Tuesday 14th of July 2020

The 2021 Ford Bronco is Here, And it's Everything You Hoped For!

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EXCLUSIVE: The Ford Bronco is back, thanks to a team of die-hard employees. Inside their two-decade journey to revive the SUV that O.J. Simpson made famous.
The 2021 Ford Bronco is here, and it's everything you hoped for!
The 2021 Ford Bronco has finally been revealed, and weve got all the details here.
The Bronco was cool. Fuck OJ.
ALE. DDTG ALE. I believe in the Ford Bronco.
2021 Ford Bronco: Everything you need to know about this bad mudder trucker - Roadshow.
I just wanna whip the new bronco man.
ICYMI, the Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport are finally here, and the Jeep Wrangler finally has competition.
The 2021 Ford Bronco makes its world premiere with two body configurations, the companys latest SYNC 4 infotainment system, trail-focused safety gear, an available 7-speed manual transmission, and two powertrains to choose from, including a 310 hp 2.7-liter V6 engine.

Low key want the new Bronco.
Fuck it, new Ford bronco.
I find the new Bronco offensive as a born and bred Jeep person.
The $F Bronco is a beautiful machine, the wrangler killer!
Yall the Ford Bronco is FIRE.
Watch this rescue donkey become a mom to a tiny bucking bronco.
2021 Ford Bronco Sport revealed: big Bronco's rugged little brother.
You look like a bronco.
My dream car is a 70s Bronco but I mean this is cool too.
The new Ford Bronco is TOUGH.
I dont want a Bronco. Your math makes no sense.
EXCLUSIVE: The Untold Story of The Bronco Underground, A Covert Crew Inside Ford That Agitated For More Than Two Decades For the Return of the SUV that O.J. Simpson Made Famous FordBronco $F.
New Bronco be like.
Ford crushed the Bronco. The 2 door in black whewlad.
The Bronco is back! I know who's happy about that.
NFL RBs in Ford Bronco's. History is not kind to them.
My dad used to have a bronco when he lived in st. thomas and that shit was sexy as hell omg i cant believe shes back.
Im loving the new Bronco.
Low key the ford bronco goes hard .. but why not put the 7 speed on the v6.
The fact that I sell my Bronco and they announce the newest Ford Bronco just a day later.
Love the retro styling of the new FordBronco. Can't wait to see them in person and get some dirt... actually, a LOT of dirt on them. This 2021 Bronco will look really good parked next to my '79 Bronco, right Ford?

The Ford Bronco is cool... Not as cool as a Jeep Wrangler though...
You are definitely gonna see me in that new Ford Bronco.
Introducing the all-new Ford Bronco Sport. Built for the kinds of adventures that make adventures worth having. Request to reserve now at . FordBronco BuiltWild *CGI Image. Pre-production model shown.
Really hoping the new Ford Bronco owners wont be like Jeep owners.
Gib bronco pls.
Ford brings back the Bronco SUV with a dizzying array of options.
I hear they'll be releasing the Al Cowlings Signature Edition of the new Bronco in the coming months. It's got a top speed of 55 mph and can comfortably sit a gun wielding double murderer in the back seat. cc.

Top story: 2021 Ford Bronco: Everything you need to know about this bad mudder trucker - Roadshow .
New Ford Bronco just look uff.
Everyone around my age had that friend that had a Bronco and a story to go along with it. Mine is we flipped it in a creek and beers went everywhere. Good job Ford to bring that back for the next generation.

The New FordBronco Is Going to Off-Road Its Way into Your Heart.
Yeah i'll fuck with that bronco.
2021 Ford Bronco SUV revealed with retro styling and off-road tech- Three years after Ford announced it was on the way, the reborn Bronco has arrived.
Everything is awful, but at least Ford unveiled the new Bronco today. This looks like the perfect vehicle for escaping into uninhabited parts of the continent when society collapses around the middle of next year.

Is the new bronco even bulletproof? smh ford.
Ford Bronco. Yes please Vnulb stop putting O j shit name on it Yes Ford Yes Oldschool Bronco lover rt here.
I always wanted a bronco. This new one is so sick.
Ok reservation completed, this Bronco will go real nice parked beside my Raptor :).
* frantically googles how to get drivers license lol * The Bronco is back, thanks to a team of die-hard Ford employees.
Ford claims the new Bronco can make it through snow, ice and more than 2 feet of water.
Cyaaaaan lie, new bronco looking MOD!!
I need that new ford bronco.
I think the Bronco is actually perfect. Im not a truck or SUV lover but when theres that much right... I mean it has a MANUAL.
Uhhhhmmm the new Bronco?! Yes. 1000% yes.
La Bronco no viene V8!? Whatta bummer.
I get what your trying to say it does look closer to equinox but more of a sporty look. The blazer wouldve made a good off-road to compete against the bronco but I dont think the trailblazer would. Its more of a bigger suv, theyre still dope tho.

