Tuesday 25th of August 2020

Just Re-upping my Early Story on Charlie Kirk, Whose National Field Director Got Caught Texting, "i Hate Black People. Like Fuck Them All.

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Charlie Kirk kicks off the RNC saying, "Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization.".
Charlie Kirk's full remarks at the.
Charlie Kirk just gave a FIRE speech at the RNCConvention2020! Good work, charliekirk11!
Charlie Kirk kicking off the RNC tells you a lot about what you need to know about the state of the GOP right now.
Charlie Kirk just said trump put his "life of luxury" on hold. Tell that to his golf resorts.
RNC opening night begins with the first speaker: Charlie Kirk, who says this election is a choice between preserving America as we know it, and eliminating everything that we love.
Donald Trumps RNC so far: - Senile Jon Voight - Charlie Kirk needs a straitjacket - Matt Gaetz what a joke - Ronna McDaniel is literally excrement - Eric Trump Fifth Amendment - Fuck all these monsters - Trump is going to prison - Its still only 9pm.

Charlie Kirk followed by this hysteric. If I felt that Id attracted the kind of base that would respond to this, Id kill myself.
Coked out Kimberly Guilfoyle is ready to go at The RNC. Hey didn't Hitler give his soldiers crystal meth Charlie Kirk ?
Charlie Kirk is not even 30, makes $292,423 a year from Turning Point USA and is opening up the RNC by complaining about poorly qualified elites who run the country. Fox News didn't even carry the full speech. Welcome to RNC week.

Even Fox News has cut away from the extremely boring RNCConvention2020. Not even Republicans want to hear Charlie Kirk and Matt Gaetz speak.
Charlie Kirk just said "The American Way of Life means you follow the law, you work hard, you honor God, you raise your kids with strong values & you work to create a civil society." Which isn't funny; until you realize he's talking about Trump.

Just re-upping my early story on Charlie Kirk, whose national Field Director got caught texting, "i hate black people. Like fuck them all.
MUST WATCH: realDonaldTrump is the ONLY candidate who deserves your vote this November. Not convinced? Heres why: !
But why does Charlie Kirk look like a partially inflated balloon?
The color of your skin doesn't determine your success in America It's all about how hard you work and the CHOICES that you makeTHAT'S the real privilege Get the facts you need to push back against the left's racist lies.

Turning Point USA is insanely racist.
Trump is the bodyguard of western civilization, Charlie Kirk says at the GOP convention.
The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE: Instant Reaction to Night One of the RNC!
Tried to watch Charlie Kirk, a 26 year old conservative Republican speak at the RNC Convention. Scary, I mean truly scary. This was Adolph Hitler talk, American style, us verses them and them (us) are as evil as the Jews who "stabbed Germany in the back." Incredibly dangerous.

When Tucker started talking over Charlie Kirk, I went to C-span & watched uninterrupted. Such inspiration & truth & love of America expressed. And then I returned to Fox briefly where I had to listen to Mike Wallace & Donna Brazille. Gag a maggot.

Charlie kirk is trending so here's that time he was called out for brazenly lying about why he didn't get into west point, falsely blaming it on affirmative action, and responds by lying about ever having said that.

I'm guessing Tucker Carlson is anti-Charlie Kirk.
The guy who funded turning point and discovered Charlie Kirk died of coronavirus.
"Defender of the Golden Showers." no sorry, meant to say .."Defender of Western Civilization" Charlie Kirk.
Republican youth activist Charlie Kirk just called Donald Trump the bodyguard of Western civilization. Now they have on a teacher who hates teachers unions at the RNCConvention2020 which is actually not a convention.

The RNC2020 opened with suspected white supremacist Charlie Kirk. The fact that both parties have embraced and normalized violent anti-Black racism, is further reason why Black people should cease supporting these corrupt systems. For those unfamiliar with Charlie Kirk.

