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Tuesday 7th of July 2020

RIP Charlie Daniels. - TeamCDB/BW Read About it Here .

Let's get Benghazi trending for Charlie Daniels.
Rest Peacefully with The Lord, Charlie Daniels.
RIP, Charlie Daniels. And, no, Benghazi ain't going away!
RIP Charlie Daniels. - TeamCDB/BW read about it here .
Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Daniels dies at 83.
So sorry to hear we lost American legend Charlie Daniels to a stroke today. A true patriot in every sense of the word. Actually went back and fourth with him this weekend. His last words to me were Thank you and FOUR YEARS!! We will miss you my friend.

Just learned legendary superstar Charlie Daniels, 83, has died. CharlieDaniels was the greatest. A wonderful entertainer, Christian gentleman, servant to our veterans like no other, & humble, kind man despite being multi-talented, successful, and hard working.

Rest In Peace Charlie Daniels. To Charlies family, you will forever remain in our hearts and prayers. Charlie will now be one of the great warriors fighting for America and bringing his music to heaven.

This is dedicated in memory of The Simple Man himself. Mr. CharlieDaniels . The world truly lost an American Patriot and a Legend. Thank you Charlie Daniels for being such a huge influence in my life.
I will miss retweeting all of Charlie Daniels posts. They were down to earth, smart and to the point.
We need more Charlie Daniels and fewer Dixie Chicks.
The Last Post on Charlie Daniels Twitter Account Couldnt Be More Fitting.
RIP Charlie Daniels. The man was a patriot through and through. To his core, he loved our country, our freedoms, our military, our veterans and our first responders. It was an honor to spend some time with him along the way. He had as much heart as anyone I have ever met.

Dear realDonaldTrump - I'd like to nominate Charlie Daniels for the National Garden of American Heroes.
You could have told me Charlie Daniels died in like 2008 and I'd be like oh okay.
A sad day for me. I lost a very good friend today. Charlie Daniels passed away. A true patriot, great musician, good man and husband, true friend. He's had a change of address today. Praise God. I'll miss you buddy.

R. I. P. Charlie Daniels A real AmericanHero I will miss you Sir & your WordsOfWisdom TheMighty200 .
Our great patriot Charlie Daniels is gone. Prayers for his family. Vnulb Charlie Daniels, of 'Devil Went Down to Georgia' fame, dies at 83.
NEW: Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Daniels dies at 83.
Fuck you charlie Daniels you racist pile of chicken shit.
Benghazi aint going away! - Charlie Daniels.
Mike Huckabee: Farewell, Charlie Daniels -- you lived a life done well.
Long haired country boy rip Charlie Daniels.
Charlie Daniels died? I hate 2020.
Charlie Daniels= legend these punk ass haters = losers . God has this and you snowflakes will melt away. TRUMP 2020!! Don't like America LEAVE!!!
Just heard that Charlie Daniels passed away. He was a big supporter of President Trump, and an amazingly talented artist. Rest easy, sir.
Charlie Daniels's last moments on earth were spent furiously tweeting outraged about Benghazi and abortion, which is how a significant number of elderly people whose brains have been rotted on right wing media are going to go out.

If rumors are to be believed Charlie Daniels accepted the teachings of Muhammad into his heart shortly before death, and will be buried according to the customs of Islam.
Country Music Legend Charlie Daniels has passed away at the age of 83. That sucks.
RIP Charlie Daniels 10/28/1936 - 7/6/2020 Country legend passed away yesterday cause of death was a stroke. Rest In Peace kind man. The patriots will make sure that BenghaziAintGoingAway.
Life is eternal. R.IP. Charlie Daniels who has passed on.
There are some rare individuals we bond with in life who fill a special place in our hearts that no one else can fill. Charlie Daniels was that for me.
Godspeed Charlie You always stood on principle & stood up for our Veterans & the USA. You will be truly missed in the fight for our country. Mike Huckabee: Farewell, Charlie Daniels -- you lived a life done well.

Very sorry to hear Charlie Daniels passed away. A great patriot who cared deeply about our country and a very kind man. RIP and God bless his family.
Rest In Peace Charlie! We love you and we will miss you. But youve left us with your wonderful legacy of music and patriotism that will be forever remembered by all. Charlie Daniels Born October 28, 1936 Walked through the Pearly Gates singing a tune ... July 6, 2020.

In memory of the great Charlie Daniels, Benghazi ain't going away.
Rest In Peace Charlie Daniels. He has passed through the pearly gates. May you rest easy and peacefully in the arms of Jesus for an eternity on streets of gold.
When I was 5 years old my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said how do you be Charlie Daniels no one could be Charlie but Charlie. Hes one of the best humans I had the honor of knowing. Love and prayers to the Daniels family.

R.I.P. to a great American, Charlie Daniels. A National Treasure. 5 of his tweets from yesterday: REMEMBER 9-11! Benghazi aint going away!! 125,000 innocent unborn babies will be murdered...today. Pray for the blue. 22 VETERANS COMMIT SUICIDE EVERY DAY!!

Charlie Daniels Band Devil Went Down To Georgia.
We had the opportunity to interview Charlie Daniels several years ago for our On the Road series with thousandtrails. He was such a pleasure to talk to and a true gentleman. We hope this devil rests easy in Georgia.

"Lord, give us the courage to speak our mind, to be honest, and bold about our feelings, no matter who, or how many we go against." - Charlie Daniels.
Heard the very sad news of the passing of the legendary Charlie Daniels this morning. My heart goes out to his family & friends. Had the great good fortune of knowing Charlie and it was a true honor to have played with him a few times...

Hes Alive - Charlie Daniels & World Outreach Church Worship team. - TeamCDB/BW.
Charlie Daniels has died.
Hey RIP the legend of the Willie swamp man. He was one of the best in country music! Fly high Charlie Daniels.
JUST IN: Country music star Charlie Daniels, who sang 'Devil Went Down to Georgia,' has died of a stroke at 83 RIP.
In memory of the late great Charlie Daniels: "Benghazi ain't going away".
Charlie Daniels tweeted about Benghazi, veteran suicide, abortion, Benghazi, 9/11, and supporting police officers hundreds of times, almost daily.
Charlie was a good friend and a great musician. He will be missed dearly and remembered for all his contributions to Music City, our country and our nations veterans. May God watch over him.

What You Really Think

God speed ... In America we will remember.

Please keep his daily prayers...he has been instrumental in helping renew my faith.!!

Brother. We will all miss you.

We lost an American legend. RIP.

R.I.P. Mr. Daniels and may God bless your soul. Thank you for the gift of your music and thank you for your patriotism.

Rest In Peace, Charlie. You ll be so greatly missed.

Really is a bad year.

God Bless you. RIP.

Wonderful, good, Christian man and amazing talent. RIP.

RIP CharlieVnulb.

A true gem. Godspeed sir! RIP.


RIP Charlie!!

Gone but never forgotten.

I hate to hear that. I have enjoyed praying with him each morning here on Twitter for the past couple of years. Enjoy heaven, CharlieDaniels!

RIP my man you were great sad to hear your gone!

We will always remember you Charlie and will be forever missed by us all! Thank you for being a part of my life, for the amazing support for my family and your friendship! Rest in heaven my friend.

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