Tuesday 7th of April 2020


i was probably six when I asked to be Buffy for Halloween - my dad made me a cross and a stake.
Buffy is trending and when she said "The hardest thing in this World is to live in it" right before jumping to her I felt that..
Friday Night Lights. Buffy. Skins..
Seeing Buffy is trending today sparks joy..
Also, now Buffy is trending..
Buffy, Skins and Gossip Girl!.
1. Buffy the vampire slayer 2. Buffy the vampire slayer 3. Buffy the vampire slayer.
Buffy, Veronica Mars and Dawsons Creek for me.
Just started re watching Buffy, happy days! Love Gossip Girl though didnt like the ending but hey ho. Hope youre feeling better lovely..
being gay isnt a choice it is being chosen, i am basically buffy the lesbian layer.
Buffy is one of the best series Ive ever watched..
No Roswell High in the list Its a no from me, Im out. Taking Buffy with me though.
If "Band Candy" isnt on your list of top episodes, are you even a Scooby?.
A TV celeb from a show called Charmed in the 2000s (basically less popular Buffy), who became a major voice in the early MeToo movement, particularly during Kavanaughs investigation. Shes shown herself to be a hypocrite in recent weeks on rape accusation of political figures.
just buffy..
The OCBuffyGossip Girl.
Buffy one tree hill meh the rest.
Our youngest is named Buffy I agree about the ending of Gossip Girl, but I had a great time watching it.Im feeling much better thank you. Its going to take a lot of rest to be back to normal but Im functioning now at least which is a relief. Thank you x.
"To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy. Its not done because people deserve it, its done because they need it.".
Love that Buffy is trending cuz she IS THAT GURL, and it was THAT SHOW..
Easy. Gossip Girl. Veronica Mars. And Buffy The Vamp Slayer.
Lindy ChamerlainOJ Simpson&Buffy Are trending in Australia What year is it again?.
BUffy in a cheerleader outfit.
this poll , choose ^^ obviously buffy for me.
Well dont waste time on most of that list, but Buffy, you need to get on that right away..
I mean since Buffy is trending let me bring back this comedic convo between Spike and Giles.
white girls dont wanna be Winona Ryder or Buffy no more and its sad.