Thursday 22nd of June 2023

FINAL TRADE DETAILS: Celtics Receive: Kristaps Porzingis, 2023 & 2024 First-round Pick Grizzlies Receive: Marcus Smart Wizards Receive: Tyus Jones, 2023 Second-round Pick.

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Sources: Wizards, Celtics Clippers strong talks trade that would send Kristaps Porzingis Boston, Marcus Morris draft compensation Washington Malcolm Brogdon Angeles. Sides still working through details Porzingis $36M player option.

Celtics, Wizards, Clippers closing trade sending Kristaps Porzingis Boston, Malcolm Brogdon L.A., Marcus Morris draft compensation Washington, sources tell TheAthletic Stadium.

three-team talks Porzingis-Brogdon deal with Celtics, Wizards Clippers have fallen apart, sources tell ESPN. Sides moving
FINAL TRADE DETAILS: Celtics receive: Kristaps Porzingis, 2023 2024 first-round pick Grizzlies receive: Marcus Smart Wizards receive: Tyus Jones, 2023 second-round pick.
Marcus Smart much Celtics: years, playoff trips '5 appearances 'Defensive Player Year '3X All-Defense true leader, Smart meant everything Boston. damn shame wont here eventual Banner THANK smart_MS3!!

there leave everything have floor." Nobody hustles harder than.
Celtics 1st.
asked hustle, gave Smart.
Celtics trading Marcus Smart Grizzlies part deal, sources tell ESPN.
Wednesday's JRSportBrief -Marcus Smart Boston Over -Is Porzingis Celtics Missing Piece? -New List Biggest Draft Steals Ever
This trade makes less sense Celtics that turns that Smart dealt Brogdon.
Gonna hoping wake trade back including Brogdon instead Smart again...Celtic through through want that hustle back asap.
Celtics made fix-it trade bring Porzingis. losing Marcus Smart sucks. dont care what efficiency stats Smart detractors want throw out, infectious defensive passion directly responsible turning many playoff losses into wins.

FULL TRADE DETAILS: Celtics receive: Kristaps Porzingis No. pick, 2023 draft 2024 1st-round pick Wizards receive: Tyus Jones Grizzlies receive: Marcus Smart BLOCKBUSTER.
And he got traded, essentially leaving the team HAHAHAHAHA.
Celtics fans showing Clippers offices 7:00AM.
Thank everything Marcus Smart greatest Celtics ever.
Gonna miss man. Thank you.
Tell that Celtics fans crying over losing role player.
Never thought separated. Thank everything Celtic Nation smart_MS3 Youll deeply missed. DPOY every year.
Dude Celtics fans dont understand this mainly because have Jaylen million that nigga this what yall wanted.
Porzingis could also rental Celtics year left deal.
heart soul Boston Celtics just traded Memphis. Marcus will missed. Goddamn fucks.
When Celtics fans getting Porzingis realize Marcus Smart gone.
trade somebody change their hair, team color.
Celtics reportedly finalizing deal involving three teams that would bring Kristaps Porzingis Boston. exchange, Malcolm Brogdon would with Clippers Marcus Morris plus draft compensation would head Wizards.

We lost the heart and soul of our team :(.
Marcus Smart only Celtic last years play years/500 games never miss playoffs. He's just Celtics ever done Kevin McHale Bill Russell Bob Cousy Larry Bird Sam Jones Bill Sharman K.C. Jones Tom Heinsohn Frank Ramsey MARCUS SMA.

Boston Celtics finalizing deal acquire Washington Wizards Kristaps Porzingis, sources tell ESPN. Porzingis opting into $36M contract 2023-2024 getting trade Celtics.

These Marcus smart Tweets from Celtics fans killing bro.
Nobody hurts like Boston Celtics. Nobody.
Minor detail, this trade won't completed p.m. tomorrow since physicals etc. need done, Grizzlies will still technically pick Celtics will pick there will fake wearing.

Going to feel so weird not having Smart on the Celtics.
Celtics more Smart than they
much Celtics just going back. Instead seismic change Good Brad Stevens seeing past sentiment build team better equipped raise Banner Now, leadership truly belongs Tatum Brown. They must with it.

Concerns raised Clippers about Malcolm Brogdon's injury status, league sources say, collapse three-team trade expected send Kristaps Porzingis Boston before midnight tonight. direct Wizards/Celtics deal been ruled out. More from me.

crazy cause Celtics technically trade emotionally lost man. Seeing Smart wear Non-Celtic jersey next season will hurt.
just this, they traded Smart. heart soul Celtics.
Professional sports cruel. feel young Celtics fans there. Marcus Smart face, heart, soul hair.
Re-watch video LeBron throwing Celtics, doesn't care first then sees Bron starts matching energy Bron doesn't look crazy.
13 hours ago.
want Chris Paul Celtics? Lmk.
Tremendo!! Porzingis Boston Celtics, Brogdon Clippers, Morris Draft Wizards. Chris Paul? libre para buyout Lakers?
Celtics getting first time decade also least amount point allowed pick roll post scorer (1.29) above jokic (1.26). Shoot near from Still keeping starting some fans complain. whats yall deal.

