Tuesday 17th of November 2020

Bucks Have Aquired Bogdan Bogdanovic Through a Sign-and-trade, Per.

Pelicans deal Jrue Holiday to Bucks for Eric Bledsoe, George Hill and draft compensation, per.
Bucks are finalizing a package that includes three future first-round picks to the Pelicans in deal, sources tell ESPN.
Bucks have aquired Bogdan Bogdanovic through a sign-and-trade, per.
Milwaukee Bucks center Robin Lopez is declining his $5M player option and becoming a free agent, source tells ESPN.
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The Bucks are getting rid of their entire bench so Bud has no choice but to play his starters 48 minutes in the playoffs.
After promising to deliver Giannis a reshaped supporting cast prior to his extension decision, the Bucks make moves for Jrue Holiday and Bogdan Bogdanovic. Story on ESPN.
Bucks GM Jon Horst has reshaped his roster late Monday night, acquiring Jrue Holiday and Bogdan Bogdanovic. Giannis wanted to see some significant upgrades and it appears the franchise has delivered for him. Huge night for that franchise. Kings get Divincenzo, a real asset.

Bucks traded more for Jrue Holiday than we did for Anthony Davis.
Jrue Holiday, Bogdan Bogdanovic trade grades: Bucks go big to help Giannis .
Bro what they just got jrue holiday and bogdan without loosing Middleton or Lopez their starting lineup is holiday bogdan Middleton Giannis and Lopez tell me how that is not a good lineup.
Theres a lot of change happening in Milwaukee, but I gotta shoutout Ersan for once again being an amazing player for the Bucks , hands down an all-time MKE legend Good Luck Ers!
Bucks went through all of this just to see Giannis going to GSW. BRUH.
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Bucks com Holiday e Bogdanovich?
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Bet the bucks bandwagons gonna jump to the heat now.
Jrue Holiday is being traded to the Bucks, ShamsCharania.
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The Bucks are trading Donte Divincenzo. Ersan Ilyasova and DJ Wilson in the deal to the Kings, sources said.
I'm happy with Giannis most likely re-signing and the Bucks being a better team. I really like Giannis in Milwaukee. One of the most fun teams in a not so big market. More of that please.
The Bucks just added more firepower to their lineup.
Milwaukee is sending THREE 1st-Round Picks to NOLA, wojespn Wow. Bucks are all in.
I went and got phillips one for my dad. they are a good brand. cost way more than 16 bucks. i think you get what you pay for.
Bogdan is a better shooter than Middleton. I think the Bucks are very focused to keep Giannis in Milwaukee.
The Bucks Landed Bogdan Bogdanovic In A Sign-And-Trade With The Kings - The Milwaukee Bucks are going all in on this upcoming season after yet another disappointing playoff exit. With Giannis Antetokounmpos supermax deal looming as the biggest decision in the NBA this offs...

Bucks trade for Holiday, Bogdanovic to help Giannis The Athletic.
Rockets seen what Pelicans got sending Jrue Holiday to the Bucks and stopped answering Nets calls. Sorry bro.
Okay Bucks I see you.
Bucks got finessed.
TTs ]10:00] 1 FelizMartes 2 ElDelMono 3 Bucks 4 Giannis 5 Ingenio.
Its time to show and prove to Giannis they mean business. Bucks trade George Hill and Eric Bledsoe to the Pelicans. iIn exchange for Jrue Holiday 3 future 1-round picks and 2 pick swaps. Is this enough to keep their star?

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Bucks are stacking up for Giannis. You love to see it.
Suns = keep Booker happy & playoff push OKC = gets every 1st round pick Rockets = get 2 1sts and save money Blazers = get Roco to max Dame's window Pels = gets every 1st round pick OKC didn't Bucks = keep Giannis happy Nets = get rotational player - excellent defender Pistons =.

Jrue Holiday a los Bucks.
To late went to Bucks.
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Bucks should have got Brandon Ingram too.
Bledsoe playoff choker, reason Bucks dropped series to Raptors back then, after leading 2-0. Its the Kings who got robbed. They traded 2-way combo SGuard (decent defender, can play as PG) in his prime years, for a sofomore, a veteran and shitty picks.

FULL TRADE DETAILS; Milwaukee receives - Jrue Holiday NOLA receives- Eric Bledsoe, George Hill, Draft compensation Bucks making moves.
And DJ, lets not forget DJ.
Thanks for everything Ersan, Divincenzo and Lanky_Smoove. You'll be missed but not forgotten. Best wishes...but don't ever beat the Bucks!
Idk who needs to hear this but the Milwaukee Bucks got swindled.
Harden to the Nets?..omo. Man should just call Giannis, they reconcile and run it on the Bucks.
Report: Georgias secretary to Bucks from Pelicans for Eric Bledsoe, More.
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Milwaukee is landing Sacramentos Bogdan Bogdanovic in a sign-and-trade deal. The Bucks are trading Donte Divincenzo, Ersan Ilyasova and DJ Wilson in the deal to the Kings, sources tell wojespn.
Bucks trade for Holiday, Bogdanovic to help Giannis - The Athletic.
202 bucks -------- if good deal like if like!
Ersan played 3 playoff games safe to say he didnt have big role for the bucks.
NBA trade tracker: Bucks acquire Jrue Holiday from Pelicans; Suns acquire Chris Paul from Thunder - CBS Sports.
The Bucks' new big three is ready to make noise in the East.
How the Bucks looking at the Nets after trading for Jrue Holiday.
Report: Bucks Robin Chili' Lopez declining $5,005,350 player option.
Bucks trading away everything.
Ill be expecting Giannis to sign the Super Max because they Bucks are handling their damn business right now!!! Carry on...
People say bucks are giving up their future but they fail to understand that if Giannis isn't present there's no future.
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The Milwaukee Bucks are making moves to surround Giannis Antetokounmpo I feel like they should go after Aaron Baynes.
Bucks to acquire Jrue Holiday for Eric Bledsoe, George Hill, three first-round picks, per report.
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Now has a top tier starting 5 but to win it all, an NBATeam must have a competitive rotation of 8-9 players.

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??? Bro why didnt you tell me.

Patronizing us.

Cmon now this is a great move 18 ppg sniper.

Tf this too.

Wow. Huge game changer in the Eastern Conference.

Great signing.

Wah kok ngeri bucks.

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Bigger than Jrue Holiday Lowkey.