Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Several Law Enforcement Agencies, including The State SWAT Team, Quickly Arrived at The Scene of a Reported Shooting at a Grocery Story in Boulder, CO. .

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This isnt freedom. This isnt happening in any other high income country. No other nation would tolerate this. We dont have to either. Text ACT to 644-33. Use your voice and vote to stop gun violence. Boulder photo by.

THIS is what a Colorado Congresswoman, gun extremist and conspiracy theorist is tweeting while a mass shooting tragedy unfolds in Boulder, a city in her state.
Sadly, whats unfolding in Boulder may happen more frequently when public places/schools reopen; about 50M guns were sold in the past year (on top of nearly 400M already in circulation) - many to new gun owners in states that dont require permits, background checks, or training.

Ill bet anyone my salary right now that the shooter in Boulder is a right wing, MAGA, white male.
Very sad to hear about the events in Boulder today. I'm a big believer in sports being a means of some type of healing for the short term. Here's hoping the Avs give the people of Colorado a few hours of something to cheer for.

Tragedy struck in Boulder, CO tonight. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Praying for healing.
The police in Boulder, Colorado say that the danger is now over. Over at that supermarket maybe. What about the rest of Boulder? Colorado? The rest of the U.S.? There are a lot of guns in the hands of people who shouldn't have them. We've got to stop this.

My heart is with the Boulder community tonight. Yet another vicious and senseless act of gun violence that has claimed innocent lives in our nation.
How many mass murders in the last week, like Boulder and Atlanta, happened because citizens have unfettered access to AR-15 weapons? How many mass murders happened because of immigration and the border? There's your real crisis.

This is something Ive grown up with. People my age and in my generation are used to this, witness to shooting at Boulder King Soopers.
Multiple people killed in shooting at Colorado grocery store, including one Boulder police officer, authorities confirm.
Domestic white terrorists, like the one in Boulder, continue to be the biggest threat to America. And they still apprehend them SAFELY.
Police officers are holding a procession for the Boulder police officer who was killed during todays shooting at King Soopers. Watch live.
My heart breaks for the victims and their families in Boulder. Back to normal cannot mean a return to horrific gun violence. The Senate Judiciary Committee has a hearing on gun safety TOMORROW. We must put a stop to this.

The NRA recently sued Boulder over its ban on assault rifles and 10 round magazines. According to media, the Boulder gunman used an AR-style rifle to kill six people at a grocery store just six days after a judge blocked the ban.

Less than a week ago in Boulder.
To the people of Boulder, we are with you. We are sending you all the strength and love in the world. To the people of America, we dont have to live like this. We dont have to die like this. Its our choice.

Gun violence in Colorado. Boulder is about 40 minutes away from Aurora. 12 people died in the movie theater shooting there in 2012. Aurora is about 30 minutes from Littleton. 13 ppl were murdered at Columbine HS there in 1999.

UPDATE FROM BOULDER: Reports of 7 deceased at a supermarket shooting in Boulder, Colorado. A bloodied, possible suspect was led to an ambulance in handcuffs.
This was ONE WEEK AGO in Boulder, Colorado. Today, in Boulder, a shooter armed with an assault rifle gunned down multiple people, including a police officer.
FUCK YOU LAUREN BOEBE! People died in Boulder today because of asshole politicians like you and your precious right to bear arms. Take a seat and shut the hell up. Youre trash.
Definitely think the events in Boulder had a toll in the team tonight.
Witnesses in Boulder say the gunman in the King Soopers parking lot was holding an "AR-15 style weapon" and wearing what looked like tactical gear.
This image from Boulder by photojmatthew: each face, each hand clasping hand. The terror on the person in front; the second woman looking back; the way the third man crooks his arm to hold onto the woman behind. The cop, his purple notebook, his black wedding band...

Lauren Boebert is sending her thoughts & prayers to the people of Boulder. Boebert promoted her God given gun rights over all other human rights, including what should be your God given right to shop groceries in peace.

Well-Regulated Militia Opens Fire In Grocery Store In Boulder Colorado; Cheap Thoughts And Useless Prayers Now Being Rushed To The Scene ... more on this soon-to-be-forgotten-and-then-repeated story as it develops ...

As the dreadful details begin to trickle out from Boulder about yet another mass shooting, it needs to be said again that the frequency of these random massacres with firearms are a uniquely American phenomenon.

