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Sunday 13th of December 2020

Can't Relate.

> he turned down DJ Afrojack for building a pc cuz he had too much designerstandards which wouldn't work So did he get Linus to make it instead?
Tell your cousin that Mr. Freeze wants his computer freezepack back.
I had to look up who afrojack was. I found it kinda weird that the Google search immediately listed his car .then I realized that his spouse.

What You Really Think

Wtaf am i looking at.


You have a cool cousin.

Your cousin is fucking cool man.

The L3PD3SK is such a piece of art. Really enjoyed the build logs on Tweakers!

Hey cousin, let's go bowling !

It's a reverse "Sleeper PC" LMAO.

I think that all the time. My friend was about to pay 2 grand for a water cooled system with like, an AMD Ryzen CPU with integrated graphics. I don't remember specifically which chip though. But I damn near drive across the city to slap him.

Nah, dual core.

Everyone knows it's the amount of neon goo filled hard tubing that ultimately determines how well it can run games.

I can't tell if you're being serious or not lol.

Bro tell me more.

Would be helpful. I am still wondering how my vega 56 does it in 4k medium/high with 50 ish fps.

This sounds fake and I approve.

Yeah I saw this earlier, it didnt improve my fps but my frame times were lower and less stuttering over all.

You're not the only one who believes 80% of the videogame industry has been stuck in a cycle of copy/paste for the past decade or so! It's much easier to just add a little bit than make original content.

People buy it, so why try harder? Innovation almost always comes from smaller entities, and at least in the video game industry you still have a route for an indy dev to get off the ground and make something so you occasionally get something new, but yeah ultimately it's a lot easier to just do what someone else did, but slightly different.

No. You're right. Every almost every RPG/MMORPG after NwN in 1991. Elves, Dwarves, swords, magic. Same mechanics, same hud layout, generic stories, and grind packaging. Ultimately, all based on the DnD ruleset. It's been the same for 3 decades. They are shinier now tho.

As per usual its the indie developers that end up pushing the barriers and creating something unique and memorable. AAA games seem like theyre all following the same formula or are just sequels at this point.

Ever since the PS4 and Xbox One made the 360 and PS3 obsolete, every game seems to lack soul and life, they're dumbed down to shit and they're not fun. They started including microtransactions, pay to win, excessive DRM and other anti-consumer practices that people have begun to accept and excuse over the last few years. I don't appreciate the remake obsession either since remakes completely destroy the atmosphere, gameplay and overall feel of the original games.

The Assassin's Creed franchise is guilty of this. Up until Black Flag it was the same thing with a few minor additions / improvements. People loved the sailing addition so after Black Flag that was added into the copy-paste thing. Can't think of any major additions since then.

The biggest innovations have been from side scroller to 1st person shooter and only now we get battle royal and loot boxes. Games like Anthem and Squadrons have this style I HATE which is just walking to npcs in the same area and activating some dialogue and a quest.

Yeah. There is a reason I got flashbacks In the beginning of A certain game that just Released, where your objective was To climb A radio tower... I was like _oh no, no no no, not again_...

I hate with a passion unreal engine. The only game that looks good in it is Ori. For me it looks like a game mapped onto a sphere or something. When i play on source like left for dead or games like it such as Vermintide I feel I sense of presence like I am in another world. When I play unreal games I feel I am looking at a 3d modeling program. It is hard to really put it across But Things popping in, lods bouncing about, inconsistent art style. In some ways limited consoles actually helped this. You can take any nintendo game and up the res and textures and it could be launched today. All the focus on realism messes it up. A good example I always think of is Final Fantasy 13 vs 15. The old game looks much better. But people cry oh but one is an open world, biggest meme in game history. Most open worlds are sterile and dead. That is why my game of 2020 or possibly the last 10 years is phasmophobia. Runs like a dream from high end to low end pcs. Amazing atmosphere to the point the first time you walk into a house alone you shit yourself. Amazing use of sound and new tech like voice recognition. It is just perfect in every respect.

80% of the entire entertainment industry has been stuck in copy/paste for the past decade due to the fact that the riskeward ratio for the industry is so high. costs have risen dramatically, conaumers want prices to stay low, and so much success in the industry is based on factors that are very difficult to control. as a result, you have companies who dont want to take any risks at all, copying successful formulas, which often seem to originate from tiny experiments that blew up and spontaneously grew out of seemingly nowhere.

