Charlie Hebdo Reprint Prophet Muhammad Cartoons

Tuesday 1st of September 2020

Charlie Hebdo to Reprint Prophet Muhammad Cartoons on Day Islamist Attackers of French Satirical Magazine go on Trial.

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Charlie Hebdo to reprint Prophet Muhammad cartoons on day Islamist attackers of French satirical magazine go on trial.
Charlie Hebdo to reprint Prophet Muhammad cartoons on day Islamist attackers go on trial.

What You Really Think

Crazy son of the bitch .

I request you to cancel this. Admit it or not Muslims Reaction to this can be very painful for you ppl. That's why be sensible before it gets too late.

Muslims value a book theyve never read over human life.

And leave me and the rejecting capitalists (to take revenge) and give them a little respite (so that their misdeeds may reach their extremity). Lo! We have heavy fetters and a blazing fire of Hell (Al-Quran:Surah Muzammil, 10-11).

This isnt freedom of speech or democracy its a blatant plan to be provocative and cause trouble.. any consequences of this is entirely Charlie Hebdos fault.

Like were gonna bomb your home countries out of existence and were gonna make fun of your religion whatcha gonna do? Not to excuse terrorists but this is just typical whites.

To my fellow Christians, Jews, & other people of other religions please please please, don't let this happen it will hurt 1.9 billion Muslims all around the world, & the pain of the soul is more deadly than the body pain. if this happens it will be no less than a war coming up.

White culture is so stupid.

EXCELLENT IDEA !!!! Just get ready for the pile of shit coming up your way !!!! hahahaha.

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