Thursday 6th of October 2022

SPIDA IN A CAVS UNI Still Gotta Get Used to This.

Social Media Says

SPIDA CAVS Still gotta used this.
Hello Cleveland Game Time, hope great summer, Cavs great summer, with bringing Mitchell.Tonight Cavs looking pieces where them.
Mitchell secondary playmaker just superior what this Cavs team previously.
Them cavs jerseys look ugly.
keep forgetting cavs have Caris Lavert they scary.
Donovan Mitchell Cavs jersey weird
Spida good. Cavs Levert too. Garland Allen plus Evan Mobley? Bron really might come back.
Cavs lightweight squad.
Mitchell LeVert.
Allow things started: Ball Dont Lie!
Hoop harm.
Cavs jerseys legit look like practice jerseys lmao.
Donovan Mitchell showing much more than just scorer. Showing some nice chemistry with LeVert while running show with Garland bench.
Missed this duo.
cavs making some great baskets that will there year.
Cavs offense looks good.
Cavs gonna watch man. Jarrett Allen Mitchell.
total moved from 26.5 last season 46.5. Since 2004, teams total increased more games. 2010 Heat 64.5 2014 Suns 20.5 44 2013 Rockets 31.5 54.5 2004 Jazz 25.5 46 2021 Knicks 21.5 41.5 went UNDER data from SOHistory.

You're gonna believe this, having Donovan Mitchell makes Cavs better.
Cavs nice man.
Caught flyin
Definitely liking what seeing court the.
Cavs will Seed East this Year CarryOn KendrickPerkins voice.
Donovan Mitchell with first 3-pointer member cavs
Watching Cavs this year.
watch Sixers starters Donovan Mitchell Cavs
First bucket Wine Gold.
Cavs looking good tonight.
Gonna tough this year still sixers
Overzealous bench just earned technical foul. That will adjustment with rules. Their bench always animated standing haha.
Donovan Mitchell looking great Cavs debut.
Cavs ball movement looking good.
Cavs passing this team looks like gonna fun.
Cavs look kind nice.
preseason, know, guard play Sixers/Cavs been great. Garland/Mitchell Maxey putting show.
already love with Cavs this year.
know preseason game Cavs look really sync.
That Cavs sequence.
Donovan fitting right with Cavs ngl.
That well defended shot T-Mac 2004 Magic were weak defensive team overall, 29th 110.4, 29th Opp/ PPG, 29th Opp/ 29th Opp/ Assists, dead last among entire categories, LeBron's Cavs lost 101-113!

Cavs might actually good.
Cavs look fantastic.
Cavs loaded.
Cavs might lose game.
look Cavs watch ngl.
Yoooo this Cavs team gonna legittttt.
Just paid $29.99 month Bally Sports Subscription Cavs this season. better work because thats ridiculous price.
Surprising action Cavs first preseason game.
Cavs good!
Cavs gonna TOUGH this year.
Cavs look good baby.
Gets first bucket cavs! NBAPreseason
Donovan Mitchell already bringing needed element this Cavs offense.
Cavs gonna nice.
seen enough. Take these dudes out. Cavs loaded.
that pretty possession Cavs.
Remember this, cavs fans? Garland Allen slam!
Reminder that Donovan Mitchell makes Cavs debut today.
Liking this Cavs chemistry.
Mitch fits well this Cavs team.
like this Cavs team.
That last Cavs possession. stood applaud.
Cavs really have superstars team thats even including Mobley.
Cavs gonna problem.
Game time. CavsSixers underway!
love cavs players.
Maxey with Cavs
Cavs look like they gonna real.
dont have DeFrozan anymore.
Tyrese Maxey turns prime Iverson when plays Cavs.
Cavs looking great.
Three early threes.
Cavs could dominate this year.
Them Cavs jerseys TRASH.
someone drop stream links cavs game.
Donovan Mitchell looking like everything Cavs.
Guys, Donovan Mitchell looks VERY GOOD.
rooting DMitch fail stretch also hope Cavs good they think they are.

What You Really Think

Now Im a fan!

I thought Kevin Durant was the spider?

Is that a summer league jersey?

You be alright faM.

Shoulda been the Heat.


Those jerseys suck.


Ugly ass jersey.

Those jerseys atrocious.

Lets gooooooooooooo.

That photoshop skills on point.


Summer league jerseys.

He went from UTAH to OHIO i know he pissed deep down.


Jerseys are ass.

The fact the Cavs got Donovan for a bag of chips and then gave him that horrible basic simplified uniform is a fucking CRIME.


Just doesnt look right :(.

Spida is a good nickname.

Whole league gotta get used to this.

Would look better in a Heat jersey.

Cares? This is not Steph Curry.

You know he's off to New York the very first second he gets.

Please get used to it, for your own sake.

Those jerseys are a disrespect.

So gotta get use to those cavs jerseys, they UGLY.

Should have stayed in Jazz***.

Jerseys are gross.

Looks like the Mavs statement jersey but in cavs form.

Greatest cav of all time.

Why are the jersey designs so lazy now wtf? Bring back the previous cavs jerseys there was nothing wrong with them***.

One boring franchise to another.

Cavs will be the ____ seed???

Summer league jerseys?

Greatest Cavalier of all time.

OG and Scottie will clamp him up.

Looks good why lie.

What is this frame yall chose???

Those jerseys are so shit.

Shoulda played vs the pistons yesterday.

New video on Dream Deam and Redeem Team matchup!

Jazz fans rn.

Gonna take me some time!!

Howd I do?

Should be in a Heat uni instead smh.

Gross .. another career gunna be ruined, sad.

Its NFL season.

Those look like Summer League jerseys.

Westbrook is ten times better stop posting this bum mitchell.

Mid lavine looks better.

Unis trash.

Practice jerseys?



Im already used to it.

So beautiful.