Yes. I agree with you.

Eh, I feel it has always been that way, and it's not always a bad thing. Problem for me is that developers spend too little time on polish and that is more so in the past decade or so. Fast broadband has made it ok to release a game that needs 10s of GBs of patches to be fixed. While bugs have always existed the stuff that gets through and gets fixed nowadays ain't even bugs. Just checkout the AI, or well what poses for AI anyway, in Cyberpunk, no way isn't that going to be changed heavily post release. If you want innovation you need to look at the smaller scope games. Theres still a lot of innovation in that 20%, especially since the industry is orders of magnitude bigger now than 2 decades ago.

Game development is much more expensive since last generation, and takes significantly longer. AAA companies need to hire more staff to complete their AAA in a timeframe that is reasonable and isnt burning money annually, so they tend to focus on what already works to speed up the process. Cyberpunk is a good example of what could happen if you dedicate too much time to original IPs. Its selling well and has made a profit, but I bet you they wish they just made Witcher 4 after seeing their reputation get shit on. Big risk; little reward.

There's more to games than aaa titles.

Let me guess, you're almost 30 or over 30?

Cuz developers tend to copy what works from other games as it's easier to just tune stuff a little based on stuff already existing, than to make something new all together.

No there are thousands of weird an interesting games lately.

In a way yeah.

What, you don't like the newest "Raiding Tombs Of Assassins Watching Dogs And Aging Dragons Crying Far To Zero Horizons: Shadowcountries 8"?

No, I see it. Ingenuity is a rarity but people will still line up to preorder the newest shiniest thing, just because. \*cough\* Cyberpunk 2077 \*cough\*. I remember way before it was out how people were saying shit like "OMG guys, this isn't just GTA V in a cyberpunk setting, this game is going to have SO MUCH DEPTH!1!!!1" And here we are, and it pretty much is just Cyberpunk GTA. Except it has fewer RPG elements than GTA, being that you can't change weight, hair, tattoos, facial hair in game. Hell, weight you can't set at all, which is frustrating because there are large NPCs. You will be thin and handsome or you will be nothing. In all fairness, the story is good. But there's no reason they couldn't have given an option for third person perspective. CDPR's whole "Our game is just so immersive and artistic and grand we'd hate for any part of it to fall shy of perfect" is nothing but masturbatory bullshit. Seriously, you that in think the game where I'm a thin, absurdly attractive cyborg babe with an military arsenal in my pocket, 3rd person view is what's going to break the immersion for me? Please.

Because basically every component comes with RGB options nowadays, you try to make everything else as understated/neutral as possible so it fits into every build. Over are the days, where you wouldnt even consider an MSI graphics card because the theme of your build was green or whatever and you would end up with a red blob in the middle of it.

I've completely given up on Bethesda. They straight up don't care. Fucking Todd.

Problem is that the game was advertised and released on last Gen, not to mention they lied and said that it runs great. Those poor people got robbed of their money.

Fully agree with the sentiments expressed here. Only counterargument would be that Cyberpunk was initially marketed for PS4/xbone, and the initial release was supposed to be before current gen consoles were even announced. On top of that, the game is still being heavily marketed on previous gen consoles and CDPR was very shrewed about hiding the performance on current gen consoles.

Not surprised to see a Bethesda game perform terrible 2 years after an even worse launch. Todd showcases games with a shit eating grin then wipes his ass with the money you threw at it because it's the equivalent of what you just did with your $60 on release day.

Man, I was excited when I got Just Cause 3, free from Epic. Then when I launched I could barelly get 40 fps on low, starring at the sky, and creshed in the tutorial after I shot those spinning balls(idk, what they are). I said ok, 1440p on 1050Ti is maybe too much, I tried 1080p (both full screen and windowed) and still the same fps, and crashed again up the mountain, like not even 10 minutes later. One of the worst optimised games I've tried.

I got a gtx 1080 and the rest of the computer fairly old stuff. But with for example Cyberpunk 2077 I can run it on the settings it picked for me when I booted up the game. (I think it picked ultra on several things) Which is impossible for friends with far better rigs than me. So I cant even tell where I should stand on this optimization debate. But Im not very experienced with how hardware works.