Good guys with guns can't do anything until a few people are already dead. That's not good enough for me.
Our prayers are with the people of Boulder, the victims of this sense shooting and their families.
Sky9 captured incredibly powerful images of all of the first responders who drove in a procession for the fallen boulderpolice officer.
No doubt CUMensBball thinking about mass shooting in Boulder before the game. Thinking about the massive shooting of innocent children & brave teachers at MSHS.
HAPPENING NOW: massive law enforcement surrounding King Soopers on table Mesa Road in Boulder following a shooting.
BOULDER, Colo. (AP) Police say multiple people were killed in a shooting at a Colorado supermarket, including a police officer.
Were grateful to Kroger (the parent company of King Soopers) for listening to MomsDemand volunteers and prohibiting open carry in 2019 after the horrific mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. Were holding their Boulder employees in our hearts.

Several law enforcement agencies, including the state SWAT team, quickly arrived at the scene of a reported shooting at a grocery story in Boulder, CO. .
6 days ago the NRA celebrated overturning a weapons ban in Boulder. Today in Boulder a man shot up a grocery store. The NRA gets people killed, plain and simple.
As horrifying reports continue to emerge from Colorado, my heart is with the victims, their families, and the Boulder community. Once again, a gunman has turned a public space into a site of tragedy. We dont have to live in fear like this. We must pass commonsense gun reforms.

Today's mass shooting in Boulder is yet another tragic reminder that America's problems lie within its borders, not at them.
It's hard to imagine LEOs actually wanting civilians to be able to own/use AR-15s. Today, a Boulder, CO, police officer and multiple innocent civilians lost their lives to a man wielding an AR-15 in a grocery store. This is the second mass-shooting in a week. This is madness.

Was Lauren Boeberts husband in Boulder today?
Active shooter at the King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, CO. Multiple down.
Retired ATF Special Agent Jim Cavanaugh told Madow that America needs to rethink open carry laws after the Boulder shooting. Cavanaugh makes the argument that these laws make it easier for criminals to carry out their crimes.

A reminder for those covering the mass shooting in Boulder: don't focus on motive ... focus on the fact that America is the only country in the world where these mass shootings happen because we allow Americans near unfettered access to deadly weapons.

The Shooter in Boulder killed multiple people including one police. AND THEY DIDNT SHOOT THAT NIGGA ON SIGHT?!?! How do that make sense.
Editing my opening statement for tomorrows hearing on gun violence only to look up & see the news reporting six killed by a gunman in Boulder. How many more lives must be lost before we enact the gun violence prevention our country so desperately needs?

I agree, though the store in Boulder is definitely not open carry. Boulder is very blue.
Im sure the team had a lot more on their minds tonight than just basketball. Sending Boulder love.
Approximately 100 first responders vehicles are prepared for a procession to escort the body of the Boulder Police Officer who was among those killed in todays supermarket shooting.
Columbine High School. Deer Creek Middle School. Aurora Theater. Arapahoe High School. Thornton Walmart. STEM School. Boulder King Soopers. All since I was in high school and all within 20 miles of me and my family. I'm sick of this shit.

Multiple people dead, including a police officer, in shooting at Boulder, Colorado. As a citizen of Colorado I have absolutely no issue with holding Loren Boebert partially responsible for this. With her crazy, discombobulated, wackadoo, gun toting, ass!

Photos from the scene of the.
Authorities responded to what they said was an active shooter at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. A man was taken out of the store in handcuffs by police. There was no immediate word on any injuries.

The death toll of those lost to gun violence - children, parents, and families - rises every single day in America. I know how deep the pain is for the community of Boulder, CO, and so do far too many other parents and families. We have no other choice but to pass gun safety.

Colorado is an open carry state but the Boulder shooting shows us why these laws are dangerous: 1. Anyone can walk into a supermarket with a firearm and no one can tell if he is there to shop or kill.
Photo of people fleeing a mass shooter in Boulder. Note to the NRA: this is not freedom. It is the opposite of freedom.
He will get an organic vegan meal in Boulder.
This is what the NRA is tweeting during a mass shooting in Boulder that theyve enabled by weakening Americas gun laws. The gun lobby measures their success in guns sold - they dont give a shit about the lives lost.

No, I didnt want the Boulder Police to murder the shooter. I want him to be held accountable. Even this mass murderer deserves due process. I just wish Police would treat Black and Brown people the same. Time & time again, police prove that they can take an armed suspect alive.

