Monday 4th of May 2020


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178,263 Americans have officially recovered from as of today.Given the number of asymptomatic cases, this number is certainly higher.The mainstream media wont share that, but I will.
Two small tax changes buried in the CARES Act will cost the American people up to $50 billion over ten years. And some chunk of that $50 billion will almost certainly go to paying off the President and his son-in-law.

Dr Fauci & Dr Birx have relentlessly relied on admittedly spurious models to scare the nation into accepting unlawful, draconian government measures that may not make anyone safer while certainly taking a jackhammer to the foundation of our once-prosperous national economy.

After singing to Shikatte ne, darling Comment: The lyrics are Jurina-likeJ: Certainly, I want (someone) to get mad at me stfu why is she like this.
Did you ever sell an Ayn Rand book to someone who didnt come across as a bit of a tosser? I certainly never did. It was either her or The Art of War that was a cast-iron guarantee of a customers place in the hallowed halls of wankerdom.

i doubt. i just assumed his first name was Bishop. He certainly isnt a leader of a church God would ordain.
Is the sleeping justice, RuthG. Still there. She certainly isnt doing anything.
Oh, certainly. Goebbels would be proud of the Remain lobby.
Of course on my first day back to work its nearly impossible to get out of bed even when Ive most certainly had enough sleep.
If I had extra money I certainly would. Perhaps when all of this quarantine mess and layoffs stop Ill be able to.
Well, he can certainly He is just sitting down on the ground, trying to stay mostly in the shadows because he honestly wasnt in the best of moods.
Not a single person has the guts to do that. Certainly not the people who cant even win a single state or district on their own.
cant afford to take the time off work to find out what it is (probably stress) so we will certainly see what happens.
Im just The Presidential primary hasnt been cancelled here in New Jersey, thankfully.Im still voting for who I want on the top of the ticket, and am certainly voting for each on the ticket.I suggest we all do the same.

Well youve certainly won our hearts DAY6 unveils WONPILs teaser images for comeback <The Book of Us : The Demon>!
Kink isnt a trauma response in and of itself. Also: you dont need to justify a kink to respect it.Certainly, a kink can emerge because of trauma. But sometimes when faced with kinkshaming, we claim kinks are trauma responses to justify our needs and desires.

Well Im certainly not making excuses for the already highly problematic WWE but kayfabe was weird. Sgt Slaughter the character had the military service, but there was a time when the wrestler was the character but I know you know that.

Having been called in often early in my career to redo the work that outsourced people did, the (quantifiable) security risk may be relatively low, but the delays, frustration, lost chances, and poor quality inputs certainly cause many problems.

Anyone can be "charged".Its Media ILLEGAL fairy tale. What were the convictions of theTrump associates? Certainly nothing to do with abuse allowed this travesty to take place. Why. Mueller didnt have the balls to even include Carter key FISA target.

Every little thing James did to him always took his breath away, and this exchange is certainly no different. The blonde moans out as soon as hands tease his hair and hips roll downward, blue eyes practically rolling back into his skull and all.He knows how to kick.

finally it looks like we have found the perfect product for my teenage daughters hair! Good series oil is fantastic and shes certainly not struggling with hair.
I am especially eager to do any left leaning podcasts, although I certainly dont discriminate.
Definitely am getting the new MacBook Pro 13. Certainly fits my needs.
As laid out here, this leaves our national R0 stuck at around 1, despite the immense pain the lockdowns are imposing. Thats certainly better than an R of 3 (3 new cases for each existing). But it doesnt put us on a path to containment.

yes men who condone rape certainly need help.
I wrote for about HIV researcher Dr. Andrew Badley, who leads massive coronavirus research effort. It took a decade-plus for good HIV drugs. I believe we can get good drugs for COVID certainly within a year, possibly sooner.

I would say it is almost certainly Meconopsis betonicifolia the only poppy I can name without looking it up.
And this is what panic porn like what writes does to vulnerable people. Btw, Meghan (per her bio) is a 27-year-old woman; her real risk is almost certainly ~0. But shes scared TO HAVE GROCERIES DELIVERED.

Travel prints for sale! It would mean the world if you could take a second to retweet this for me! Small business owners/ photographers are really struggling. I could certainly use all the help I can get.

Absolutely fucking fantastic fuck clip, these 2 twinks certainly know how to bang -.
Certainly good at holding nib.
Its honestly not funny & you probably wouldnt use those emojis the other way round or youll be called out for it if you did. The guy told her to stop and kept telling her to stop. He was clearly distressed by the whole situation. The conversation should certainly not be this.

