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Friday 31st of July 2020

Brandy And Beyonce Aint Slick... They Really Planned This Takeover Vnulb.

Brandy and Beyonce aint slick... they really planned this takeover Vnulb.
Billboard spoke with 4everBrandy about 'B7,' the Disney princess advice she has for Halle Bailey, and how shes been taking care of herself during the ongoing pandemic.
New album B7 is out and it is everything! Back like she never left! Congratulations to you brandy! Rest In Peace Big Shiz, you created a masterpiece! VnulbVnulb shoutout to victoriamonet she is a genius with the pen.

New brandy album.
.disneyplus Brandy just released a new album. Moesha is coming to Netflix. THERE WILL NEVER BE A BETTER TIME.
Thats why I lost your ring and you can keep your last name.
Angel in disguise. One of my fave tracks by Brandy. She ate.
Brandys albums just dont sound like anyone else! The production, the vocals.. she continues to set herself apart! Theres a reason her albums are timeless and dont burn out.
Brandy had SUCH control of her voice. Shes a master.
Should I give Brandy a listen? I'm just looking to pass time for Black is King. Plus I haven't listened to anything Brandy since Aphrodisiac...
Brandy . . The only Cinderella we acknowledge in my house!
You did this!!!! So happy for you!
Brandy is singing!!!! Like she is singing singing!!!!!
.4everBrandy's new album B7 is out now! Apple Music: Amazon: Spotify.
I LOVE that Brandy worked with a core group again on B7. Feels VERY MUCH like the old crew. Not too many hands. Word to Rodney Darkchild Jerkins, LaShawn Big Shiz Daniels, Fred Uncle Freddie Jerkins, Nora Payne, Kenisha Pratt, Robert Smith.

Me listening to this Brandy album..
Brandy new album?/!:!/.
This is what I call music and real talent. Brandy has brought back real r&b.
Its the way brandy never misses. B7 is an ALBUM. THE album.
Imagine not knowing and stanning brandy... tasteless and uncultured on a whole new level.
It's just me, my stuffed shrek from build-a-bear, and Brandy's new album.
Can you niggas wear your masks so brandy can tour and we can hear this musical gold in person? thanks.
Chloe & Halle. Brandy. Ryan Destiny. Beyonce. Simultaneously.
I can't wait to listen to Brandy's new album.
The fact that both Beyonce and Brandy debuted in the 90s and are still at the top of their game 20 years later has me shook. What a night. Im full.
Now that Ari off live i can actually give Brandys album a listen.
Did Brandy really just create a modern day classic...woah.
Brandy was BELTING!!!!!! I think people forget 4everBrandy is more than just runs and tone, Mama had them butt cheeks clinched in thats studio getting allllll dem notes out!!
Black women really showing out with their albums this year. Flo Milli, Jhene Aiko, Chloe x Halle & now Brandy.
You know Brandy meant business when she brought her old logo back.
Lemme see what brandy and jagged edge talm bout while I wait for my fav to drop.
Let me listen to this brandy album right quick.
No.1 in New Zealand!!! Come on Brandy!!!!
Favorite tracks so far Say Something, Rather Be, High Heels, Lucid Dreams.
Literally me listening to b7!
Brandy B7 our now! Borderline video out now!!!! Amazing.
Brandy liked my tweet. oh, nothing. she just knows her son.
Wow nobody told me Brandy released a new album. Lol. Yall FUNNY.
Brandy has just released her seventh album. Its.
Thinking about how Brandy didnt even have to chase the sound of todays r&b for B7 because shes the originator of it.
Brandy telling yall not to be side pieces on I am More... dont listen, cheat.
Brandy ...she sounds just so seasoned. And pure.
On iTunes, 1 Topic on Twitter! 26 years in the game!!! Take it all in 4everBrandy you are needed!! b7 BRANDY.
Thats what I love about Brandy. Her R&B stays true but sounds different sonically.
Brandy used to be my favourite singer as a kid. Her Never Say Never & Full Moon albums raised me.
Chloe and Halle and Brandy and Beyonce are all out here doing they about Black Girl Magic. BlackWomen I salute all of you queens.
I love Brandy but im def disappointed. I only like 3 and the only one that's legit a vibe is Borderline. But her voice is still absolutely AMAZING nevertheless.
This Brandy album is... different.
No one can pull a great song to song transition like brandy.
Brandy is singing !
All these years later and the girls STILL aren't doing it like Brandy.
My favorite Brandy moment was seeing her live in the broadway show Chicago in her first night she killed it as Roxie Hart!!!
The R&B veterans are showing out right now : Beyonce Brandy Jagged Edge Kem Toni Braxton Wait. What year is it again?
Im saying never Bye Bipolar, Brandy Theres hella weight in that because ...
Music video premieres TONIGHT at 9pm PST / 12am EST.
The new album by Brandy. Out now!
Brandy. thats it, thats the tweet. cause baby this album? im only on track 6 currently but my soul has literally left my entire body. i feel like im floating on a cloud listening to her voice. the lyrics & transitions >>>>>> and chile these damn vocal layerings????? MUTHAAAA.

Literally been a brandy fan since i was small.
Just having a new Brandy album gives me all the feels. I have been a day one she was the soundtrack to my high school days. I'm already into the album and I feel this honesty and rawness 4everBrandy is bringing.

BRANDY!!! Vnulb.
Yeah brandy album fenna heal meeee.
Brandy can sing her ass off but shes no vocal bible or whatever yall call her lol.
Brandy told yall to remember who tf she is WHEW.
Now that Moesha is FINALLY coming to Netflix, can we please discuss how Brandy was THEE template? TV show, hit movies, co-starring with Whitney AND Diana, hit singles, platinum albums, her own damn Barbie doll!

Brandy mixed 90 ( classic brandy ) with a whole new ORGANIC progressive RNB Sound She stayed away from the TREND and stuff made a damn MOMENT !!!!!!!!!!!! Whewwwwww.
Beyonce & Brandy really just blessed our ears & I LOVE IT.
Woooooooo this Brandy album is bumpin from the first song! Sheeeeesh.
B7 is unreal because brandy never fails brandy is unreal i love her so much thank you for all that u do for the world this album is crazy i cant even speak wow.
Brandy & monica - the boy is mine.
This song bring back memories IVnulb.
Brandy just like candy! The GOAT!

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Lol lowkey tho.

Thats not brandy?!?

This B7 though.

B Squared came through!

Music is healing, its definitely the nourishment we need in these times.

I forgot Netflix dropping Moesha, too!

And were HERE for BOTH [?]nulb[?]nulb.

Lemme tune in B7 before BLACK IS KING.