Wednesday 1st of September 2021


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Your right.
Wait is it not right??? Now I'm really confused.
Unless you have a person you own who is a dumbass, it should be "my dumb ass", not "my dumbass".

What You Really Think

I thought we we're laughing at verified lol.

Same lol.

"Why is it when someone says 'With all due respect', they really mean 'kiss my ass"?

Also "a degree is a degree", but goes on to contradict herself.

Are they wrong tho?

Not to bring anyone down, but your college grades aren't impressive to most people.

Mistress Calc 2 crushing balls in her stilettos.

The real question IMO is wether youre curved. I dont think there was anyone with a 4 in my year at my faculty, and our scale goes to 4.3.

Doesnt happen, basically. Its not about bringing other degrees down, but most stem/medicinal fields are just too hard for a 4.0 to be feasible in a healthy or reasonable way.

I literally just finished my engineering degree with a 4.0 GPA! (But my school is on a 12.0 point scale. Might forget to mention that when the job application website asks for a GPA so it can filter candidates).

The college of engineering I graduated from, our class's valedictorian had a 4.0. She just kept retaking courses until she got an A, and our GPAs would only count the highest grade. The state changed the laws so that people weren't allowed to retake college courses after they passed them, so she might be the last person to graduate with a 4.0 for a while.

My fiancee has a 3.96 in Biomedical Engineering. She's fucking smart! But, then again, she's engaged to me, and I graduated in Mechanical Engineering on academic probation (1.7 GPA), so...

Can confirm. Some majors are harder than others. But some people have taken that mean that some majors are just absolute walks in the park. Every major has its difficult parts, even it doesnt mean youre constantly stressed out and sleep deprived.

Engineers legitimately seem to be the only people I've ever seen put others down over their choice of study.

Ranchoddas Chamaldas Chanchadd AKA Phunsukh Wangdu.

Bro I literally went to a top engineering school (not for engineering lol) and there are plenty of people with 3.90 - 4.00 that's wild you just said that. I personally knew engineers who double majored with 3.90. I'm not saying it's easy by any means but like come on.

Then you have to meet me. I made 4.0 .. out of possible 10. (J/K) I also have P.H.D. - Passing High school with Difficulty.

What type of engineering? Theres levels in engineering too.

Humanities seminars: we will just ramble for two hours pretending we all read the book.

My ex had a 4.0 in small business and didnt understand why as a CCRN and premed that didnt really impress me. Her senior level classes were a joke. I helped her with her homework and it really baffled me at how she struggled at it. She made tshirts after. ***nulb.

You're *.

Not to bring anyone down but watch me stick my foot in my mouth.

You should conduct a study of these people.

We had a bunch of non-majors who took the anthro courses for an easy A but our professors would intentionally make the classes difficult so they would drop because they, "didn't want to waste their time on anyone not earning a degree in anthropology". So my beginner anthropology courses were freaking difficult. The more advanced courses just had a ton of writing and reading assignments so they were more time consuming than anything.

People have already been discovered! Get a real science! ^^/s.

People who don't know what anthropology is.

I've got masters level anthropology from a pretty acclaimed post sec university... I'm gonna be honest, it's not particularly hard. Still makes the first chick kind of a dick though.

What can be hard about anthropology? Not trying to be rude, just curious. Im a chem major and Ive taken a few anthro classes as required to graduate and theyve all been pretty simple.

I thought most people? I have a minor in anthropology and have taken grad classes in it and I thought it was pretty easy. Everyone has different strengths though I guess.

Anyone studying theoretical physics I'd bet.

You clearly have never taken an electrical engineering class.

Anthro was the easy A at my university.

Came here to say this.

The censor bar, they do nothing!

Yes, it is.

No. Its Alanah Pearce.

Came here just for this.

That was my question.

From an English professor, we tell our students to read. Trust uswe do. We can only circle so many their/theyre/there, your/youre, its/its, wear/where/ware, through/threw/thru, fuck, the list is ad infinitum, before we contemplate suicide or more whiskey. Reading makes better writers, folks. Twitter doesnt count, Facebook is debatably worse, and Instagram is the picture-book version for the other aforementioned morons. Read a fucking book. Sincerely, Myself and every other English teacher on planet Earthboth with and without 4.0 GPAs.

It's very frequently a sign that the person doesn't read very much.

I read a lot and im fairly smart, but i have dyslexia and i still struggle with this occasionally, usually when im in a rush, it took me until i was about 14 to consistently not get b's and d's mixed up I got a* and a in all my maths and science exams tho.

Most people know the difference, they're just focusing on the context and overlooking the grammar. But why stop with 'you're' & 'your' though. 'But if your major is something easy, like... your 4.0 does not impress me.'.

