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Tuesday 5th of January 2021

A 18 Year Old Girl Posted This Video on Twitter Claiming That Call Me Carson Groomed Her When She Was 17!

Eagles QB Carson Wentz, benched in favor of Jalen Hurts last month, still plans to ask for a trade in the off-season because his relationship with HC Doug Pederson is fractured beyond repair, per ESPNs mortreport.

Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz are back out on the empty field at the Linc hanging with Jason Kelce over an hour after the season ended This is very rare. This could be the last time we see all of them together with the Eagles.

It's 1:08 in the morning and Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz & Jason Kelce just left the field after staying a long time outside in the rain talking. Have to wonder if they sense this could be the last time they are all together on the same team.

However, we still need to wait for a response from Carson himself. If Carson can demonstrate that he can change as a person, then he'll have my full support in rehabilitation. But even then, Carson should be off the internet for now (after his response, of course).

It can work. imo its just not worth it for either party. The fan can be put in a spot to be manipulated due to that power imbalance. The creator can find themselves exactly where Carson is now if the fan gets mad. This stuff ruins careers. my advice is don't date fans lol.

Carson played Minecraft so much nigga became a creeper.
After evaluating the Carson Situation, here are my thoughts on it. Content warning for everything relating to the situation, of course.
Carson checking Twitter to see why hes trending.
Carson burner?
Hey carsons trending again, i wonder what its fo.
Mini Ladd: cancelled Carson: cancelled CaptainSparklez: one of the oldest Minecraft youtubers, never cancelled, no scandals, pure gift from god.
Yeah that makes sense it just feels wrong cuz carson is the one who sexted minors but people are focusing on how long lunch club took to say something rather than that carson sexted minors.
Grooming, pedophilia, Carson situation// I can personally come out and say that Ive been groomed by Carson. I have talked to many people and never came out about this since now. At the time I was still 17 and in high school.

Finding out that keemstar broke the news about call me carson.
About the Carson situation, please listen to this.
Sorry was in school Noooooooooooooo Carson Nooooooooo.
I love how all it takes is 2 guys saying "yeah carson dm'd underage girls" without any verification what so ever, and now half the community already thinks he's a pedo.
I think they were in a really rough place. carson was one of their best friends, and they were probably all conflicted. obviously they werent ok with it, and so lc broke up. i think we need to give them time to talk abt it.

Ok now u can call me CARSON.
I have no clue if there wasn't a contract, but I would assume the group of youtubers who all live in the same house and shared a channel probs had a contract of some kind , also who was the victim, and I also want to see what carson says first since this could be wierd.

I havent even looked at Carson can of worms but can 100% bet its gonna be some over exaggerated cancel culture bullshit.
Carson turned out to be in a relationship with a 17 year old during 2019 if I got the numbers down.
Carson is innocent until proven.
"Oh hey Carson is trending on Twi-".
// cmc , grooming for anyone that doesnt want to watch the drama alert video, ive summarised it here -carson told all of lunch club he was sexting minors in march 2020 -noah and travis were in the video speaking about it -they dont know if its stopped or if it continued (1/3).

"Carson please date girls your age" Carson.
Not looking good for Carson rn.
New Call me Carson gaming setup for minecraft.
This is just the pyro situation this is exactly what fucking ivory did, and it's very clear that this person could've told carson to stop, yet they just continued to lead him on im just fucking done.
My brother is watching a video by keen star interviewing what sounds like people that know Carson right now and I had no idea what happened so I check Twitter and.
Tw distress / suicidal ideation i was already pretty fucked up in da brain but the carson situation has made me start really thinking some things i have pretty constant suicidal ideation that i just dont talk about ever but this is making it very bad.

Girl idek who carson is or whats going on but stfu.
Call me carson.
Venti - Suspended Carson - Groomer It all goes back to...this shark.
Im glad fitz smashed carsons girl.
I was starting to think carson was annoying anyways.
Seems as if the tables have turned in the Horniest In The World: Championship as CallMeCarson has overtaken Blairst_iN_VE_CY and is now ranked the Horniest Man On Twitter, come back next time to see what Carson does next on HORNIEST IN THE WORLD.

This bouta be Carson's reply.
Continued for the girl that was groomed at this time and my condolences go out to her. tbh i thought carson was a good guy, but something about him made me feel a bit off. so my opinion was double sided. but now hes being called out? goodbye yall i cant stand it -nulb.

I feel so bad for the victims of what happened and im so disgusted by carsons behavior but i hate that he manipulated the boys when he told them knowing they couldnt say anything or their careers would be over. POWER. DYNAMIC. im so tired of this.

We also have to note that right now, that man might have actual child porn on his phone. Having nudes of a 16-17 year old could even land her in trouble so for Carson to have them, is like...oh my god. If there's evidence that he has them he could land in serious trouble.

In a sense, i don't think this was pedophilia, but it was definitely wrong for carson to do this. it was 19 and 17, i don't know the laws and rules on that but i think this doesn't warrant any punishment other than carson having his social media locked and things.

In carsons situation, he was literally exploiting her, hes disgusting, her being a fresh 17 and him about to be 20 is really weird, thats basically 4 years, but its not pedophilia. like i said, imo 3 isnt a big deal at all, but anything past that is fucking weird.

