Still got the blues...es super nostalgica..
- Sam Gifford and The Innocent - Greater Good playing on MPG Radio.. Reflection Town - - Smooth Jazz, Blues and Backbeats, Easy listening - Rotations.
In the future there is going to be a lot of blues claiming they are coral because they encountered deities. Coming across possessions and deities, Ken WIlber would say is a stage Red lends of spirituality, if not Purple. I personally do not believe so because these deities.

Now on Swing & Blues Radio: Kissing Bug by June Christy/Stan Kenton at 01:59:24.
Morning everyone After watching smerconish & his guest RachelBitecofer I'm convinced what I've always feared & that's the swing voters 2/3 leaning towards gop a lot of them are low information voters. So we gotta take this seriously & focus on voting in the swing state.

So I would take it all blues fans will be Highlanders fans.
Hitlers Nazi Germany 1933 ~VS~ Democrats Portland Oregon USA 2020.
We are the blues.
These are all Democrats, with a Democrat Party that actively supports them. If youre a Democrat, you are America-hating terrorist. Period.
!! !! " , ! ' ?! ".
So Im deadass confused by these fuckin comments first of all yall complain us black woman aint protected Than when a woman finally stand up and protect her self from a man that hit her in the face yall wanna complain about some stupid shit.

Liberals, we hated Obama just as much as you guys hate Trump. The difference is we hated Obama because he hated America. You hate Trump because YOU hate America.
He's making his own game.
Why is no one talking about the fact that Joe Alwyn is a Pisces? The line cascade ocean wave blues makes sense due to the fact that Pisces are known for emotional waves as well as being a water sign? Also comparing herself to fire because shes a Sagittarius.

Yeah my greens are basically a heavier version of blues, so I was thinking of getting a...slightly quieter switch for the next keyboard.

What You Really Think

Well knows how to deal with ChelseaFC at wembleystadium. For FA cup, its always Arsenal till infinity. Up Arsenal!!!

When will your day go ever come.

The law of the game went against us. But all head's up blues.

Kepa, azpilucueta, zuoma, rudigar, Christensen, Jorginho, all shouldnt be in Chelsea next season. They dont deserve to be in a team like Chelsea.

It wasnt our day as the ref had his red pants on again. I dont understand how var didnt even look at the keeper handling outside the area, the game is becoming a joke!

The lion will still keep fighting.

Buffon was right when he said Taylor must sit at home and watch football from his television. This man is not a referee, now i understand why England referee can not called at the world cup .

Chelsea fans please follow me I'll follow back.

Disappointing play, Frank you have a lot of work to do. We have a useless defence and tired strike force except for Pulisic.

Say No More.

We were robbed by Anthony Taylor. Raise a formal complaint. But we need to plug in a lot of loopholes to succeed next season.

You were a bit unlucky with some decissions yesterday.

Tactically Lampard got it wrong how do you bench Kante then play Jorginho and who said Zouma is better than Chirsteansen.

Chelsea defence is one of d worst defence in Premiership. We need good defenders not those bunch of central defence who lacks sense. Kante would ve come in 2nd half to provide cover for d defence & for Kovacic to push forward but it seems Lamp doesn't ve it in him. Disappointed.

Antony taylor won the final.

Congrat for arsenal. Fuck referee fucker.

It is still good experience for the youngsters. Not that bad. We able to hold from leaking more goals with only 10 men. We will win CL next season. To those injured players, CesarAzpi , cpulisic_10 Pls take care and wish you fast recovery.

Work hard for.

That Taylor.

Inconsistent ChelseaFC . Being in the champions league doesn't matter if we play like shit. After the goal we scored we just stopped playing and the problem with us is not the defence it's the whole team we play like shit.

Ref. played big role for the defeat of chelsea.

Truth be told the game u played was fake better polish up.

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