Marcus Smart really connective tissue this Celtics era. From Isaiah Kyrie Tatum, constant. embraced being Celtic much anyone. lived Wild that it's over suddenly.

Celtics fans think they fleeced wizards grizzlies right now. Around February march they gonna missing much.
Realistically trade even close. Emotionally lost trade cause losing Smart like shotgun chest Dead Redemption.
Jaylen doesnt need player like smart pump tires.
No. The claim of victories in the finals and harder competition are both false. You cant claim victory on GS but then ignore 80s Celtics/Showtime. Less HOFers so L. Only focus on Finals? Then its just the record. Not hot vs GS nor any other opponent. Hard comp in 2011?

Celtics manned sent away their heart soul while warriors still afraid taking deals game klay.
walked around with hair dyed green like beast just traded. This cold game!
time Celtics players would Marcus Smart notch below Bird Pierce imo.
Yall slimy niggas knew gettin traded.
cant even begin describe absolutely distraught that Marcus Smart longer Celtics respect privacy this time.
Updated Celtics depth chart: White, Pritchard SG Brown, Brogdon SF Tatum, Hauser, Champagnie PF Horford, Grant Williams* C Porzingis, Robert Williams, Kornet *Grant Williams RFA.
This picture reason Celtics traded Marcus Smart.
Celtics trading Marcus Smart Grizzlies part Porzingis deal, sources tell wojespn. Grizzlies sending pick Thursday night 2024 pick Golden State Smart.

Thank Smart being heart soul most veteran Celtic player weve long time. Best luck Memphis.
hope Celtics never ring again.
Celtics finalizing deal acquire Kristaps Porzingis from Wizards, per.
Morant isn't suspended games, creating need veteran presence point guard, Memphis still around help Celtics save Kristaps Porzingis deal 11th hour?
Whos awake.
Marcus Smart spent first nine seasons career Boston. never missed playoffs with Celtics even after initially joining 25-57 team. Heck tenure with Boston. Would have continued, too, other framework trade.

initial thought: Boston first-rounders this deal, Washington none? talkhoops examines three-team trade between Grizzlies, Celtics Wizards gives grades.

According Stein part trade Celtics extending Porzingis July.
Welcome Boston Celtics, Chris Paul!
Kristaps Porzingis reportedly centerpiece potential 3-team blockbuster that includes Boston Celtics.
Celtics insane amount praise coverage franchise with title over last years.
Celtics finalizing deal acquire Wizards Kristaps Porzingis, sources tell wojespn. Porzingis opting into $36M contract 2023-2024 getting trade Celtics.
Come youtube channel talk about because feel like celtics just replacement horford while trading away their best defender.
Celtics traded Marcus Smart
Celtics fleecing Niggas, they best player draft picks this trade, Brad Stevens bully.
mean gatt shit like shit hurt yall really broke family name needed bench supportn cast derric white juss shit trade grant williams prichard clda went to.

When Celtics make these moves Heat back beat them again >>>>>.
Dont let us get one.

What You Really Think

Nahh man.

Brad Stevens is writing a check for Ja Morant at this very moment. Actually, Brad is giving him a blank check. Ja is signing it with a pen that looks like a gun.

Celts got two firsts?? How.

Pistons could do a better deal than this. Just give the wizards their 31st and bagely. Why all the fuss. Theu get Porzingis and two picks.

Oh wow Marcus smart is a grizzly Not bad Not bad.

Why is wizard taking the L though?

Grizzlies wanted a vet to guide Morant and a replacement for Brooks.

Celtics turned smart into a all star center and 2 firsts yep they won the East.

I LOVE Marcus Smart. This was a necessary and wise move. The Celtics gave up a lot and got a lot in return including balance and future flexibility. Porzingis kporzee gives them a big 3, a young elite center. Plus they get the 25th pick tomorrow and GSs 1 next season.

Man, I feel bad for Wizards fans if there are any. They got so robbed here...No 1sts and Boston got 2 lol...Never even heard of the guy they ended up getting...Grizz and Celts somehow strong.armed and.bullied Wizards...FIRE Sale!!!

Celtics win the trade.

The commissioner is sitting back watching Washington do this. They got no value back in either trade.

Pls do something.

Chris paul to the celtics would be interesting.

Soccer terms?

Seems like Boston got the best of this, no?

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