Friday 5th of May 2023

He Definitely Still Been Watching The Videos Shoutout Bron Man.

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definitely still been watching videos shoutout Bron man.
First time Bron been efficient while missing usual shots.
They weren't small. They Green place Looney, spaced out. Made decide slide defend Green pick Steph pick roll. THAT, pluss Bron looking lethargic early game. He's definitely managing stamina/energy expenditure.

Bron Quinn Cook share moment before Game 957thegame).
Beasley getting traded never seen Bron mess hand shake before.
Please read...I don't know where else post this. doubt anyone will feel like this needs documented. Bron reaves queencharlotte kano sheeran Marvin Gaye ring endgame Star Wars virginia $PEPE rapture times russia woke trans.

When curry gets ring finally surpasses Bron.
I'ma post bron prop post blender vid.
Bron Handy techs today. seen Bron tech playoffs decade. Adjustments will made.
Bron that look eye.
They mention playing steph when they were both their primes. you're doing victory laps when most bron fans don't even think he's best player this series. grow Maybe think about other steph fans denouncing you. Stop being pathetic.

05/04 RECAP -Bron Under 31.5 ast -Looney Under ast -GSW ML -BRON KLAY under 50.5 (85-60) ytd. 1.18 unit profit ( 11.73 units year twitter goes.
blessed have grown Jordan, Kobe, Bron Steph.
Bron said thats part script bro.
Bron Cook's friendship dynamic court! Can't wait them bring heat Game Check plz.
What about Bron stinker game
Bounce back bron!
Lol. Probably issue when bron played against Memphis tho.
Ssshhh, theyll come only applies this Bron.
Bron this, this video would have replies tagging.
yall watch Bron play think jordan better.
Bron made Dwade winner WILDEST tweet seen minute. left Miami dead. Klutch fabricated perception that were they werent flagship organization, with Cavs. Theyve been finals before AFTER him. Turns help along.

Cant wait bron watch curry ring.
This series... he's that Lakers chances drastically down this series respect what Bron doing tonight.
5000 thought rattling back head since game just sitting bron this game. smart.
Notice bleacher report, legion hoops, espn other bron rider accounts arent posting that much.. score reversed, would NEVER hear this lol.
enough dudes getting talking about this series gonna push steph past bron time just stop caring about public perception lol.
Curry better than bron.
know this dude hates Bron think hates Steph even more..
Fact: Bron fans like orphans. They wanna accepted franchise family bad.
Look Bron that possession. They have checked out. Disgusting effort tonight. Lakers playing with fire with show. Dubs have confidence going into game Gonna bloodbath.
those jump hooks arent falling, need roll hard instead. Felt like legs werent there this game. Bron hunting shots early took away those possessions where they could have figured going.

Ain't nothing with shelf. Drama. Darvin openly recruiting Bron Bron. sure flagrant this season will come from.
soon niggas started saying carrying Bron that Nigga started playing like Hamed Haddadi..
double standard hilarious lmao, LeBron fans talk about outplaying Steph time when mention precious Bron Bron getting outplayed pathetic. Grow
LeBron Quinn Cook Bron really remembers these handshakes.
Bron fans more silent than church mouse today yall worse than cowboy fans.
Sadly true even Bron pnly all-star nowadays.
Bron better friend.
Bron only points half?!
Bron gave That look lmaooooo.
Blitzing making bron missing open floaters.
Bron remembers them handshakes bruh..
That Bron doing them illuminati signs fucking funny.
refs? Bron gonna pump money retirement fund.
Bron stinker too. Only points. Warriors makes best adjustments tbh. There yall taking both home games.
Only bron showed
Bron aint juice anymore yall. Yeah hell 20-25 efficient aint imposing will anymore. Thats decline. well into 40s. Will imposing OVA.

thing about Warriors playing with pace even when slow them down them half court, they're still running around like crazy. It's rarely moment that catch your breath that's highlighted minutes Bron played Game 1.

Prediction: Lakers' starters going light court leave Warriors their dust! Bron, unstoppable homepage plz.
game confident Bron will respond.
Where bron half.
Kittle Booing Bron lmao!!!!
Rui? they really only have Bron
Smacked tf outta bron.
reason like Tristan over Gabriel cause Tristan going physical some foul calls against Draymond Wiggins tryna out, also knows Warriors offense call sort Bron does. play back when sits.

stinks man. LeBron never been blessed with player disciplined, healthy hungry him. Always indisciplined, unhealthy, injury prone inconsistent players around Bron, even twilight career. never easy.

home Russ will have better game bron will bron schroder reaves gotta better.
It's hilarious Bron's team just sell hard stop Steph. Even Bron lose that gameplan, will have better numbers than Steph. stans will Steph more help.
Wiggins feelin ball every time Bron face.
Good defense Bron.

What You Really Think

Im HOLLERING lmfaoooo.

The skid sounds took me out dawg.

"Oh, gotcho ass".

They made a parody out of Lebrons comment on the podcast.

Is the defender Lakers need against curry. Only help him to 6 points.

Still funny.

Got yo ass.

Imma big fan.

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I will always love this video.

Ive been guarding him since he woke up.

Ngl this was immediately what I thought of.

Yeah put me on the bench.

This made my lungs hurt.

Nah, you guard him then. .


LeBron funny as shit. He definitely was re-enacting this.

This how he was playing duke in flag football.