Sunday 18th of September 2022


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What hell this?!

What You Really Think

I lost interest since they robbed GGG in the first fight.

I still don't get the bad blood between the two. I swore they used to be friends.

GGG was robbed the first one for sure, likely the 2nd. At the worst the 2nd should have been a draw. Now, on his way out the door they pit him against Canelo. Feels wrong.

Is this boxing? To stand still and get hit is not good.

That respect at the end. When two absolute legends knock seven bells out of each other.

Two modern day greats who'd both beat a prime Marvin Hagler.

Looking at gg.

Real boxing right here.

Their awareness after the punch is absurd.

Badass fight going down here in a bit.

Now this crazy.

Throwing heat.

Yeah lets watch another match of 2 ppl fighting to fake ass judges giving points. MMA has clearly taken over .

Those guys are warriors.

Canelo can get dropped every round and byrd will still give it to him, i texted her today and she said her score card is already filled out.

The real time boxing.

Has purposely further delayed this third fight with GGGBoxing. I hope he comes unstuck, again. At least the judges know now he can still get big fights even if he gets completely schooled by likes of FloydMayweather and bivol_d. It's OK to give decisions against him!

I am fan of GGG but i think canelo will win bcz GGG is cannot move like before.

Golovkin still won both fights.

GGG I feel won the last fight. Hes going to drop Canelo in the 8th.

The most technical fight there ever will be two absolute warriors with iron chins.

Until they score it 118-110 for canelo when he loses.

Would destroy both these guys.

Canelo takes it on the cards. Neither one is knocking the other down.

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Canelo pisses me off sometimes. His head movement is too elite to not counter consistently like he did in this fight.

Im so excited for this.


Let's go G!

Unfortunately that was like 4 years ago. At least from GGG, there will be less, slower, and softer punches, plus lots of Icy hot cream.

Or the ring mics are turned up more than normal in this clip.

Uncorrupted officiating please.

It doesn't! 2 over-the-counter rated frauds!

Unbelievable chins.

This's some serious boxing right here.

Whos winning?

This fight was absolutely brutal. No way they can do the same thing in the 3rd fight. But these two guys are special, so you never know.

Got my alarm set to get me up in time! Also eager to see the Kieran Conway fight.

G wins.

Big moooooooood!

These two are some of the closely matched fighters in history, if their bouts would have happened 5 years before GGG would have stopped Canelo IMO, now, you have to fancy the opposite.

Golovkin won both for me although Canelo shocked us all in his performances, I think the shock that he could take the shots off that monster swayed the judges but if you scored them objectively he still lost.


Canelo got huge.. is that the mexican meat he was talking about?

I have a bad feeling that this fight will end tragically.

Best part of boxing. Battering each other for 36 minutes with all those monster punches. Final bell goes: instant hug!

Take one then sleep.


We all know short of a GGG KO CaneloGGG3 will go the same way as the previous 2 fights!

Canelo's greatest weapon is his head movement... Sad to day he is slower this days, he looked so good in this fight.

They sound like cro cops leg kicks!

No matter what peoples said about results at end of the day they giving us big entertaining fights and the thirds Will be entertaining too that I like in boxing best against best not sh!t i saw since years now best avoiding each other.

2 beasts, I can wait fir this tonight, gona be special V.

Remember that time Audley Harrison wouldnt throw any punches Yeah, the opposite of that!

Too much energy.

Canelo v ggg 3 tonight.

This is boxing.

Snap snap snap. Glorious unless you feeling them.

The god of war vs the judges part 3.


Triple G is way past his prime. I think Canelo knows that. He knows that it will be a easy fight at 40. No glory beating an old man. However if the old man's win...that would be amazing.

Everyones going with Canelo! GGG looking healthy and more serious than ever. I have Canelo though in round 11. Who are you rooting for?

What a fight.

Now Thats what you call Heavy Leather.

Haha canelo got exposed bad.

Lol when Canelo runs out of gas it really looks ugly for him down the stretch.

I wish that first fight happened 3 years prior.

2 animals.

Why couldnt fkn Bivol did something like this?? At least give the crowd that came to see a fight SOMETHING! He was a MUCH bigger man! ******.

I really hope that the canelo that fought bivol does not show up. That canelo was arrogant and careless.

This is what you call staying in the pocket.

Beautiful boxing. This will settle things for both guys, so they need to leave it all in the ring. One more round!

GGG 1-2 is devastating.

This fight is gonna be something incredibly special!!!

Best trilogy of past 20 years.

Great fighters, love canelo.