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If youre giving abuse to supermarket workers you should be utterly ashamed of yourself. My constituent Charlotte has been working tirelessly to make sure we can get the essentials we need to live our lives. Charlotte, I know many more ppl appreciate you than those who abuse you!
night two card: Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre John Cena vs. The Fiend Edge vs. Randy Orton Rhea ley vs. Charlotte Womens Fatal 5-Way Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler Aleister Black vs. Lashley Street Profits vs. Theory and Garza (via )
Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre Rhea ley vs. Charlotte Flair John Cena vs. The Fiend Edge vs. Randy Orton Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler Fatal 5-way Womens Elimination Match Street Profits vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley Wow. Night 2️⃣
I can already see the entire Charlotte NXT run unfolding. I mean we all wanna be optimistic when something like this happens but nah
Wait wait wait Becky: raw champ Charlotte: NXT champ Sasha or Bayley: Smackdown champ?? Yall they said 4HW rights
Charlotte needed it.
-Charlotte attacks leg 101 psych that we’ve seen a billion times -weak story going into the match -sloppy and botched moves -TOO long; overstayed it’s welcome -downright annoying screams that match was nothing special.
So the whole Charlotte feud is meaningless.
wins the NXT Womens Championship against Rhea ley
You mean Charlotte making the rest of the NXT women looking inferior
Charlotte Flair is the new NXT WOMENS CHAMPION
Charlotte is the new NXT Womens Champion
Can’t wait to see the AEW fans saying they only gave the title to Charlotte to “help with the ratings” lol
Hey on the bright side, its reasonable that Rhea has been called up, and its likely Charlotte will put over Bianca Belair on NXT
Let me just say I LOVE Charlotte and she is one of the goat but fr why does she need the nxt title? Just stupid
Looking good! 😍
Broke: Wahhh, Charlotte Flair is NXT champ again Woke: Hyped for Charlotte Flair vs. Io Shirai, Candice LeRae, Dakota, Shayna (since shes still technically on NXT), Mia Yim and more.
Charlotte vs Rhea delivered it was fucking fantastic. ****1/2
I see Charlotte won over Rhea, stop giving Charlotte the title let others win, we get it she’s a Flair
Vince just buried the Womens Division across 3 brands tonight , by making sure Charlotte became an 11 time champ. Only 6 more worthless reigns to beat Daddy. 3 of the 4 now titles. Vince is playing favorites again.
Charlottes not done yet she’s a 10 time world champ probably gonna pass her father rhea will have a bright future but let’s not act like Charlotte is done she’s still in her prime
Not even gonna get into why charlotte beating rhea was a bad idea. I can write a whole essay on that. But it’s all good because Io is here to save us. Shirai will submit her legacy by beating daddy’s girl
"Dont mess with The Queen , especially on her birthday." - reacts to Charlottes victory over at . Buy Now:
The NXT women’s division is stacked already. There is zero reason for Charlotte to be there.
NXT gains a ton though. Charlotte just proves that it’s no longer the developmental brand. Rhea can either go to the main roster and be the one to beat Becky or can go back to NXT and train harder than ever and when she eventually pins the queen it’ll be even bigger.
Charlotte will bring ratings to
Charlotte really this athletic it’s not even ok
You dont have to win to be over. Fun Fact: Charlotte has one of the worst ppv win/loss records. She has never had a bad match. Shes going to bring the best out of everyone.
Charlotte is overbooked and it doesnt justify Rhea losing the title.
Rhea ley and Charlotte Flair set the bar HIGH AF for the rest of night two. BRA. VO!!!!!!
Let me tell you this: NXT Womens champ Charlotte Flair facing Io Shirai? Candice LeRae? Bianca Belair? Tegan Nox? Dakota Kai? Mia Yim? Thats exciting as fuck. And the list goes on.
wins the NXT Womens Championship against Rhea ley
Honestly Charlotte going back to NXT makes sense. She’s done all there is to do on the Main Roster(besides the tag championships)and has beaten everyone. Her going back to her old stomping grounds to show the new girls she’s still the Queen is perfect.
One of the best opening matches (technically) in Mania history. Absolutely fantastic, and I know people are worried for Rhea, but she looked AMAZING and I think in the long run, Charlotte at the top of NXT will be best for everyone. Really really great match
To the people that say that Charlotte constantly winning is "fine cause shell put them over eventually." Reality: Charlotte hasnt put anyone over since 2018. Shes hasnt lost a one on one match clean that wasnt fluke(roll up) or cheating since. It was time. They blew it.
Charlotte could be a draw if they didn’t make it so obvious they want her to get to 16 time before Flair passes away, years back that claim was reported, so really Vince is exploiting a guy who worked 22 years to make his record only to give daughter less than half of the time.
“cHaRlOtTe WoN bEcAuSe HeR lAsT nAmE iS fLaIr.”
Charlotte won the NXT she wont have to travel as much now if she holds onto it. Possibly making the same money. I see the play.
This was like the Asuka vs Charlotte Flair match all over again.
Idgaf about the subs you didnt just tweet "Charlotte selfish" I forgot she books this right ?