Note that Charlie Kirk, speaking right now, did not introduce himself as the co-founder of the Falkirk Center at Liberty University, which he founded withJerry Falwell Jr. (hence it's name).
Dont let the mob take over America Get the facts you need to push back Click here to subscribe to The Charlie Kirk Show TODAY.
Who is Charlie Kirk? The 26-year-old conservative activist founded Turning Points USA, a conservative nonprofit, when he was 18 and became a rising star in the Republican Party.
Interesting. CNN and MSNBC are taking the first GOP speaker, Charlie Kirk. FOX is not.
I have known Charlie Kirk for nearly 7 years. Charlie has always loved America and fought for our great country. No young person is doing more for America than Charlie. I will always stand with and proudly fight with charliekirk11!

"Church is more essential than a casino." -Charlie Kirk says as he campaigns for a candidate who used to *OWN CASINOS* and never *GOES TO CHURCH*.
Charlie Kirk Republican youth activist called Trump the bodyguard of Western Civilization Same one who also got caught texting, "i hate black people. Like fuck them all.
Charlie Kirk should not talk about Western Civilization when he believes that America's natural land should be paved over to make room for the millions of non-Western laborers he wants to import to replace us in the near future.

Charlie Kirk talkin about about preserving the greatness of western civilization if we elect trump for another 4 years. Sir this is a fucking Arbys.
Charlie Kirk looks like he's either constipated or about to vomit. Or both.
Charlie kirk literally spent a whole speech signaling to nazis and dogwhistling about western culture, an old man from cuba got up and did red scare bullshit about Communism Bad...take your pick. its just night 1 baby.

When I see a person as young as Charlie Kirk who is as hateful as Charlie Kirk I assume that a dog bit him when he was a small kid and he decided to take out his fear on the rest of the world.
Charlie Kirk, co-founder of Turning Point USA, heralded Donald Trump as the defender of Western civilization" at the RNC. The Anti-Defamation League and SPLC note that Turning Point USA members have been linked to extremist and white nationalist groups.

"We will build a future where America remains the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world. All of that is within our grasp if we secure 4 more years for the defender of western civilization, our champion, my friend, the 45th POTUS, Donald Trump" - Charlie Kirk.

Fox News cut away from the RNC as soon as Charlie Kirk started talking.
Charlie Kirk looked hypnotized and spoke kinda like the way Tom Cruise speaks at his Scientology conventions: intense and robotic.
Really tired of these white supremacist dog whistles. Matt Gaetz claims the opposition wants to replace America. Charlie Kirk said Trump is a bodyguard of Western civilization. Great replacement theory is subtly weaved through all this.

Fox News cut away from Charlie Kirk's speech to interview Sen. John Kennedy. They've now gone to break. CNN, MSNBC & OANN airing full.
"We may have not realized it at the time, but Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization," Trump activist, Charlie Kirk.
The party of Trump. The party of Falwell. The party of Charlie Kirk.
Sometimes it is helpful to search the consciences of other people. I'm sure Charlie Kirk appreciates you for setting his motives and his Christianity meter on reset.
It should totally gross you out that Charlie Kirk opened this. 90% of the people that harass me on this platform follow that guy. I said I wasnt going to watch and here I am. Ok. Ill stop now. For real. Goodnight, good people.

What You Really Think

On brand.

If someone tells you they are a racist, believe them.

Before I read this, is that field director RealCandaceO?

I think their WhitePrivilege is showing. Hope someone tells him.

And democrats thats have been caught in KKK uniforms and blackface are still in office? Wtf is your actual point? The hypocrite and idiocy of some people is beyond comprehension..***nulb***nulb.

Jane youre my heroine You are a gifted journalist.

Thanks for sharing another trump Republican scandal. Too many scandals too little time!

Charlie Kirk has always been a tool of corporate America and pushing their agenda on college campuses. He tried to drive partisan wedge into a liberal generation he detests and failed. These recent allegations proves Continued.



Wait until you find out what Senator Biden said about Indians and 7-11's.

Did you do a story about the FBI lovers talking about ensuring Trump will be impeached if he wins? Just curious.

