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Thursday 23rd of April 2020


Happy 83rd birthday to legendary actor and Lakers superfan Jack Nicholson. While filming The Departed in 2006, he reportedly had all Celtics gear banned from the set..
Mikal Bridges, who cant even start for a team that hasnt made the postseason in a decade, is gonna talk **** about the 86 Celtics with 5 HOFers??? Hed be lucky to get 5min a game for them..
How much would Bron put up on the 86 Celtics?.

And if the Celtics has Kendrick Perkins game 7 2010 celtics would have won.
Celtics keep things interesting by chatting with stars.
Youll always remember where ya were..
Factoring in both on court related topics and off court social/civil right issues at the time, the Celtics definitely had it the hardest compared to everyone else, and they also succeeded the best out of everyone else. The greatest dynasty ever!.
.: Winning Plays Podcast: Ainge reaction + Drafting the 1980s Celtics.
If Kevin Garnett didnt get injured one 09, Celtics have another NBA.
Got the court the Celtics were playin in wit MJ and.
They wouldnt dare asked who would win the 90s bulls or the 2011 Mavs but they ask it about the 08 Celtics? Despite them having the same amount of titles in the last 30 years.
Brad Stevens becomes the best-selling Celtics jersey overnight.
What is the name of the song ?.
Gonna need a Zoom call with all of the 2008 Celtics now..
The win their first in 22 years.: 2008 NBA Finals, Game 6 (LAL at BOS): 9:30 pm/et: ESPN.
Have They Registered FARA?REPORT: Obamas Buying a 29 Acre, 7,000 SF $ Million Marthas Vineyard Mansion The home is currently owned by Boston Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck..After producing a propaganda praising the ChiComs..
Your making my point. The celtics didnt even play to their potential and won. The next year they were 27-2 when kg went down for the year..
100s of trees would be cut, 1,000s of residents living around the Jackson Park would be relocated to accommodate the future library.The new Obama mansion is surrounded by emerald greens lawns and trees.The interior is WHITE thru-out, so racist!.
Im a Celtics fan and Ray is my favorite player of all time.
Same Celtics that still to this day cry about Ray Allens move to Miami? Jordan defo getting in their heads.
Jaylen Brown. Boston Celtics..
And the Clippers have been historically losing throughout their whole franchise..
If Perkins was fit in Game 7 the Celtics would have won the 2010 Championship.
At 7 and 9:30 ET tonight, ESPN will re-air Games 4 and 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals. In Game 4, the Celtics overcame a 24-point deficit. Its the largest comeback to win a Finals game over the last 50 seasons (via )..
I was crying earlier watching Kobe old NBA finals basketball games against the Celtics.
His play in the SA and Dallas series is held against him. He balled out in 15, 17, and 18. But he choked big time in 07, and 11. Furthermore, if hed played a team anywhere near as good as the 86 Celtics in his own conference he wouldnt have been in the finals either..
I miss the.
Tonight Ive watched the 2014 nfl draft, 2008 nba finals game 5 celtics vs lakers, 1998 super bowl broncos vs falcons and am now watching 2007 first round mavs vs. is not ok..
slight flex you could say.
The best defender in the series was on the celtics. The best team defense was the celtics. You must be unfamiliar with james posey and tony allen. Garnett would be on gasol. They were just better on both sides of the ball. You are looking through some receny googles.
How about that 4th quarter lead for the Celtics in 10 doe.
In 1986, Len Bias was drawing Michael Jordan player comparisons from NBA scouts. He was a 68 220 lbs point forward with a 40 inch vertical who could do it all.Unfortunately, two days after being drafted 2nd overall by the Celtics, Bias passed away from a cocaine overdose..
He was a defensive anchor on a super stacked godsquad. Prime Joakim Noah with a little better defense and rebounding. The Celtics as a team were way better than the field..
2008 NBA Finals between and airs TONIGHT on ESPN 7:00pm/et: Game 49:30pm/et: Game 6.
This guy would do this to the 86 Celtics no problem.
Bro to win championships you need help Birds Celtics had like 3 HOFers, the showtime lakers had 3 HOFers, LeBrons heat had 4 HOFers, Kobe and Shaq are both top ten players of all time, the Spurs had 4 HOFers in 2014, Jordans bulls had 3 HOFers. Whats the problem?.
On this day in 2016 scored then career-high 42 points and lead the to a Game 3 victory in a first round playoffs matchup with Hawks.This was also Brad Stevens first ever playoff win..
Celtics and Pacers best from the east.
Looks like Ken Jeong spoke to some of the Celtics today..
you made me play on celtics awful host and you got spit on, sigh..
Kobe quit the first time vs the Celtics. Rewatch if if you dont remember.
As a Celtics fan living in Ohio then, I remember watching late night Warriors games in 2011 and having to turn my TV down because the fans were so loud after every Dorell Wright bucket.Just like w/ the Seahawks, the bandwagon narrative is only to those who didnt pay attention..
Im never understood the arrogance of the 08 Boston Celtics. They act as if they were a dynasty or were the Show Time Lakers, but they were a good team that went on a incredible run to win the championship.
That Celtics series gave me PTSD from 2012.
Same with if KG didnt get hurt in 09 Celtics wouldve repeat.
Game 4, 2008 Finals:Celtics storm back from 24 down to take a commanding 3-1 series lead. That was good for the largest comeback in the finals over the last 50 years..
The point is Lakers are better than the Celtics.
Any of those teams besides Celtics beat the Bulls. Cavs 2016 beat them. So do your 2014 Spurs..
HUGE CELTICS FAN but you play myteam right?.
The win their first in 22 years. : 2008 NBA Finals, Game 6 (LAL at BOS) : 9:30 pm/et :.
MJ wad dropping 28 a game as a rookie and putting on clinics in the playoffs against teams like Celtics/PistonsDraymond in his prime averages 8/6/6 on 38% from the floor on the worst team in the league without Steph, Klay and KDFOH.
Lol but in my unpopular opinion the showtime lakers would b better than 80s Celtics.
Doc rivers came on a interview today to talk about the clippers and how theyre preparing for a possible nba return and about steve ballmer and how the clippers compare to the 08 Celtics..
Mavs Raptors Warriors Celtics.
Dumb poll. 2014 Spurs not included. Celtics. Ha! So biased..
RT ICYMI While recovering from COVID-19, Senator Sonny Angara says technology helped him escape back to the 80s with the Boston Celtics.
2007-2008 Al Jefferson signed Upper Deck.
Watched Michael Jordans 63 point game against the Celtics in the playoffs. Jordan was in straight attack mode..
"Thats not Michael Jordan anymore, thats god disguised in Michael Jordan" - Larry Bird after MJ scored 63 points in the game 2 vs Celtics hahahahah lol.
08 celtics best dynasty ever.
I think I wanted to be different and they werent selling Celtics jerseys in the Bay Area back then..
Celtics fan huh?.
I was just saying I miss when they did this, watching the Lakers vs. Celtics finals tonight.
Wrong, but if I were a Celtics fan Id need to believe that too.
I played in the Adidas Big Time tourney and almost ended up playing their Atlanta Celtics team, Ive never seen so many dunks in a game. That team wouldve beat many big time college programs. Crittenton and Brandon Rush as well.
No I was literally screaming everytime they played the celtics and Kemba or Carsen got switched onto him. Like let RJ go to work on that mismatch instead of Marcus Morris taking a contested mid range shot or Julius Randle taking an uncontested fade away mid ranger..