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Wednesday 13th of January 2021

Bruce Willis Asked to Leave Pharmacy For Refusing to Wear a Mask.

Bruce Willis asked to leave pharmacy for refusing to wear a mask.
If we demonized winona for shoplifting at saks we can die laughing at bruce willis for making a stink about wearing a mask at RITE AID.
Think Ill watch a few Bruce Willis movies tonight.
There are several movies Bruce is in that has either "die", "kill", or "death" in the title that make it way too easy to poke fun of such a bad decision.
I want to thank everyone who worked on the film, except for Bruce Willis, who is a fucking dick! - Kevin Smith, 2009.
Bruce Willis's next movie: Die Hard With a Ventilator.
Bruce Willis statement on refusing to wear a mask.
The biggest badass in this story is whichever Rite-Aid employee told Bruce Willis to fuck off.
I was once Bruce Willis' waiter. Nice guy.
Bruce Willis is Unbreakable... hell be the Last Man Standing. The whole hoax virus is Pulp Fiction.
Why can't Bruce Willis find his mask? RUMER HAS IT thank u folks, happy to be here.
Die Hard: With A Ventilator.
0% surprised Bruce Willis is a bandana-mask guy.
Washed-up hack Bruce Willis was kicked out of a Rite Aid for not wearing a mask. Absolutely terrible role model and irresponsible behavior from a supposed icon. Bruce should be ashamed of himself. Perhaps hes preparing for his next role in the upcoming Die Hard in a Pharmacy.

Bruce Willis, Kyrie, and Alabama fans are just enjoying themselves Just like your hypocrite self and your hypocrite family did over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years without a mask.
I am shocked that Bruce Willis is an idiot.
Bruce Willis apathy really is a cop out. Even on a blind date, he should wear a mask - 12 monkeys could tell you that. He couldve been within striking distance of someone who was infected. I dunno, maybe he has a death wish. Maybe he thinks hes unbreakable.

If youve watched any of Bruce Willis recent movies then youd know that hes a retired actor.
Brucey Boy, no mask, no Brucey Boy. Despite enjoying your acting, we will not have any Bruce Willis movie, or other BW product in our house again. Good riddance.
Make sure to keep maskless Bruce Willis in the waiting room for 8 hours.
Is it Bruce Willis ??
Bruce Willis has ALWAYS been a Die Hard asshole with a Death Wish. Yippee Ki-yay, mother fucker.
Does Bruce Willis want a live action movie of Die Hard or something?
Bruce willis refusing to wear a mask is a CHRISTMAS MOVIE.
Screw you Bruce Willis, we like this dude better. Die The Hardest At The Capital.
Turns out Alan Rickman was the hero and Bruce Willis was the villain. Miss you, Alan. You're a dick, Bruce.
To all my healthcare providers in Los Angeles on the frontlines of the pandemic seeing countless patients die. If you see this die hard Republican Bruce Willis, just know he was kicked out of a LA Rite Aid on Monday after he refused to wear a mask.

Bruce Willis is an absolute jackass and I'm jealous of the employee that got this opportunity.
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What You Really Think

Stupid is,what stupid does.

If he gets covid he Should be denied treatment. Anyone known to spread the virus deserves to be denied oxygen. Too bad for him he is famous and now we know.

Its fine hell just go back in time to stop the virus.

Hmmmm and that meme.

Maybe you should focus on the failure of a Governor and Mayor you have.

OMG...Is he a Trumper? So disappointing I watched Die Hard like 4x over Xmas.

My man was right all along.

Ihhhh, pelo jeito o Mr. Bruce-Prendo-E-Arrebento-Willis e tipo bolsominion.

John McLame.

It's so simple just wear face mask to save lives.

Go McClain Go.

Who the fuck cares.

What is wrong with people? Just wear a mask and save lives, simple. How's that so difficult to get into your tiny brains? Mask = Safety For Others/Self During the Pandemic.

Yippee Kiya put a mask on Motherfucker.

Smh not Bruce man.

Yippee by bye motherfer.

I guess he wants to die hard from COVID. So be it.

Fuck dying hard hes going to die coughing.


As if Die Hard man would wear a mask. They are for bed wetters.

Good for him!

Another selfish idiot for the pile.

Die Hard collection trashed. Buh bye Bruce.

I can already see the insanity this will cause online.

I mean he's built like an anti-masked but I was giving him the benefit of the doubt.


Good. Wearing a mask is simple and easy. Data suggests it will help reduce the spread of the virus. This is political, just wear one till this is gone.

Great guy!

I guess old habits "Die Hard".

"Masks are government control!" I'm very curious what the government is getting out of forcing people to wear fabric on their face while in public. I'm GENUINELY curious. If it was just a "first step" towards control, I'm GENUINELY curious where the second is.

Where's HaleyJoelOsment when we need him?

Bruce Willis is a fuckin G.

Thats the end of bruce willis for me. Sad to know he is so ignorant.

Suddenly I am a major Bruce Willis fan.

Its the bread and butter baby, cant cover that up.

Et tu, Bruce?

What a dick.

Another Trumper.


The same ppl praising Bruce Willis saying its your personal choice, not the government and half he is doing this are the same ppl who are against abortions smh.

He has a bandana on? Is it just fashion??? I have questions!

Dont they know hell just come back in through the vents?


Bruce who?

I like Bruce better now.

My man just wants some ibuprofen.

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