There certainly is a Kerala Model worth Emulating !! But Modi prefers Gujarat Model always !!So too Godi Media is propagating that very same Gujarat Model !!!
Thank you!! Im a lifelong Californian & I am grateful to you for caring enough abt Californians & of the Nation to have closed border long before this national nightmare began! We would certainly look more like NY had border remained open!

They certainly are SIGNALING that!
DID YOU KNOW that figma auto-saves your work?It certainly likes to FUCKING REMIND YOU.
Id previously been told that within minutes of winning Starmer asked Formby to resign. I found that hard to believe in the context of a pandemic but it seems almost certainly true (though made little sense to me).Very possible the party is about to enter a spiral of chaos.

Im still unsure what the numbers on toasters mean bc its certainly not minutes.
For oil-tards still bidding for JuneYoure certainly not a tycoonThe prices youre payingWill now start decayingAnd negative prints will come soon.
And, last but certainly not least the Shorty Award for YouTuber of the Year is !
Want 50k Robux?You cant answer with: yes, yuh, maybe, sure, do it, ya, yep, yea, yosh, yessir, of course, yes mom, yes dad,, affirmative, mhm, duh, fine, maybe, yup, yus, si, UH HUH, yuppers, indeed, gladly, obviously, okie, aight, alright, positive, precisely, certainly.

Tonight, I decided to spontaneously record Debbie Friedmans Mi Sheberach. This is a Jewish prayer for healing, generally the physical kind although certainly emotional, too. Im living in NY at the moment and wanted to express my thanks with song.

This article will certainly will no prizes.
No matter how much of a failure you think you are, you will almost certainly never lose $14,000,000,000 by tweeting.
Oh I know, and I certainly will keep playing this great game, my point was that it shouldnt have had support cancelled. has an obligation to put first, and they failed miserably, at a time when both the game and Star Wars are at a high. They should resurrect it.

Definitely was iconic and will never get old. For me the best UK comedy ever. So good that the US series was very funny too. Im a big fan of Extras as well I think that is underrated ... Certainly has as many cringey moments !

Seriously though, is just fucking iconic! There are a handful of pornstars who carry that moniker, and shes certainly lives up to it.
Oh yes, youre almost certainly right. Winding the tape backwards and forwards and all that. And yes, I rented. Big screen TVs and VHS players were hugely expensive. Thanks for jogging my memory.
Making Holocaust Memorial a comfortable place for UK Gypsies and Roma as well as Jews involves no Ian Austins, no John Manns and certainly no Eric Pickles. Sorry.
Thats the reason I love you and I respect you no matter what people say you will always be their for poor ppl whatever you are doing certainly you will be rewarded for this. Feeling blessed to be your fan.

Certainly, not the present-day are responsible for what their invader ancestors did to . But, there isnt any harm in accepting the bitter truth that there were systematic attempts of , , & cleansing in Indian by Mughals.

No, he was the president and commander-in-chief. He may or may not have been the architect, but he certainly was the general contractor.
Well then you certainly know the press will do no such thing because its all about ratings when it comes to bagging Trump. They refuse to do it.
Suite certainly has the best music for one. But for sequences, My favorites are original season, Five, Suite, and Happiness Charge.
Since janta has to do everything, lets ensure PPE kits to those who need too. This donation will certainly be more accounted for the PM Cares. Do it.
Well I never claimed I agree with every LP stance. I certainly dont agree with that. I do feel there are completely unnecessary and counterproductive restrictions on business.
Hayes certainly makes Sextons lack of vision a non-issue, which sort of fixes a lot of stuff outside of Garland.
"80 percent of adults snack on cereal outside of breakfast"I havent had cereal since I was 13. But it sounds like a good way to take the edge off.My earliest fictitious pirate mutual respect relationships (certainly not a crush) were Captain Nemo and Silver.

No. Certainly not. Bit the position is prestigious and hard won. You should have the wherewithal to condict yourself with more dignity and respect than that in public. With how things are, someone who cannot control their mouth can cost a company millions. Its just good practice.

Theres no way thats them. Doesnt look like them at all! This isnt Katy Perry here either. And most certainly isnt Rita Wilson. Dont believe anything. Question everything.
Certainly, there is no need to put up with lead or traffic poverty given that I have fixed it, look how in this article.
My favorite Star Wars memory is how its possible to pirate Star Wars products, although I would certainly never recommend it.But its a hilarious coincidence, since their trying to pirate other peoples fan art and thoughts.