Visit Do you like this AWESOME NEW BRONCO LOGO? (new ford Bronco logo used in the meme is the property of The Ford Motor Company).
Great job Ford on the new Bronco. What do you think?
Im highly debating getting that new bronco.
The new Bronco looks perfect, I can only assume its transmission bursts into flame if you try to sync your iPhone with it.
I cant even lie and keep the defense going, all of my attachment is nostalgic for the late 90s wranglers. i dont even really know performance shit. before being a jeep guy, my dad was a bronco guy. nostalgia szn.

Fords bringing back the SUV that O.J. Simpson made famous More BW.
Hey Twitter World, Its Me, Yours Truly: The Bronco is back, thanks to a team of die-hard Ford employees.
Happy bronco day!
Chevy really did fuck the blazer name. Had so much potential to be the blazer vs bronco from the 70s and 80s. But they made it an equinox instead.
Thats it. I want the new bronco.
Not your biggest issue to worry about, but found a grammatical error on your Bronco page. Can I get a free Sasquatch upgrade to my reservation?
That mf Bronco tho.
Ford blends tech and nostalgia in the 2021 Bronco.
The new Bronco is tough.
We're STOKED about this!! We released our Classic Bronco tee several weeks ago which went WAY beyond what we expected. Now this?? Stick a fork in me!
ITS FINALLY HAPPENING!! 2021 Ford Bronco SUV revealed with retro styling and off-road tech.
OJ seeing that new Bronco commercial.
God damn I want that new Bronco.
What do you think of the new.
All of a sudden I feel the need for a bronco even though I dont ever go off roading.
Reserve your FordBronco now.

What You Really Think

This is sex.

RIP Jeep.

If it's not all electric, I'm no longer interested.

Man F a Jeep I need me one of these.

Jeep but better.

We need a Ford Bronco like cows need the mad cow disease again. Stop building stuff that cost more money than it's worth. We don't need a new model of car every two to three years. Wasteful Society.

Seems super practical.

To trade in the Jeep .

Can you mount a 20mm cannon on it an make it a Technical? Hilux still best for Jihad.

Great looking but that Grill is terrible!

Looks cool.

Wow!!!big Monster.

I thought they were trying to complete with Jeep.


That looks more like a jeep than a Bronco.

Best looking Ford since Raptor Gen 2. Getting rid of cars looking genius!

Not gona lie the only Ford creation I always had love for has been the bronco... this is coo tho lookin like power ranger flavor.

It's like a Jeep, but better!

Looks pretty good...well done!

Bug out vehicle, BOV the next rage!


Que brabo.

Looks like Ford made a poor copy of the FJ.

One of the most tragically stupid vehicles Ive seen in a while.

Its an International Scout. Obvious design...but I like it.

How do the windows work on doors like the ones on the yellow one?

That seven speed manual is calling my name.

When you wanna be a Jeep when you grow up.

It isnt electric.

Looks like a Defender and FJ Cruiser had offspring. (Not a bad thing)If they keep the pricing right option wise this will take a chunk out of Jeep.

Just buy yourself a Jeep...this thing is McDowells, from Coming to America.

Nice, but really? Entire segment sells 200,000 per year, so what kind of sales volume is Ford projecting with this?


Its a Jeep.

Nothing like the original. I found bliss and a cool $3.25 in change in the backseat of of a 76 Bronco. Spirit of America!

Better than expected! Looks great.

Like most, Ive recently daydreamed of buying a topless Jeep to escape my covid-filled city. Not anymore.

Does it come in White?

It still runs on gas, so it's not everything Id hoped for.

Lol.. wah wah wah waaaaaaah deflating, at best.

Have you been saving up?

Jeep folks mad af in these replies lol.

Cool so it's electric?

What is the body made of???


Looks cool. But its still a Ford.

This is going to be an epic failure like the PT Cruiser and SSR. The retro dealio ran out a while ago. Then again, I want one.

What's up with the different shape L/R mirrors?

I guess you can't drive around without pants in the two-door.

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