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Monday 25th of May 2020

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson on following the instincts of every father is an unspecified number of ridges">bridges too far.
Boris Johnson just insulted every person in this country who has made sacrifices to follow the rules he implemented to save lives in this pandemic.
I don t want to jump the gun or anything but Boris Johnson isn t a very good Prime Minister, is he?
The British public deserve answers on Dominic Cummings behaviour. The Prime Minister needs to come to the press conference this afternoon and explain what happened. There cannot be one rule for Boris Johnson s most senior adviser and another for the rest of us.

This was a test of the Prime Minister and he has failed it. It is an insult to sacrifices made by the British people that Boris Johnson has chosen to take no action against Dominic Cummings.
We re absolutely disgusted that Boris Johnson has put protecting Dominic Cummings above the health of this country Please RT if you are too.
Boris Johnson is despicable. Dominic Cummings is despicable. This entire government is despicable.
Boris Johnson says Cummings acted with the instincts that any father would. Except most didn t. They followed the fucking rules.
I think Boris Johnson has confirmed that he is unfit to be Prime minister .
To every single one of you that went without - be it a funeral, a birth or a pint with friends. Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson are laughing at you right now.
I agree with Michael. Tonight, I m really embarrassed to have ever backed Boris Johnson for high office.
A year ago today, Theresa May announced the timetable for her resignation. At the time I thought she was the worst Prime Minister in my lifetime. And then Boris Johnson rocked up and said, hold my beer old boy .

Boris Johnson is an appalling Prime Minister.
Two police officers have knocked on the door of the London home of Boris Johnsons top aide, Dominic Cummings. For more on this story, visit:.
Boris Johnson just effectively told the British people the whole lockdown was a sham & the rules never needed to be heeded. What an utter disgrace. One rule for the Govt, another for the plebs. Shame on you, Prime Minister.

I do wonder what the reaction of Carrie Simmonds is to all of this. She will know this could bring Boris Johnson down. She is no fan of Cummings. What influence will she have on any shift in his position in the coming days?

The UK Civil Service has deleted their tweet about Boris Johnson s Dominic Cummings press conference. Not to worry though, the BBC has broadcast the message to millions of people on BBC One ensuring it cannot be missed!

Scientific experts advising government criticise Boris Johnson after he backed Dominic Cummings.
"If Boris Johnsons decision to appear at Sundays press conference was an attempt to close down the story about Dominic Cummings behaviour, it failed completely," writes.
Boris Johnson just lost the next election.
"If I were Prime Minister, I would have sacked Cummings." Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer has called for an investigation into accusations Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules, saying Boris Johnson is "treating the British public with contempt." More:.

My team called Public Health England on behalf of constituents in difficult circumstances to ask if travel could be justified, eg parents of students struggling with mental health wanting to pick them up. Advice was *always* not to travel. Boris Johnson defending the indefensible.

In standing by Dominic Cummings, who was blatantly in breach of lockdown rules, Boris Johnson may have signed his own death warrant. The public will not stand for such egregious hypocrisy and double standards.

NEW: Major disquiet is now spreading to the cabinet. One cabinet member says they were stunned by the PM s statement, with government bleeding credibility to keep Cummings in a job. This is now the most serious political crisis for Boris Johnson since the election.

Jurassic Park just started on ITV. If you want to watch innocent people die on an island as the result of one posh englishmans hubris, Boris Johnsons press conference is also available on catchup.
I couldn t care less if I lost ALL my if you support Boris Johnson s backing of Dominic Cumming s over this whole saga, then I really cannot respect you.
As one of those involved in SPI-B, the Government advisory group on behavioural science, I can say that in a few short minutes tonight, Boris Johnson has trashed all the advice we have given on how to build trust and secure adherence to the measures necessary to control COVID-19.

Your anger toward Dominic Cummings & Boris Johnson is valid. It is not an exaggeration, or irrational. Those that tell you otherwise are GASLIGHTING you. Like an abusive man blinded by his ego. Their dismissal of your rage is an act of violence against you.

White-hot evisceration of Johnson by .
Boris Johnson wouldn t be prime minister without Dominic Cummings, we re about to see just how codependent they are on each other.
The end of Trial, Judgement and Sentencing by Media.
Clearly, Boris Johnson cant do up his flies without Dominic Cummings. We are saddled with Prime Minister who in normal times would not be up to the job. But in these desperate times he his going to cost our country in excess of 100,000 deaths.