On the one hand I agree. I looked at the second 'your', thought; "Hold on, 'your are' wouldn't work", went back read the first 'your' realised it wasn't looking hard enough. Having said that I didn't realise how much I didn't actually think about English until I lived in Japan and taught it. I never thought about things like irregular verbs because I learned to speak English as a child and didn't write on a daily basis. I read a lot but I think I just take the words and grammar in rather than looking because I don't need to. So, long story short; this is stupid but I kind of get it. Oh, and even now my writing is far from perfect.

A big part of the problem is that actual grammar really only gets taught in early grades, and thats only scratching the surface with basic grammar. Once you get into middle school/high school, most teachers are more concerned with getting students to read the Classics (tm) and getting them to talk about symbolism and whatnot. I did my undergrad in creative writing, and you wouldnt believe how many people in the upper-division writing workshops didnt know how to construct a proper sentence. I had a senior year workshop where only 4 of 19 students passed cuz the prof was so annoyed at the poor grammar. Even with an advanced education in English, I only learned about stuff like the subjunctive tense in my college Spanish courses and had to apply that to my English knowledge.

Well sometimes it's just a brainfart rather than people actually not knowing the difference. When it comes to people who genuinely don't know the difference though I totally share your confusion, I have no idea how the hell that's possible.

Prob same reason you put teachning.

I want to be a dick, why are we basing the intelligence of a person off of how well they follow stupid made up rules that are inconsistent.

This goes double for actual communications companies.

Honest question, what are you going to do with that?

I couldn't even imagine. I've always had trouble with anything related to history because I can't make myself pay attention. Getting a 4.0 in that seems like a real feat to me, although to be fair getting a 4.0 in college is something that people should find impressive regardless of the degree in my opinion.

Political Science is also insanely broad that it's like saying "science is all easy" after taking a Geography class. Yea, theory and political philosophy is probably relatively easy but law or IR is way more difficult. Anthropology includes fucking paleontology, biological anthropology, linguistics and cultural anthropology. The only one I'd say is "easy" is cultural anthropology. The others, especially paleontology and bio-anthropology, are basically just a hard science.

I thought that was her.

I'm in my senior year of archaeology and since I'm pairing it with Classics (because I'm interested in becoming a Classical archaeologist) I have to take at least four semesters of Ancient Greek and six of Latin. All but one of my current classes require 25 page papers at the end of the semester. Also a bunch of the archaeology papers aren't in English, which gets to be annoying if you need info on a specific topic that seemingly only has one person who wrote about it and they're from France. (There's also the field school which required 8 hours a day of field work and a surprising amount of pickaxing).

Nulb I do!

I know MDs, DMDs, and PHDs that were Comm majors in undergrad. A PolySci too. They all have one thing in common: graduated bachelors in 3 years and used the extra year to take MCAT/MedSchool/other prerequisites.

Rule numero uno of the sub, bucko.

She doesn't do public relations for Santa Monica. She's a game writer for Santa Monica. Very different.

Isn't she a writer at Sony SM, not PR?


She said: if your mayoring in something eazy, thats the typo.

Uhm, am I missing something here? She is correct, it is "you're".

No the real facepalm is the people who think we're facepalming at the second person and not the first.

Except they do. All the time. Grammatical errors seem to know no boundaries. I even had an _English_ major girlfriend, in college, who couldn't even keep then/than straight. She would write things like "less then". It was hilariously frustrating sometimes, especially since she was so arrogant about it, solely based on the "credentials" of her major.

When you're talking down on the majors that handle grammar while also using poor grammar, it's totally acceptable as an argument. If you're going to try and dismiss someone's accomplishments, don't make a mistake they are trained to identify.

This. End of story.

I mean, any four year degree is difficult. But communications is definitely one of the easier degrees to get.

It is one of the easiest of all.

It's one of those classic cases where ]someone who knows nothing about a topic thinks it's easy because they only have the most basic grasp of it]().

That's fine, but the difficulty of attaining a 4.0 is wildly different depending on the major. In a lot of humanities, simply doing the assigned work and writing half decent papers is enough to get a 4.0. Meanwhile getting an A in physical chemistry is a herculean task even for the most dedicated student.


I love them.

How so?

His argument was that his major was harder than hers which is something he likely couldn't know for sure. My son is a physics/bioengineering dual major. The only classes I have seen him struggle in were an English class and a marketing class. Not everyone has the same struggles.

*Grammar /s.

Shit, I've seen communications majors making 80K a year.

I think the "*you're" was meant for the part of the post that said "if your majoring in " Which should be you're instead of your ("If you are majoring in "). I think a lot of people are misreading the correction and thinking that the person is referring to the part of "your 4.0" which would be wrong since your is used correctly for that part.

Do you feel dumb yet?

It's the first your that should be changed, not the second.

Dont feel bad, I completely missed the first your and thought the same thing.

So you're arguing anyone can be an asshole, no matter the GPA?