"Thank God for these guys." - shopper praises police officers who rushed into Boulder, Colorado supermarket.
UPDATE: At least 6 dead in King Soopers shooting, including 1 Boulder police officer.
King Soopers in Boulder requires customers to wear a mask. Was a shooting there today. A man was arrested, maybe shooter, wasn't wearing a mask. I seriously hope this doesnt end up being anti-masker violence. This country is so insane that this possibility has to be considered.

People like laurenboebert who normalize aggressive and confrontational gun ownership in Colorado are a part of the toxic, violent gun culture that showed up today in Boulder.
Gun control activists are not trying to take your guns away. We want to see the loopholes in gun policy that enable the abuse of firearms close. But we need bipartisan cooperation. Please reconsider your stance for the sake of public safety.

My uncle (top left) who was in the video circulating on T.v standing at the front of the Boulder king soopers grocery store is alive. His wife next to him also involved is alive. Thank you to those who kept them in your thoughtsV my condolences are with the familys and victims.

Just CO: Aurora Chuck E Cheeses. Columbine High School. Deer Creek Middle School. Aurora Movie Theater. Arapahoe High School. Thornton Walmart. STEM School highlands ranch. Boulder King Soopers. How many more lives will be taken from gun violence before there will be change?

A guy walks into a grocery store and opens fire This is not a joke This is in the last 2 hours in Boulder Colorado But the networks are covering the border instead.
God had nothing to do with it. guns...guns killed a police officer and an unknown number of casualties. boulder police KNOW.
There are no words to describe the pain my community is experiencing tonight. I am heartbroken and praying for the families of those weve lost. This cannot be our new normal. We must address the gun violence crisis in our country. My full statement.

Scanner: "6 deceased, plus the officer" This is scanner traffic and UNCONFIRMED Via.
A grocery store. /A grocery store./ God, nowhere is safe anymore. Sending you so much love, Boulder. I'm so sorry this country keeps failing us all.
Thinking of everyone in Boulder right now and grateful for the first responders who are putting themselves at risk to protect others. We're still awaiting more information but we know we can't keep letting this happen in this country.

UPDATE: Law enforcement officials have confirmed at least 6 people are dead, including a police officer, in a shooting at a BoulderColorado grocery store today.
Thinking of those affected by the tragic events in Boulder earlier today. Sending love and strength at this terribly difficult time.
My heart is as we watch this unspeakable event unfold in our Boulder community. We are making every public safety resource available to assist the Boulder County Sheriff's Department as they work to secure the store. Full statement.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims of yet another mass shooting, this time in Boulder. It is never too soon to reform a system that allows an epidemic of gun violence. The House of Representatives has passed gun safety legislation to the Senate. Time to act, now.

Police: We have multiple victims who lost their lives. One of the victims is a Boulder police officer. Asking media to honor families' privacy.
Good job Evan. nice reporting and you had the right tone with discussing the Boulder shooting. handled it with dignity and grace. you are a class act.
Y'all sued Boulder over its ban on assault rifles and 10 round magazines. Current media reports say the Boulder gunman used an AR-style rifle to murder six people less than a week after a judge blocked that ban. Shut all the way up and sit all the way down.

What You Really Think

Maybe we have too many guns available for our too many nuts?

Sorry but what is wrong with America.

This country is completely stupid, backwards and CRUEL Screw the NRA and the 2A The "militia" is NOT well regulated!! Do something GOP !! GOPComplicitTraitors MomsDemand So many precious, innocent lives Over and over and over again Cruel, EVIL.

If they armed all mall cops, this never would have happened !!!! More guns, saves lives!

Who was the person that did it, I just need a name to look up.

Not even a week apart. C'mon explain.

I find it crazy how this happened when they are gearing up to try and push Bidens gun laws in the senate haha yall are sheep this was staged like the rest.

Well, I guess COVID helped brining down mass shootings , it must be over.

Bowling for Boulder instead of Bowling for Columbine.

So who wants to bet against us that the suspect who they took into custody is another white guy. They spare white lives even if they murder another law enforcement person. Unarmed Black males are running away and getting murdered by the same law enforcement. Facts. Explain that.

Thank god for police right!!!!

United States increasingly consistent self reliance on terrorism. Thanks to second amendment all the foreign terrorists are planning paid vacations.

Sending up prayers.

With vaccinations going up and restrictions being lifted, America is finally returning to normalcy.

Good ole false flag.

Idiots be like: Why don't we just get GUNS???

Let's see what Boebert with her GED having self has to say. I am sure it's something ignorant as usual.


Hope you guys are doing okay, as soon as I saw Colorado my brain instantly assumed the worse RIP.

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