One place I would certainly not go: the Breen home world (and what Im guessing it looks like).
Fantastic op-ed from and . We certainly need a *new* New Deal, but should also not romanticize the original New Deal--which empowered elites, bankrolled speculation, hardened segregation, and saddled govts with debt. Must ask: a New Deal for who?

"There will certainly be negative impacts on the housing market from COVID-19, but I anticipate that total existing home sales will drop this year by somewhere between 10-15%.
Exactly, theres resilience and then theres forcing our young people to put themselves & their families at risk. Its certainly NOT a weakness to care for your loved ones. Standing up as our students are for what they want IS resilience. Anything else is victim shaming.

Certainly experts would have taken that into account when making early recommendations to the contrary about masks, especially since most diseases tend to have people who are carriers but show no symptoms.

Its with a heavy heart that I have to say RPD Jack crossed the rainbow bridge this morning. They say there is always that one dog that holds a special place in your heart and you certainly do. You looked after me at work and weve had some great times. Rest easy big man.

Joe Biden said he did not do what Tara Reade accused him of. We must move on. But the media can certainly update us on all the charges women have brought against Trump including who has a credible rape case brought while he in in office.

So, theyre still talking about whether we should or shouldnt be wearing masks (or if you prefer, face coverings). The answer is of course yes. We should wear face masks whenever we leave home. And certainly on public transport or in the supermarket. Dont wait, just do it!

...Secretary of State Mike Pompeo later added that the virus was almost certainly made in a secret French lab.
Well, its true, he certainly used them.
Its certainly an expensive way to get pictures of her to pin onto a dartboard.
The day Tamlin had asked me to marry him, Id certainly felt that way. Id wept with joy as I told him yes, yes, a thousand times yes, and made love to him in the field of wildflowers where hed brought me for the occasion.i need bleach for my eyes.

The last 6 months have certainly seen an explosion of evidence & individual stories being published. Every day more & more PROOF is being unearthed & will very shortly all be in the public domain the Courts. Justice is most certainly on the horizon for the victims of CSA.

A dumb question that his ("I love the uneducated" -Trump) followers will most certainly try.
How can you not despise this skin crawling scumbag. Trump repeatedly bangs us all over our heads with his racial bias. I certainly agree that if you stand with this gutter scum known as Donald Trump, then that is exactly what you are!

Binge watched The Mandalorian. Its not as amazing as everyone wants you to believe, but it certainly is a good show. Would def. recommend to watch it at some point!
Actually, Nate, I apologise. Reading back, my tweet was meant to be a reply to Hodges directly, ref. Owens original tweet on the subject on his own page, not his tweet re. that womans double standards. I certainly wasnt defending her hypocrisy.

Yall Gleipnir is absolutely BRUTAL but sort of in the most addicting sort of way? The concept is alittle out there, and certainly not for people who cant take alittle dirty humor but holy hell, Im hooked.

Daily reminder : Stop using team results to evaluate an individual player. Individual Playoffs performance can certainly be a criteria, but not the amount of championships a team has won.
Yes it certainly is. It happens quite often too :(.
Quite magnificent! It certainly looks like a sarcophagus so I can see why the relic/altar theory has come forward. Thanks for sharing.
I certainly hope so.
"This certainly isnt the first time and this isnt even the first time in this pandemic that weve seen evidence of discriminatory policing by the NYPD, said Jennvine Wong .
Ah thats planning!Ive not counted how many books Ive donated, certainly about 80% of Pratchett work, and random 3 for 7 paperbacks.
Thats not quite what it says now is not a good time to suddenly shoot for a marathon if you dont already have decent cardio fitness, but certainly theres evidence that improved overall fitness = improved immunity.

No six albums today as Im prioritising work, but Im certainly enjoying this.
my nana started saying some bad shit and when i called her out on it she was like im certainly not racist, im sick of everyone saying i am MAYBE LISTEN TO THEM.
If these folks wont stay inside for a pandemic they are most *certainly* taking to the streets if Trump loses the election. WHEW.
I agree with the first part, but certainly not the second.
Your is certainly in gear today C - both answers are spot on . The answer to question 1 is an interesting one - you are quite correct to say it is 223 r 1. If you do the same calculation on a calculator the answer is to infinity!!! The answer would never end.

Certainly true if you go by the looks, but can he play an Electro-Who-Cardio-Floox?
Fridays jobs report will almost certainly reveal a record-breaking level of unemployment in the.

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Wont miss whining and sanctimonious Rapinoe. She must be one of the most unhappy people on the planet.

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