Now write a story on the BLM organizers saying this about white people.

Literally 0 images to back this up.


Trump supporters hate black and brown people. That is why they support this lying President. He is a disgrace.

Yes Racists one and all so what are the tokens doing there ? Thinking they arent. or have an exception or ??? Why.

So Chucky what say you, holla back after you find that WAP.

Wow. You had to dig that hard,huh. Youd think that thered be an effervescent expression of hate in every Trump voters life. But there just isnt.

Im sorry, I cant retweet those words. If you had used racial slurs or hate speech was utilized then I could share, but not the way it is quoted.

Didnt know him but he had a certain energy about him. Cant judge a book by its cover, but many speaking tonight seem to be about privilege, exclusion, lying, fear mongering, etc. RNC 2020 is a slick reality show. Not the America I know & live in. Very strange times.

Its too late mainstream media, he cant be redeemed no matter how hard you try.

Cant vote Trump for this very reason. Plus I still remember him spewing I dont know David Duke over & over again. But I cant vote for the Dems either due to THEIR views on race (Kendi: Racial discrimination that leads to equity is a good thing.) Politically, Im homeless.

What a shitty article, who took the time to write this middle school gossip?


If anyone is shocked, I am shocked you are shocked.

Jane aint no one reading fiction while we got facts at the RNC stay mad.

Candace will deny this.

Fun fact: Russian Agent K. Kilimnik's secret account (revealed by the senate report) didn't follow many people (less than 200) but sure seemed to have a lot of connections with Turning Point. See for yourself, if it's not closed or scrapped.

Jane, Allegations, Analysis, secret sources. Do you have your period? Idea, go to the lover store. Get the biggest Dilfo off the shelf. Take it home and , you Know the rest of the story. Cum Dumpster!!

I've heard worse from Democrats, PERSONALLY.

See my shocked face.

That's not racial bias. That person needs treatment.

I feel like this is the sweetest story connected to him. I kid. Thanks Jane!

You are known by the company you keep.

Ofcourse he did...

Racist says what?!?!!

He makes me so angry.

As a black person, Lady shut up ***nulb Ik what your trying to do and were not dumb.

Yea but he didn't say it tho so why should he have to be blamed.

Thank you for the reminder Jane, I missed it earlier.


You have a sitting Democrat governor who either wore a Klan hood or Black face. None of you seem to have a problem w/that though. Hypocrisy!

Fake News nulbLiars Lying.

Im so old I remember when TPUSAs founder and benefactor died of Covid.

LIES! New Yorker is a liberal rag who promotes fake stories as shown here.

Youre a hack journalist & it is from 2017.

You liberals are the racist. I know its hard to undo the brainwashing but facts don't care about your feelings...

The head of the state chapter here in Nevada on video saying "white power" and "f all the (n-words.)" He wasn't just a random member. He was the head of my state chapter.

TPUsa is full a of racist piece of shits, who could have guessed.

Davey from 1960s Davey & Goliath all grown up!

Oh, a trump republican advocating for the Putin Caucus!

Thanks. I don't know what he was saying, but I heard "White, Nationalist, Male, Me, Grievance, Me, Me...".

Ill reup with you. .

You clowns make up any and everything. Twitter twats believe your BS.

He would certainly wear a brown shirt well. I cannot get unstuck from his saying that Republicans will not stop him from having as many kids as he wants. Not sure how is wife feels about that or if he has a wife...

All the best people.

Just a reminder that New Yorker for which you work for played a part in propaganda used by American government to justify invasion of Iraq, which led to hundreds thousands of dead & rise of ISIS.

Good read. Thx for the re-up.

Seriously F this twerp. This is the Kirk I want to see from here on out.

Jane Meyer straight lying to the people. It is pathetic! Jane is pathetic.

Your story on Charlie Kirk is about someone else? This shouldn't be a riddle.



Lots people feel the same way.

Racism? In MY movement full of racists?

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