We d like to know what you think about Boris Johnson s actions regarding Dominic Cummings Please select who you vote for and whether you back Boris on this issue or not Please also RT to increase the sample size.

Conservatives MPs from blue wall seats tell Johnson to launch inquiry into Dominic Cummings lockdown travel.
The PM Boris Johnson has no credibility, power or support after his decision to support his advisor Dominic Cummings. Some of his own cabinet MPs do not agree with him. The opposition and most of the journalists in the UK do not accept this! They should resign!

"If I were prime minister, Id have sacked Cummings" Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson is treating the public "with contempt" by backing his chief aide Dominic Cummings.
Boris Johnson wrote to every household in country at taxpayer s expense instructing: We are giving one simple instruction - you must stay at home. You should not meet friends or relatives who do not live in your home. So one rule for his elite friends, another for rest of us.

This is a video of Belgian healthcare staff turning their backs on the Prime Minister in protest following her handling of the Covid-19 crisis. Boris Johnson should not be surprised when this happens to him too. The contempt he has shown for NHS staff today is unfathomable.

boris johnson ducked a major political interview during the election after making sure everyone else had done it, hid in a fridge, and lied about a minister being punched. what could have given him the idea that there are absolutely zero consequences from the press for anything?

Boris Johnson has addressed the nation only once in the last two weeks. When Corbyn last year referred to him as a part time prime minister he was right. The cabinet ministers being hauled out every day to do his job must be getting pretty fed up with him too. 19.

It is better to be both right and consistent. But if you have to choose- you must choose to be right. Winston Churchill It s not like he was visiting a lover. Boris Johnson.
In my nearly 3 years as an MP, I have never had so many emails about one thing on a Sunday night. People in the Highlands are absolutely outraged by Boris Johnson s defence of Cummings. It is a disgrace that stinks in the nostrils of all decent people.

Three members of the Governments SPI-B advisory group are now openly criticising the way that Boris Johnson "trashed all the advice" they gave him on how to ensure the was successful. All of this after the stories about Dominic Cummings.

People robbed of the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones yet Boris Johnson is sticking by his boss flagrant breach of the rules. I dont remember seeing Dominic Cummings on the ballot paper at the last election. Who actually runs the country?

The interesting thing about Boris Johnson s undying loyalty to Cummings is that he s never really showed loyalty to anything else - or anyone else - throughout his career.
Have just emailed my MP John Baron Conservative. Absolutely disgusting attitude of Boris Johnson . Treating the British people with utter contempt.
Wow. The Daily Mail has turned on Boris Johnson. This is like Rose West going Queens Evidence on Fred.
Boris Johnson has just proved that it s one rule for the rich and another rule for the working class, fuckin wanker.
After Boris Johnson says Dominic Cummings followed the instincts of every father , dads around the UK try to remember when they put an unspecified number of people at risk by breaking lockdown and driving to Durham.

It isn t often that the Daily Mail are right, but oh my word. Boris Johnson has completely f*cked it now.
Boris Johnson must resign & take Dominic Cummings with him. Two halves of the same apple, rotten to the core, neither having fallen far from the tree of Tory self-centred corruption, deceit & disdain for the public, its cost countless lives due to COVID & austerity.

We need a revolution in this country. The far-right have completely taken over the law of the land. Boris Johnson is a stooge and Dominic Cummings is pulling the strings. We need to make sure these things can never happen again. We need accountability.

BBC News - Boris Johnson failed to close down Cummings story - BloJob is running out of room to manouevre on this shitstorm. Wish those wolves could be real.
In an evolutionary sense, I think that Boris Johnson has reached the deuterostomia superphylum stage, in that he clearly has an anus and mouth, but not chordata, because there is no sign of a notachord, let alone a fucking spine.

I m clicking around post-punk on bandcamp and ended up on some spoken word type album of a dude with a cockney accent saying shit like Boris Johnson and his cheeky girls shut down the Underground. Give us a fiver mate is this real.

CCHQ advisor congratulating Boris Johnson on his handling of the Dominic Cummings situation at today s daily briefing.