Monday 19th of October 2020

Can Confirm.

Lack of upvotes must mean there's not many actual australians in this thread..
Everyone outside of Australia thinks spiders are the biggest nightmare. they couldn't be more wrong, magpies are the real threat.
Plovers are arseholes as well when it comes to protecting nest. If it aint one it will be the other swooping you.

What You Really Think

Magpies are fucken lethal.

The eyes dont work!

I was terrified of the magpies as a child. I would just harmlessly ride my bike and get randomly attacked.


Well im from Australia and its the correct way, maybe your time zone is set to Straya?

Lost opportunity.

Id buy you gold if I had the dollarydoos.

Should also say "OI Cunt".

Jumping on the top comment to say. This is from "Duffless" Season 4 Episode 16. Homer is going to leave work early to tour the Duff brewery with Barney. To leave early he consults an Indiana Jones type paper with cryptic clues about how to escape the plant. In this scene it says "To escape the spider's curse simply quote a Bible verse" Homer says "Thou shall not... um, screw it" and hits the spider with the dead guy's hat. This was also famously the episode that called out Disney on putting all episodes in 16:9 because in 16:9 you can't see that the tubs of Duff, Duff Lite, and Duff Special are all coming from the same pipe.

Why isn't there 5 other killer animals in picture?

No because it just makes the joke try hard.

.. because; Flat Earth !

Wouldn't they both be upside down? I'm pretty sure that's what I think it's like and what it is actually like.

Asking the real questions...

Only the water in toilet swirls the other way.

Anyone else visualize someone ina thing twerking a spider to death.

Lol. Thong.

Foot thong or crotch thong?

Thongs are the weapon of choice to get rid of spiders in most aussie houses.

That thong thong thong thong thong.


I'll have a coffee. Beer?

It's not like in cartoons.

Thats not a knife thats a spoon! I see youve played knifes spooky before!

Same here. Did it last night.


"Fuckin oath, cunt".

I am faster than 80% of all snakes.

I live in South East Queensland right next to a bush. I'll take a snake over a cunt spider any day.

'straylia, where you call your mates cunts and cunts mate...

Replace it with a formation of junkies.

>kangourou Bruh, is that a French kangaroo?

,Happy cake day cunt!!

I'm an ecologist and this is not true. Australia has the highest concentration of venomous species. Africa has the highest concentration of large predators. North America is not as dangerous as either of these continents.

No, but thats like saying shit there. Its not a taboo word for them.