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Saturday 26th of September 2020

How The Celtics Pulling up to Game 6.

How the Celtics pulling up to Game 6.
Will the MiamiHEAT lock in a spot in the NBA Finals, or will the celtics make the Eastern Conference Finals 3-2?? Find out TONIGHT for Game 5 at 8:30 PM ET on ESPN.
Sunday Schedule: Patriots at 1:00pm Tom Brady at 4:30pm 1nulb2nulb Celtics at 7:30pm 'nulb.
Whew the "NBA wants the Lakers vs Celtics in the finals" conspiracy theorists are going to be WORKING tonight lol.
It was the one in Kemba where they came a terrible continuation for Butler. Celtics had to waste their challenge on it.
Heat's Adebayo shoulders blame for loss to Celts.
We just gave the Celtics all the confidence in the world to come back 3-1 on us. Absolutely disgraceful performance. I dont want Iggy stepping foot on the court the rest of the season.
Tatum & Brown help keep celtics season alive with Game 5 W! 'nulb jaytatum0: 31 PTS, 10 REB, 6 AST FCHWPO: 28 PTS, 8 REB Game 6: Sunday - 7:30pm/et, ESPN.
Has wanted Celtics vs Lakers finals from the beginning ... this league is a joke!
Nope Celtics in 7 motherfuckers y'all not going to beat the Celtics this easy . The Celtics taking Game 6 .
If yall want the Celtics to win just say that.
Grant Ive taught you better moves than this ***nulb.
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Why was Paul Pierce stabbed? Celtics icon played all 82 games after being stabbed 11 times.
Tatum and Jaylen Brown carry the Celtics to force Game 6 Tatum: 31 pts 10 reb 6 ast Brown: 28 pts 8 reb.
I love how you combined these stats so you didnt have to show Jayson Tatum went 8 for 22.
Jay Smooth.
The Celtics have played about as bad as possible and they're somehow only down 10. Weird.
Celtics new jersey fire.
Celtics will force a Game 7. Come back to this tweet on Thursday.
Speaking of missed calls, if the foul the NBA admitted shouldve been called on Kemba Walkers last second drive in the overtime game had been the Celtics would be up 3-2 right now. Better team?
When the Celtics needed a true leader they found one in Kemba Walker.
I don't know if it's all winning around here over the past 20 years But, I'm amazed at how many people have decided that the Celtics have no chance of coming back and beating the Heat. Haven't we witnessed a few comebacks in Boston during this run? This ain't over folks.

Slow start, Celtics stay alive in Game 5 with victory over Heat Game 6 Sunday. pheww --nulb.
Jayson Tatum explodes for 21 points in the second half to help keep the Celtics' season alive.
Kanter from under the basketball.
The Heat at halftime: This series is over. Off to the NBA Finals we go. The Celtics in the 2nd half.
Smhhhhh I wanted to smoke on that celtics pack TONIGHT.
And hathawaygeorge9 discuss the importance of Game 6 for the Celtics and Gordon Hayward. The rest of Season 2 Episode 4 will be up soon!
Jaylen Brown summed Game 5 up perfectly: We looked like the team that we all know and love.
For Season 2 Episode 4, adecouta and I give postgame coverage of the NBAPlayoffs. Along with the importance of Game 6 for the Celtics, NFL Week 3 coverage, and more!
The NBA would NEVER let the Celtics live this down if we lost the series.
Celtics in 7. Never lose faith in this team.
Celtics be like.
Next few days looking good Heat-Celtics Game 5 Nuggets-Lakers Game 5 UFC 253 End of MLB regular season Aces-Sun Game 4 Storm-Lynx Game 3 Stanley Cup Final Liverpool vs. Arsenal Lamar vs. Mahomes MNF.
Celtics big 3 going crazy tonight against the Heat.
Nah, forget a bag. Jayson Tatum in his luggage. ( celtics).
He couldnt find one with a Celtics jersey on instead of a Wizard jersey?
Off to the races.
Final Score Boston Celtics 121 Miami Heat 108 Back to you SVP.
Biggest leads by game in Eastern Conference Finals: Game 1 -- Celtics, 14 Game 2 -- Celtics, 17 Game 3 -- Celtics, 20 Game 4 -- Heat, 12 Game 5 -- Celtics, 19 Tell me why they can't win this.
.BostonSportsBSJ: BSJ Game Report: Celtics 121, Heat 108 Second-half rally forces Game 6 CLnulbby.
As a basketball fan I love the move. Its high IQ and theyre not going to call it on you. As a Celtics fan its driving me crazy cause its unstoppable lol.
Thats type focus I wanna see smart_MS3 seems locked in KEEP THE FIGHT ALIVE!
The Celtics don't switch, and Theis does a nice job on containing Dragic's drive. Brown helps on Bam rolling to the rim. He can do that because : - Robinson is in the corner, that would be a very difficult pass. - Smart is here, covering the Jimmy cut and Robinson.

Im sorry but if you dont want to follow me after this angry fan at halftime rant then i just cant help you.
Great win last night. Im glad Brad let you guys talk it out instead of him trying to coach. Talk it out amongst yourselves through the championship game so youll can win it all.
Celtics Big 4!
That was dark af but fuck it lmao.
Celtics Wrap: Stellar Second Half Guides Boston To 121-108 Game 5 Win Over Heat T Online News.
Dont forget- Wednesday September 30th is Orange Shirt day and we are joining with others in the spirit of hope and reconciliation. Find your orange shirts this weekend Celtics!
Celtics in 7 my guy.
Celtics stay alive ritual: nulb nulb nulb Celtics nulb stay alive nulb nulb nulb.
Considering the two large ice packs on his right leg, its apparent Jayson Tatum is not 100 percent healthy. Said hes dealing with bumps and bruises. Celtics NBABubble.
L ofc he has the celtics and the patriots in his bio.
I was at a wedding rehearsal last night so looking back at Celtics twitter is funny.
Last night showed the Celtics are a different team when they get even average offense at the center position.
Sunday 1 p.m. - Cam 4:25 p.m. - Tom 7:30 p.m. - Jayson & Jalen.
Starting 5nulb for Game 5nulb.
Not going down without a fight.
Tatum (31 PTS) helps save the Celtics season as they take Game 5 in commanding fashion.
After falling behind early in Game 5, Kemba Walker delivered a calming message to his teammates at halftime, which helped to spark a season-saving third-quarter run.
Celtics vai ficar Herro e buttler.
Left it all on the court 'nulb.
Jay Smooth deep in the bag. Hit 30 for the 5th time in the playoffs.
's top 2nd half buckets from the past two games as he becomes the first celtics player in the last 25 years to score 20 PTS in a half in back-to-back playoff games! Game 6: Sunday - 7:30pm/et, ESPN.
Celtics keep season alive with third-quarter run that was a year in the making - NBA News .

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Smart went 3-9 and had 12 points hes the last one that should be talking. Sorry ass.

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Hayward has been the 4th option all season.

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