Carson opening up twitter to find himself already convicted and his jumpsuit freshly pressed.
I know it hurts, but wipe your tears... In the end, we can't fight a losing fight. We can't see Carson as an idol anymore, unless if some miracle turns this around for him.
I feel like that girl that "spoke out" hated Carson and just wanted to ruin his life so she made up a story and since she is a female she new most people would believe here, But that's only what I think could have happened.

What did Carson do?
Oh cool Carsons trending, he helped me get through some tough years of my life so lets see what its abo.
CDC isolated SARSCoV2 See The "no quantified isolates" is misinterpreted from CDC's PCR test INSTRUCTIONS, pg 39 To assess PCR test performance they used a method OTHER than quantified isolates Explained here.

Not sure. just waiting for carsons side.
A 18 year old girl posted this video on twitter Claiming that Call Me Carson groomed her when she was 17!
Carson interactions with girls be like.
Quick note on the Carson situation not many people are bringing gong up: Its fair to call it grooming in relation to the power difference between them It is NOT fair to call it grooming based on pedophilia. She was 17, Carson was 19.

*SERIOUS* CallMeCarson exposed for allegedly sexting underage fans. 2 former members of Lunch Club spoke to Keemstar and described how Carson allegedly confessed to speaking inappropriately to underage fans in March of 2020. Carson is a Minecraft YouTuber with mostly kid fans.

Cool Carson trending, what happe.
The sexual tension between carson and jail.
Carson... I have lost a lot of my respect to you (Not all of it) I have been thinking, why would you do that? You knew what the consequences were, and you still did it, I hope you get better.
"Oh! I wonder what silly thing Carson did this ti-".
I loved you carson.
"oh haha carson is trending whatd he do this t--".
This pic is a joke and to prove is just look at these pics of iStock. Here u can see they can pretend the shape of corona in 2016 with no studies or isolation .. it s simple, just using imagination.
I just found out Carson a pedo, I'm depression.
Ok so apparently Carson is a pedo or groomed someone.
Call me carson been playing too much minecraft, bro turned into the creeper.
The discord messages are from early 2019 and Carson is apparently 21-years-old now so... do the math.
Idk dude. 17 years old and 19? Does that make him a pedo? This whole situation is messed up and Carson needs to apologize. But Im 17 and I know a lot of other 17 year olds in relationships with 18/19 year olds. My main problem here is Carsons obvious abuse of his influence.

How old was Carson at the time and how old was the girl?
Idek what to say anymore, this entire situation is fucked. I feel like the age gap isn't that bad, but all of this could of been avoided if both of them just stopped, especially carson knowing she was a fan.

R Kelly after finding out what Carson did.
Oh hey look! carsons trending :) i wonder what happ.
No way I'm the only mf that ain't watch a single call me carson video..
This carson stuff hitting a bit too close for comfort.
Smoking that Carson pack.

What You Really Think

Here's my input there is nothing wrong here there are laws example L.A you can have a 3 year age gap between the person and still be legal yea its kinda weird still not illegal someone tell me if I'm wrong ?

So she knows his age yet continues to interact? She's not innocent lmao.

They PLANNED to ruin his career... I aint siding with anyone.. but they legit planned to ruin his career... but you are one heartlessman Keem.

She needs to show the hashtag in his name.

17 is age of consent in NY keem you should know that.

Most states age of consent is 16-17 soooo idk where this is but its not a big issue.

You cant groom someone thats 17 jc.

This is dead how yall look defending this dude weird behavior.

Heres the thing, Carson was 21 at the time, and she was 17. Thats a 4 year gap. Thats like a freshman and a senior in higschool together. 4 years is REALLY pushing it in HS imo, but calling it "pedophilia" or "grooming" feels wrong.

Why didn't see click on his profile so i could see the tag? staying neutral until i hear a statement for carson.

This is weird yeah but hes most definitely not a pedo lol kinda pressin the limit tho.

Wouldn't he be about the same age at the time this doesn't seem that bad.

Clearly you can see she basically guilt tripped and begged him to do this. And a two year age difference isnt horrible.

Bruh they're both at fault, he shouldn't have engaged with her initial comment in the first place or continued talking that way knowing she was still a minor AND she should've known when things were going too far for her comfort.

My respect for Carson.

Its always discord mfs.

I feel like this is a little unfair to carson as the girl was willing to hurt herself for him and now this comes up.

I was under the impression that it was a huge age gap but this is just a 2 year difference. Thats basically the same age. Unless Carson was with more than 1 girl and they are like idk 14 or some shit then I don't see an issue with this.

Fuck dude. This hurts to read.

Yikes man.

Dont even know who call me Carson is.


We dont care.

Its either FAKE or not even wrong, bro ya she is 17 but he was 20 at the time in 2019 so that should not be a pedo accusation and also why tf did she post this?! Thay seemed like good friends and carson did nothing notably wrong. She just posted this for the hell of it.

Dude carson is so fking horny, he can't even talk to girl, just read all of this what the fuck Lmfao.

This fucking hurts man I did my best to go through the whole video but couldnt do it.

After you almost ruined an old mans life, I figured youd be a little more hesitant to throw around accusations of pedophilia.

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