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Wednesday 13th of May 2020


(BuzzFeed) - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey emailed employees on Tuesday telling them that they d be allowed to work from home permanently, even after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown passes. $TWTR.
NEW: Buzzfeed will no longer run a dedicated UK or Australian news operation, resulting in staff being furloughed and stood down. Some UK staff will be retained to cover global news for the US. The decision has been made "both for economic and strategic reasons", a spox said.

Truth or wine with the most savage of huns.
I got 18 out of 20! How do you measure up?
I got 15 out of 15! How do you measure up?
pulls plug on and n news operations.
Maybe some media folks recently on unemployment will pause and wonder if maybe they should be better people, and not try to destroy the lives of those they dont agree with. Being cancelled sucks, huh?
Nope. Not everyone. I can guarantee you no porn is being shot in my home. You Buzzfeed people need to make some normal friends.
In paperwork filed with California, the said work-sharing saved 84 jobs. The company saves money; we keep our jobs and benefits, with stimulus funds making up the wage gap. It s the best compromise we found. managers need to seriously consider a similar step.

I got The Tough Cookie With a Heart of Gold!
My work has been published in Forbes, WaPo, Business Insider, Lawfare, Inverse, Vice News, BuzzFeed, The Hill, and and I still cant get a blue check mark. But somehow a guy who drank his own pee and tweeted disinformation was able to get one.

I will do massive music promotion for your track _ ltimaHora s.
Which TV Show Do You Belong In?
Mary-Kate Olsen And Her French Banker Husband Are Getting Divorced.
I got The Dreamer!
From and me: Jamshids leg was amputated in December, six years after he first sought asylum in Australia. He cant access the NDIS or disability pension as an asylum seeker, and the coronavirus has left him isolated and hopeless.

<deep breaths> ok hi some personal news time. This week is my last week at BuzzFeed News. Im super sad to be leaving the best/most talented team of people Ive ever worked with.
Such a massive loss. I ve found out so much from Buzzfeed over the past few years, been informed and made to laugh so many times a day by their brilliant, idiosyncratic and dedicated staff.
. did great visible work for our LBGTIQ family. and helped me understand Indigenous news better than anything else has. I still love reading s culture writing. Buzzfeed did stuff that I value better than anyone in AU.

What the heck?
so fun fact, Rob was playing Edward as tortured and miserable and they underlined every time Edward laughed and gave it to him to prove Eddie Sparkles was happy occassionally.
Terrible. are some of the sharpest young journos around.
Glad to see Buzzfeed fucking off. An absolute shit show of a news site that doesnt deserve any recognition. 100% click bait bullshit.
The Drudge Report is worse than BuzzFeed now. THIS is the top story. F-U . The rumors must be true. Drudge sold the site and sailed off into the sunset. Should have just shut it down and kept your integrity.

Would be very sad if the chap from Buzzfeed whose job consists of ruining peoples lives by finding odd or controversial things they said years ago, were to lose his job.
29 things literally everyone does but would never dare to admit.
I got Raging Stallion!
Buzzfeed UK is shutting down. New video on the second channel. Also had a blooper so good I kept it in.
is it bc I wake up early and go to bed at I got 60 years old, 49" (145 cm)!
DESTINADOS I got: Bucky.
buzzfeed Hacks Dirty Dirty smear merchants the lot of them.
Buzzfeed Au we re doing some of the best reporting in Australia, written by gun young reporters. It s telling that all we re gonna be left with eventually is sinecured boomers and hacks.
Where are our fellow tigers at?
"BuzzFeed is to end its news operations in the UK and Australia, effectively marking the end of the digital upstart s global ambition to shake up traditional news media.".
BuzzFeed news to shut down in UK and Australia London Evening Standard.
When is gonna have Pedro Pascal read thirst tweets???
They re Working In Healthcare During A Pandemic. They Don t Get Health Insurance.
Its "the final countdown" for Buzzfeed.
In the past four years I have reported on some monumental abortion law reforms and shifts in reproductive healthcare policy but the reality is that barriers remain and these cracks are showing up in a pandemic:.

We need a Buzzfeed Louis Tomlinson Plays With Puppies interview.
I got 17 years old, 51" (155 cm)!
Look at twitter right now. Everything people are saying is true. So incredibly proud of the BuzzFeed UK team, which punched so far above its weight and did some really amazing journalism. Snap them up - they re brilliant, you won t regret it.