As good as Charlotte is, I just never get into her matches. No clue what Lashley & Black were fighting for.
shoehorn charlotte strikes again
Minus the outcome Charlotte-Rhea was a pretty good match. Enjoyed Black-Lashley more than I expected, as well. Glad it wasn’t a squash. Wonder if Ali comes back during the Otis-Dolph
Id love to see Bianca be the one to dethrone Charlotte.
Husband does something called the one glove method at work. He touches things with one gloved hand, and keeps his ungloved one to scratch his face, check his phone, etc.
The question is "Why put the title on Charlotte Flair?" I am sorry. There will be some who are happy with this decision. However, I am on the side of the fence who does not agree with it. The match was great, there was storytelling, but I am sorry. It is a hard "No" for me.
And when Charlotte beats her again then what the hell we gon do?
Honestly out of all those women i only see them allowing Bianca & IO to shine in the ring with Charlotte
Charlotte Flair has mastered the art of double sided tape. I swear she still wears her old tops from her old implants but still stays in
North Carolinians are fighting COVID-19 with innovation and ingenuity. Thankful to folks like Jordan—who I met a few months ago in Charlotte—as well as my sister-in-law Camille, who are involved in this important effort.
They do it for Charlotte
Thats true but Charlottes career is not all about her daddy either
Rhea screwed all because WWE want Charlotte to break her fathers WWE just the booking we need to drive the company 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Couch selfie with more grey hair.
The match was good but did Charlotte Flair really need another mania moment?
Me walking up to Vince’s door to demand Charlotte Flair VS Bianca Belair
what a fight!!! charlotte vs rhea 🤘🏻
Charlotte Flair deserves every accolade shes achieved and then some. Less than a decade in, and shes already one of the best female wrestlers ever to do this. BOW TO THE QUEEN PEASANTS.
Tbh Charlotte is the weakest, most unnecessary, disrespectful link in OZARK
Charlotte Flair has once again become NXT Women’s Champion after defeating Rhea ley at WrestleMania 36.
Charlotte is going to have a lot of good matches in NXT. This will be interesting once things get back up and running
Charlotte really the most hated in the four horsewomen
Woah, Charlotte is going back to NXT? Charlotte v Io Shirai pls
Does this mean we get to call Char Charlotte 2 time now 😏
Well, since AEW is on Wednesday as well and their Women’s division is trash, Charlotte helps WWE in that department.
This is Charlotte’s 11th Women’s Title run in years. I really hope this one actually means something.
Charlotte’s gonna end up burying that whole division.
Broooo I really do like Charlotte but damn. This should’ve cemented rhea ley as a top star
Oh fuck off why has Charlotte won that
I’m just gonna say that Charlotte has spoke openly about her admiration of Bianca & loves her so your grievances should fall on Hunter, not Charlotte.
charlotte flair got that ughhhh boi gawd
Overall yes I do. In the ring if you wanna day Io is better then I won’t agure with you because that’s a good take. But Charlotte is great in every category
I want what the Charlotte fans have.
I should probably stay off Twitter for the next 20 minutes or. Charlotte beat Rhea for the NXT Title in a really good match.
why do you love me da charlotte lawrence primaaaa
rereading charlotte has five disciples again for the nth time and i still cannot get over this story 🙃
What does it do for nxt? Cuz if they think they’re gonna get more rating out of Charlotte being champion then they’re wrong.
Fuck Charlotte! STOP GIVING HER TITLES!!!!!!
Found a guy online that spent the day at Vito and Nicks’s. He got their recipes for their sausage, sauce, and crust. Also tells you how to cook at home using a pizza stone, which I have. Holy f*^king shit. Haven’t had a real za in Charlotte. Stay tuned!
Glad to see a fresh young talent like Charlotte Flair get put over by a veteran champ like Rhea ley before the fans got sick of her as champion. Im sure this Charlotte Flair, whoever she is, has a bright future ahead of her.
I would have rather Rhea won, too, but I do think beating Charlotte in the long run makes more of an impact. Rhea is a STAR, but overcoming a 10 time champ is gonna make someone’s career. But we’ll see what happens.
Hey, at least they protected Rhea by having Charlotte work the leg all match. Wish Asuka got that treatment if she was gonna have to tap out at WM34.
I am so pissed. Sorry but Charlotte as champ isnt gonna make me tune into NXT. ley shouldve held the title as long as Bazler did if not longer.
Did you enjoy the Charlotte vs. Rhea ley match in night 2 of ??
Whose idea was it to give Charlotte Flair another title run? Id like to have a word with you. 🤨
Holy shit, Charlotte won the NXT Title
Charlotte wins the NXT Womens Championship against Rhea ley 😳
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Amazing start to Night 2. Charlotte and Rhea were next level, went exactly as it should have.
Sketchy workout Charlotte
Maybe the reason Shayna Baszler is still being billed as an NXT Superstar is because she could be in the mix against Charlotte Flair. Baszler, ley, Belair, then the likes of Shotzi, Toni Storm What a womens division! And if any of those went to RAW or SmackDown, wow!.