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Saturday 11th of July 2020

The US Roman Catholic Church Used an Unprecedented Exemption From Federal Rules to Amass B/w $1.4-$3.5 Billion in Taxpayer COVID-19 Aid. Millions Went to Dioceses That Have Paid Settlements B/c of Clergy Sexual Abuse cover-ups. -AP But Trump Gave us $1200!

The Roman Catholic Church received at least $1.4 billion in federal coronavirus aid using a special and unprecedented exemption to a U.S. rule that church leaders secured after lobbying the Trump administration.

The U.S. Roman Catholic Church used a special and unprecedented exemption from federal rules to amass at least $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid, AP exclusive finds.
A 9/11 Memorial in Washingtonville, NY was partially destroyed and the park was vandalized. A Catholic Church was targeted too. Nancy Pelosi refuses to condemn people who destroy our statues & memorials. She said "people will do what they do". This is what they do SpeakerPelosi.

The US Catholic church may be the largest recipient of federal coronavirus aid, with as much as $3.5 billion, AP analysis says Religious groups usually don't qualify for SBA loans, but a loophole was imposed after sustained lobbying.

The Roman Catholic Church in the US received a staggering $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid, according to the AP. Why are those who don't pay taxes getting to raid the bank that was built by taxpayers? Imagine if our schools got this money instead.

JFC. The U.S. Roman Catholic Church used a special and unprecedented exemption from federal rules to amass at least $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid. Many millions going to dioceses that have paid huge settlements in sexual abuse cases.

The Catholic Church needs to return all of that $1.4B in virus aid, or they need to start paying taxes. And whoever APPROVED it needs to go to prison. PERIOD.
Can someone explain to me how the Catholic Church is a small business qualifing for 1.4 billion dollars IN OUR TAX MONEY?? Special dispensation much?
The US Roman Catholic Church used an unprecedented exemption from federal rules to amass b/w $1.4-$3.5 billion in taxpayer COVID-19 aid. Millions went to dioceses that have paid settlements b/c of clergy sexual abuse cover-ups. -AP But Trump gave us $1200!

The Catholic-fucking-church?? One of the wealthiest organizations on the planet? Also: Only organizations that pay taxes in the U.S. should qualify for benefits paid for by U.S. taxpayers.
This is sensationalism. There is no entity called "The US Roman Catholic Church." There are lots of Catholic entities, and they applied for and got PPP so they could try to avoid laying people off. Just like other religions, non-profits, and businesses. So what's the story?

Takeaways: Paycheck Protection Loans and the Catholic Church.
I don't know why so many lie about facts. Individual churches received small loans to pay their employees. The Catholic Church doesn't qualify because they have more than 500 employees. We need to hear the truth.

After lobbying, Catholic Church won $1.4B in virus aid.
The Catholic Church got $1.4 billion dollars to buy wine and wafers. Party at Bishop O'Sullivan house!
FFS!...After lobbying, Catholic Church won $1.4 billion in coronavirus aid PBS NewsHour.
The U.S. Roman Catholic Church which is tax exempt got $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid, according to the AP.
WHY DID THE Catholic Church GET 1.4 BILLION IN VIRUS RELIEF? they have billions and billions already.
Yet 26 Catholic schools in NYC are closing because they (the church) claim don't have enough funding.
"THE CATHOLIC CHURCH RECEIVED $1.4 BILLION IN CORONA MONEY" no, individual parishes and dioceses, who employ thousands upon thousands of people, each received moderate PPP loans proportionate to what other non-profits/faith communities also received.

I am former Catholic. Attended Catholic Grammar, H.S., and some college. I have earned right to criticize the Church..Not bias.
The loans will be paid back, and there is a better chance of the Catholic church repaying the loans than some of the businesses that received them unfortunately.
The money that is needed for real people and businesses is going elsewhere. like the catholic church. which doesnt pay taxes and is now sitting on top of a scrooge mcduck pile of gold.
Virus update: AP: U.S. Catholic Church lobbied to get $1.4B in virus aid. Foreign students mull studying in person vs. losing visas Oxygen runs low as COVID-19 rise in South Africa. Tests lag in India as cases surge. Follow all AP coverage.

Probably the way they abbreted "the Roman Catholic Church in the US." Nothing to get angry about.
After lobbying, Catholic Church won $1.4B in virus aid Millions of Americans cant afford rent & some our children are starving! We cant afford another 4 years of the SupremeLoser PLEASE register to vote & show up in massive numbers in Nov!

Fight for our Church Catholic Priest is Suspended for REVEALING TRUTH ...
Millions of Americans cannot afford food, housing, and healthcare, but the Catholic Church got $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid. I am so done with this corrupt government.
When I reported my priest sexual assault to the Diocese, they asked me if I ever married. Seriously. Like I wasnt too damaged? My tax dollars going to the Catholic Church infuriates me!
After intense lobbying, the Catholic Church won $1.4 billion in federal coronavirus aid largely due to the financial stress that resulted from settling countless child sex abuse lawsuits.
A lot of defensiveness to the claim that the Catholic Church is misogynist. If any company formally barred women from leadership roles and said a woman cannot be president, ever, wouldn't we understand that as misogynist? Just because it's religion doesn't make it less sexist.

In honor of the Catholic Church just receiving $1.4 billion dollars of our tax money in coronavirus bailouts intended for American business after lobbying the federal government, I'm going to re-up this tweet from a few weeks ago.

Absolutely ridiculous, why is the Catholic Church, which is already extremely wealthy, getting our tax dollars? Outrageous!
Imagine how many children the Catholic Church can molest and pay off with an extra $1.4 billion.

What You Really Think

Also, he didnt!

Against little BOYS primarily.

Now do Planned Parenthood and the billions theyve racked up from te feds for killing babies.

When the government robs the People, it's calls Socialism.

You have to be kidding!!!

Why should parishes and dioceses (who employ thousands) be treated differently than other non-profits?

What in the actual fuck 2020??

The stimulus bill was a scam created by both Dems and the GOP. The reason they get away with it is they've convinced idiots in the American populace that they aren't on the same team.

Not to me yet.

And we all know that there is a single artifact lying amidst the Vatican's 1000s of artifacts worth $3.5B alone. AND THEY DON'T PAY TAXES in the US. I can't.

It's as if someone has been trying to tell us something.

And the asshole GroverNorquist is on cspanwj right now justifying his raiding of government dollars for his tax free foundation that wants to dismantle government, while pushing for a FICA free paychecks that helps dismantle SSI, SSDI, Medicare, and Medicaid. YCMTSU!

Serious question Where can I find data on this specific to Michigan, USA? We have an area Up North that the church likes to hide their pedophiles in. The community is trying to stop this pattern of church behavior, any more ammo against them is useful. TY.


Yeah, our parish amassed funds so that it could continue to fund its food bank, which currently sends out 80 50 lb. boxes of food three times a week into one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. Food now is more expensive, and more people need it - so the funds helped.

How dare they even apply for it in the first place. Motherf**kers!