I've never been big with AAA games right after release, and my pc has never been particularly high-end, but this reminds me so much of CoD Black Ops III for the PS3. It had the full price like the PS4/PC version, but didn't have half the features and the graphics were hundreds of times worse than BO II.

I think that the optimisation of last of us 2 on ps4 was amazing.

Yep, agreed. There has to be some cut off point where they stop supporting "legacy" hardware. A 7 year old console, which had mediocre hardware when it was new, shouldn't even be developed for. They shouldn't really cater to older GPU's either really. Or HDD's. Games won't ever progress if they keep making them for hardware that was viable 5 years ago.

Im just pissed that its already been 7 years since I dropped $2500 on my setup, and now I damn near have to do it again.

I mean, has anyone in the past two years actually called Fallout 76 good?

Then don't fucking sell it for full price for the last gen consoles.

Dude they literally made a cyberpunk special edition of the one x and it looks and runs like shit on that console, quit dick riding. If the game doesnt run on the console then dont sell it on that console.

Yeah this is one of the reasons im holding out (the other being that I'm broke af). Hopefully by the time i get around to buying it there will be a bunch of performance improving patches. Its the price I'm willing to pay, spoilers in exchange for qol improvements. Although i might have to upgrade my gfx card by then. Fingers crossed there's some in stock.

76 has a problem with FPS capping, and then further halfing the FPS in borderless mode. You need to edit the ini files to uncap it. It's *ridiculous* that we have to do that, but the game *can* push to 120FPS at 1440 as I do on a 1080ti.

>shouldn't expect devs to pull extra 10 fps for your 7 year old system from their back pocket. I expect to have playable framerates with components that were considered new before the third gen ryzen and rtx30 series came out. But I don't get them in any settings I use. Are you saying we need a rtx30 series card and third gen ryzen to be able to run this game?

Bad optimization only applies if the game both looks like and plays like ass. That's not the case here.

I know, right? It's the side pipes. Add a bit of chrome trim to it, and it looks like a classic Wurlitzer.

I currently have my main play through on PC and my secondary one on Stadia. Loving it so far.

And Geforce Now too, apparently - smooth AF 4K. I just wish we had some cloud gaming servers around our neck of the woods. I can't wait to get out of the constant hardware upgrade cycle and waiting for out-of-stock components.

In the end, the 12 stadia users actually had it good.

They paid the money for that system and it doesn't run well, so yeah they're allowed to be pissed. You didn't buy a high end system so you can't play it, that's your choice.

I'm getting 35 fps on a 2070 RTX and an i9. I think I'm allowed to be a little upset.

Imagine just plugging something into the I/O ports or the gpus Why would any sane person rotate their motherboard to make all ports inaccessible?!

Yes if you accept 45-60 FPS, it runs fine. It's just mentality. I'm getting there but it's hard. Would be so much more satisfying to run it 60-120 FPS.

As soon as you turn on the FPS counter, youre doing it wrong. What I mean is: if the game runs smoothly for your eyes, why do you care about the raw number? But maybe Im just getting old.

Basically my rig, very middle weight and couldn't be happier. Meanwhile I bought immortals fenyx rising last week and had to return it because it wouldn't even launch. Which shows how unpredictable this stuff is. Cyberpunk is an objectively fantastic game that makes my jaw drop every 10 minutes. All the problems and criticisms are coming from last gen console owners, which was also the cause for delay. They've clearly built the game for pc and then tried to port it down to ps4 at the last minute. The problems have all come down to the restrictive contracts theyve signed up to that require the game to be launched on all platforms simultaneously.

I've got a 2060 and get some *serious* frame drops and slowdowns sometimes, especially in busy city scenes.

Okay, I checked and it is from this website.

Play older games, there are lot of gems which is better than shilling out your hard earned money just to play poorly optimized games.

Upgrade, games are only gonna get worse.

Youve had no T-Poses, no vehicles despawning randomly or NPCs despawning? Havent randomly pinged off an object? Doubt.

4k is a meme, but high frame rate 1440 gaming is the real deal, and its pretty attainable for a lot of games.

It depends on dev priority. Some games are optimized with console in mind, or pc in mind. A game can run like shit in either scenario. But the potential is much higher for pc, and usually obviously runs much better because its more expensive.

So youre telling me you have to spend 15 dollars a month to play online at only 60 fps ok lol.

Even on a 500$ 1050, ryzen 3 build it still runs better than the consoles.

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