Tuesday 1st of September 2020

Tonight's The Night. Brandy Verzuz Monica (!!!!!!!).

Social Media Says

If Monica wear a free c murder shirt tonight, its over for brandy.
We cant wait to celebrate with Monica and Brandy on VERZUZ! What songs are you excited to hear from them!? Watch on our IG, Apple Music, Apple TV, Monday, August 31st, 8PM ET. Drinks by CIROC. Video footage from BET.

Tonight's the night. Brandy Verzuz Monica (!!!!!!!).
Ive arrived & will be sitting with team brandy.
I love brandy but Monica finna eat ha up!
I do have a slight feeling Brandy is going to blow Monica out the water though.
We team Brandy ova hea.
Brandy got like 5 songs I know, no disrespect but Monica the real one.
Brandy V Monica Already over 500K. Could this hit 1m?
Brandy and Monica.
I LOVE BRANDY'S BABY MAMA SONG! It's miles better than Fantasia's.
BRANDY & MONICA VERZUZ !!! Ive been patiently waiting I love them both.
I feel like Brandy and Monica mightve hit 1 mil on ig without the apple split but shit they still might idk.
Monica & Brandy really might break the record!!!!! Wow I love it. Im bout to shed a thug tear.
Girl Monica and Brandy must be outside fighting already. Where they at??
I still love this Ebony Magazine cover shoot with Monica and Brandy.
Brandy all the way. Lol re khopela Full moon kaofela.
Nigga said he got his rent check on Brandy.
Brandy swiping, sorry Goonica.
I got Monica but Brandy got some hits too.
The moment all real R&B music heads been waiting for!!! Brandy VS Monica! Who yall got!?!?
Im already in the crib dancing to this ATL music. this shit bout to be LIT. TEAM BRANDY.
Whos excited for brandy v Monica?!! -nulb-nulb-nulb-nulb.
Monica and Brandy really deserve this tho.
When monica pulls a gun out on the versuz representative and brandy forcing them to let her win.
Who ya got brandy or monica ?
I'm with Brandy in case y'all wanted to know.
Where is Brandy and Monica.
Monica and Brandys Pre-Show got more viewers than some of these male battles. We love to see it.
Ig Avi for this Monica Brandy battle.
Dont call me Monica and brandy got my attention bye yall.
Brandy been that bitch Norwood.
Monica bouta eat brandy up.
Where tf brandy and monica at.
...Itried Pleasssse.
In here ready for thr battle to ho down!!! "Brandy and Monica are set to face off in a Verzuz battle".
Can Someone Please Tell Me Wat Channel Do The Brandy & Monica Sing Off Come On ?
Excited for Brandy and Monica Verzuz.
Team Monica but I do love some Brandy.
Hey yall! so tomorrow is the Verzuz live stream tomorrow with Brandy and Monica. i think we should flood the stream with helplakecharles to try and get some more attention bc LOTS of celebrities watch those streams so TO SPREAD THIS TO EVERYBODY nulb.

Its Brandy and Monica Verzuz time.
Brandy will always have a special place in my heart bc of what she meant to me growing up. this little black girl with braids was mesmerized by her and all she did. so im TeamBrandy but imma be singing every damn monica song too bc duality.

Brandy and Monica stans.
Please dont forget to tune into the Monica vs Brandy IG live and hashtag.
Im ready for this Brandy Verzuz Monica.
Brandy & Monica probably fighting!
I almost forgot that brandy vs monica battle was tn.
You know we grew up on Brandy and Monica but this Verzuz is showing just how important they are to the culture like these are LEGENDS.
Get into the brandy vs Monica live!!
Brandy and monica need to come on Im too anxious.
I love Monica but I really really love Brandy.
Im hype Brandy Vs. Monica.
Me, waiting for Brandy vs Monica to start.
Might get spooky for Brandy. Monica bag deep.
Thea admitted to being mean to Brandy during the brief run of her sitcom.
I got Brandy taking the W though.
I got brandy winning tonight.
Brandy off tops.
Monica has had me blocked for years for calling here Goonica. So its automatic team Brandy for me.
Thanks. We'll send you a reminder when the battle starts. Check out the Verzuz cheat sheet to brush up on Brandy and Monica's music before the livestream starts on Apple Music.
Brandy and Monica are both winners no matter wut.
They sure they want Monica sitting next to all them glass bottles? Might get a lil heated and she bop Brandy one time for old times sake.
Monica and Brandy are about to break this record, look at all these folks their necks to get in LMAO.
Brandy definitely washed Monica on The Boy Is Mine tho.
Brandy vs Monica on Verzuz LETS GO!!
Brokenhearted is one of my fav Brandy songs.
They already at 500k and Brandy nor Monica out yet.
Team brandy even though I dont care for her but she has hitssssss.
Who's ready for Brandy vs. Monica?
I love me some Monica but Brandy bout to eat up.
Monica on the phone with P.Diddy Why it took a pandemic Why it took a verzuzbattle for the World to finally honor Brandy and.
That New Brandy Album Fire Yall.
Tonight belongs to queen brandy.
Monica is about to LIGHT brandy tf up tonight, do yall hear me???
Brandy Vs Monica Verzuz battle tonight Men: $10 Ladies: free before 11 ONLY if you have these shoes on.
Brandy & Monicas Verzuz set up is very Prince esque.
Idk if Im team Brandy or Monica I love them both equally.
Brandy & monica mustve got in a night because why they late.
Plz dont bother me, Im bout to watch this Brandy vs Monica battle lol.
& Brandy getting her 90s box braids touched up.
Brandy gonna smoke Goonica Miller.
Brandy wants tea and Monica the Goon wants Ciroc.
Brandy already won.
Brandy wins if she doesnt play the baby mom song.
Im capping cuz Brandy got some hits.
I forgot where Brandy is from... Cali right?
Brandy vs Monica just started...

What You Really Think

I love both!! Hopefully, it's like Jill Scott an Erika Badu!!!!!!! Sisters United! Everyone else can come together and I know Sisters can do it, too! Black strong!!

Lets celebrate.

Where can I watch it?

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