1) legacies and hosie trending after the crush confession episode 2) buzzfeed writing articles about them 3) the video of danielle and kaylee saying hosie getting 1 million views 4) now we got trending god. literally unmatched.

In South Korea, Georgia, Uganda, Hungary and other countries, has been weaponised against people. Report by .
there s a actually a buzzfeed quiz for that? i-
Just wanted to thank each and every BuzzFeed Oz reporter for their funny, insightful and great articles over the past few years. Devastated to hear about the news today.
elizabeth farrelly out there probably pulling the salary of three buzzfeed guns so she can quietly advocate for the removal of undesirables from a 1km radius of her Victorian terrace because of neighbourhood character.

Much of what Buzzfeed News did was call out a big name to get clicks. ELON MUSK SAID THIS, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? HOW IS ALLOWED ON SOCIAL MEDIA CUZ HE SAID STUFF WE DONT AGREE WITH!!! Coronavirus has killed clickbait, because there arent any ads to serve up.

From : News outlets in S. Korea are publishing identities of gay men who tested positive for the coronavirus. This echoes the anti-gay backlash seen in the AIDS crisis, and marks the latest in a pandemic trend: scapegoating LGBTQ people.

I got Raging Stallion! pai amado.
buzzfeeds australian team were responsible for some of the best and most thorough coverage on issues that were both extremely important and severely under-reported in this country, and making information on those issues accessible for everyone. a huge, huge loss.

Buzzfeed to close UK news operation.
to close dedicated UK and Australian news operations with staff furloughed.
I got Cocky Boys! PUTZ!!!!
I got Cocky Boys!
BuzzFeed shuts shop in Australia, UK BuzzFeed will cease news production in Australia and the UK, diverting resources towards the US market. The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the companys finances which was already struggling.

Just one recent example of the great immigration reporting by . A round neglected by so many other outlets.
buzzfeed unsolved is the only good content buzzfeed has ever made and i stand by that.
Ive had the best time at BuzzFeed UK for over 5 years with a small but mighty team - it is so rare in journalism to be given the freedom & time to write stories that other outlets aren t pursuing. Sad to not share a pint with my brilliant colleagues tonight.

27 reasons why Buzzfeed deserved to blown up will be my last article.
quinta was my favorite from the buzzfeed vids.
Buzzfeed is dead, thank god.
This is really sad. Really feeling for Buzzfeed s excellent Australian news team, who punch way above their weight and have been doing terrific reporting on often overlooked topics.
Oh no BuzzFeed where will I get all my news from now?
I always had a lot of respect for the Buzzfeed Aus team, they punched above their weight and did some great work. They deserved better.
Tell Us How Many Disney Channel Living Rooms You Recognize And Well Guess If Youre Millennial Or Gen Z.
Buzzfeed Aus closing truly sucks. People like , and consistently did great reporting in neglected areas. If you make some hur hur listicle joke today you haven t been paying attention and you look like a loser.

And this ! CIA Director allowed his agency to spy on the US Senate. HE lied that it was happening and his own IG proved he lied.
BuzzFeed News Australia has always been what the company allegedly wanted from a news department: a powerful (yet tiny!) machine that competes with orgs 10x it s size in a monopolised market. To shut it is shameful, to give the reasoning it has is even moreso.

To celebrate the end of UK & Australia, lets remember the time they said it was misogyny to prosecute women for false rape ( and ).
"It should be against the law to deny climate change is happening," she said. "The science is settled, why are we allowing such big platforms to do so?".
Overwhelmed by the things people have said about BuzzFeed UK News on here tonight. Quite apart from the scoops and the great writing, I think these things matter:.
Very sad news about Buzzfeed this evening they were wonderful to work with and all the staff we met were so lovely! Best of luck to them all.
The closure or BuzzFeed News in Australia is a tragedy. Some of the best consistent reporting on refugee and reproductive health in the country. all did such important reporting.
I ve been o/s so I m not familiar with Buzzfeed Oz, but their UK newsroom was creative, energetic and ran some eye-opening and fearless investigations. It s such a shame this experiment failed. Competition makes us all better.

What You Really Think

is the Mitt Romney of Bernie Sanders.


I gave up on Drudge a LONG time ago. I had to accept that it had become a tabloid rather than a reliable source of information.

What a Joke.

Go to Similar layout, but conservative news.

Yeah shoulda shut it think he sold the site and signed a NDA and cant say he sold either way the site is tabloid dogshit now.

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