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Monday 15th of February 2021

Mariah Carey And Jackie Chan at The 'Rush Hour' Premiere in 1998.

Protesters hold banners and flash the defiant three-finger salute as they gather in front of the statue of Myanmar's independence hero General AungSan to mark the anniversary of his birth, in Yangon, Myanmar, 13 February 2021. NYEIN CHAN NAING/EPA.

Stray Kids Bang Chans Flirting Has Fans Going Wild.
Great to see diversity among historical figures. Looking forward to Jackie Chan's portayal of Henry VIII.
Stay : omg chan you're my valentine ): "can we talk about our new sofa?".
When bang chan dated stays on valentine's day.
Ive literally never blushed because of a kpop boy . until i met bang chan .
Whats up with hyunjin and chan.
Rt if chan is your first date.
Chan's Room ep.93 HDshot no filter athread.
Chan made us stay up to have us watch him be gay.
Oh my god he was clowning us . BANG CHAN????????
Yeah i forgot bang chan is a man.
CHAN ?!?!??
Bang chan best boy.
Bang chan the only man we can trust.
Just thinking about Chan planning how to set the mood, going to the store to pick up chocolates, giggling while he picked out the flower & then curating a ROMANTIC PLAYLIST is such a dream ValentinesDateWithBangChan bangchan chansroomep93 Stray_Kids StrayKids Bang Zeng Mie Zhu.

Hyunjin's taking a bath and he said chan came and turned off the bathroom light so hyunjin yelled and chan said "hey hyunjin~" and hyunjin clarified that it's not the transparent bathroom but the other one.

Chan just made 3 million single people happy today & made their standards in men higher than ever before.
Bang chan versus explicit lyrics pt. 278252.
Chan jail mode.
One day we will find our own bang chan.
... bang chan pay for my therapy rn /j.
Are ppl seriously having romantic feelings for idols?? bitch chan literally went through his sex playlist with 3.2M of us.
Your idol will never date you giggles my idol is bang chan.
Before you go date someone, please go ask yourself this question first "is he better than bang chan ?".
So chans censorship process only rules out songs w fuck in them but if u say anything along the lines of hot love making thats fine by him.
Bang chan: the valentine we all deserve.
"You guys are the reason why I can be very happy, so thank you for being alive, for being alive at the same time as me" We don't deserve him... Thank you Chan for today and always Stray_Kids StrayKids Bang Zeng Mie Zhu.

]squad do minho] chan, changbin e hyunjin.
(chan just turned off the lights in the bathroom and went "hey hyunjin").
On a serious note, it was so cute and modest of chan to ask us out before valentines, set the time, dressed up for us, he brought chocolates and a rose his playlist tonight was planned well bc it expressed the stages of love. it was such a thrilling and enjoyable moment.

Chan seems in a big good mood, it's heart-melting to see him like that.
Bang Chan scammer.
You are the reason that im happy so thank you for being alive bang chan.
All men do is lie except bang chan.
Hyunjin said on chan turned off the lights so he screamed then chan was like hey hyunjin~ and he also said its not the bathroom with glass door LMAO.
Chan saying you guys are raising the heat of this whole mood im.
Bang chan's mindset : 34 35 = explicit [?]nulb***nulb dive in = a banger.
Minho once chan arrives home.
Who is bang chan and why isnt there more men like him in this world?
Ur just on ur date with bang chan minding ur business and here comes ED SHEERAN...
When bang chan had a valentines date with 3M people.
The way all of you got clowned by bang chan on valentines day.
Ed Sheerans song is just so romantic, I can play his whole discography but its gonna take long - Bang Chan 2021, ed sheeran fanboy.
Chan scappa.
Im on a date with 3M people - bang chan 2021.
So that was just chan in his natural habitat????
Sorry... It's Bang Chan!!
Bang chan doesnt lie.
In case you needed it, heres bang chan going :] today.
Thank you so much Chan [?]nulb ValentinesDateWithBangChan StrayKids Bang Zeng Mie Zhu.
Whoever marries Chan is gonna be the luckiest person in the world.
Chan went to hyunjins bath to turn off the lights an dthe lyrics to felix solo song... YAL IN TELLING U IM TELLING U ITS DROPPIND.
Nah i respect the complete lack of shame chan consistently shows up with every week. he knows he cant say fuck or shit so he gets around it by playing the horniest songs in existence that dont have the little sweary swears in them and stares us right in the eyes as he does it.

: chan i don't have any date today so thank you for coming today : ofc! because i know some of stay's are lonely...stay's can't lonely so I'm here !!
Chan belike.
Its okayyy bang chan, i still love you though.
So they dropped nothing which means that chan has just officially gone mad.
Chan wanted us to stay up just so he could tell us hes going to look at hyunjin in the shower..i.
Chan fooled us /j.
Bang Chan be like : I'm sorry STAYs but I like to see you are being clowns.
Chan: comes home after the date with stays lee know.
Chan teasing us that something might drop whilst leaving to go see hyunjin in the bath only for nothing to drop and him turn the lights off in the bathroom.
No I hate this song I chan no.
Thank you for being a part of our lives! Let's enjoy today together until the end of tonight! Your smile always make us happy and fall in love with you more GulfKanawut PhiBalls thh[?]cbhthNbhi[?]sooclllo[?][?]thrrtt.

Chan & his 3M dates all around the world.
So were all dating chan now huh.
Whoever is gonna end up with bang chan in the future is gonna be the luckiest bitch on earth.

What You Really Think

I have great memories: Disney's NightJohn's premier.I met "The entire Bridges family,I was honored/grateful, Mr Jeff, Mr Beau, their dad Mr Lolyd too" God is Great people.

1998... what a time to be alive.

Jackie Chan is so handsome! AND DONT GET ME STAED ON MARIAH [?]nulb.

That man feared nothing. That White Suit. I could never. I would have stains all over in 20 mins.


Mariah looks like a Amazon Goddess!

This is so iconic.

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