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Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Chelseas New High-profile Attackers Get The Headlines, Chelseas Defenders Get The Second-half Goals.

Were back. Ready to go again! COME ON CHELSEA!
'What a way to score your first Chelsea goal!' fikayotomori_ a year ago today!
It's time for Frank Lampard's Chelsea to turn talent into trophies.
Hes turning into the Chelsea version of Lingard ffs.
Chelsea fans are you excited by Lampards style of play? Its been a season... I dont see anything.
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Kai Havertz's Chelsea debut by numbers vs. Brighton: 88% pass accuracy 35 touches 7 recoveries 3 tackles 1 take-on completed 1 chance created 0 shots First impressions?
Herh Chelsea >>> Real Madrid Liverpool Barcelona Bayern Munich.
You sure sey dem never scam Chelsea like this.
In Nigeria, Chelsea runs the street! By the way Akin is sure no one will sack Frank Lampard! If Marina do anyhow, she go see anyhow! Full video.
227 minutes with one assist is hardly world class. I can shit out a list of players with world class ability who were never or will never be world class. Anyway the guy is finished at chelsea your midfield has the depth and quality for him to be never relied on.

Brighton were good tonight weren't they? Yet Chelsea have strolled this for about 25 minutes. And that is Brighton all over.
Chelsea fans really thought Havertz would take the premier league by storm straight away and give their entire club a boost... not everyone is Bruno Fernandes.
Sorry to disappoint you but jorginho used to do it before bruno fernandes came to the premier league. Check chelsea vs Huddersfield 2018 i think ( jorginho's premier league debut ).
Kai Havertz would flop for Chelsea and two seasons later, theyll loan him to Vitesse or Crystal Palace.
Ngolo Kante to some Chelsea fans after this game.
1 goal, 1 assist... Anyone who's picked Jorginho out of the Chelsea players from the OfficialFPL is definitely happy tonight.
In fairness, Chelsea literally have no tactics or style of play tonight.
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Honored to be one of the first to receive the new ChelseaFC kit. With our new players I expect Chelsea to win Brighton atleast 10-0 today.
Kindly retweet my hustle. Thanks in anticipation[?]nulb BHACHE lamptey chelsea Neo and Vee.
Someone asked to be raped if Chelsea win.
The way lallana had a better debut at brighton than havertz did at chelsea.
Chelsea's victory against Brighton this evening means that two massive milestones have been hit by the club since Roman Abramovich bought the Blues in June 2003! - 600 wins across all competitions. - 400 wins in the Premier League.

Chelsea fans say Trent come outside, hes scored 2 in 2 against you so be careful what you wish for...
Score line aside, this Chelsea team is shocking to watch.
OHHHH MY DAYS. A follower needs Chelsea to score in both halves tonight to win PS16,000 from PS10! Help the man out... What would you do? Hold on for the PS16,000 nulb Cash out for PS5,600.
New season, same old Kepa Arrizabalaga. One of the worst goalkeepers in the history of the Premier League. Still can't believe Chelsea paid PS75 million for him.
Chelsea ordered for harvetz they delivered hargbalumo to them.
Chelsea's new PS65m midfielder.
Klopp hit out at Chelsea's summer spending, but Liverpool's line-up against Leeds cost a whopping PS356MILLION... more than Frank Lampard's new look side!
I'm not a chelsea fan but tbh Kai Haverts is just a Razak Pimpong with a German passport.
Needs to start vs Chelsea.
I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I saw how the hell have Chelsea scored three goals tonight.
League Goals Zouma - 1 Timo Werner - 0 Kai Havertz - 0 I know Chelsea's striker.
Hai this Chelsea side is gonna get slaughtered by Liverpool next game.
None of your business. He doesn't need to do anything. Stop the jealousy with Chelsea.
Relax Chelsea fans its only Brighton. You still not winning the league.
Lamptey MOTM, cant be given to a Chelsea player.
Chelsea fans hoping Kepa would improve this year.
2 Manchester teams for the title this year, Liverpool and Arsenal 3rd and 4th, Wolves 5th, Chelsea 6th.
Chelseas new high-profile attackers get the headlines, Chelseas defenders get the second-half goals.
If you staked this game and changed Chelseas option Send me my share.
Whisper it, but did Barkley change the game for Chelsea? Dfkm.
Anyway in a better mood. Im keeping my eye out for Chelsea, Arsenal, Mancity maybe Liverpool this season.
19 - Since he joined Chelsea in 2018, Kepa Arrizabalaga has conceded more Premier League goals from outside the box (19) than any other goalkeeper. Weakness.
[?]nulb Reece James is the 6th different player aged 21 or under to score for Chelsea in PL since the start of last season - joining Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Pulisic, Tomori & Abraham.
Lamptey is playing like he hates Chelsea lmao.
Last season we had terrible Monday night games. I hope this is the beginning of new Chelsea FC.
Kai Havertz has only been training with Chelsea for a week. He is still only 21, in a new league and still is only getting used to his new team mates Give him time, he is going to the very top..
Thought Chelsea was losing with the way the TL was lookin. They gonna look choppy with no preseason and a gang of new signings lol.
This has been an exceptionally poor performance by Chelsea tonight. Honestly, quality of player was the only really telling thing here. If Brighton were a better team, they'd have blown us out.
Lamptey is my MOTM today, ChElSea ReJecT absolutely class all night.
83' Hudson-Odoi replaces Havertz What did you make of Havertz' debut? nulb Brighton 1-3 Chelsea .
I cant wait to see Chelsea injury free.
Ah you people realize say Chelsea de play Liverpool next?
8 - Jorginho has scored all eight of the penalties he has taken for Chelsea in all competitions (excluding shootouts), including five in the premierleague. Reliable.
The fashion industry profits directly from Uighur forced labor, Sara Ziff, head of activist group Model Alliance, said outside Spring Studios in Chelsea. "We can no longer deny the reality of genocide in fashions global supply chain.

Yeah so Liverpool gonna touch up Chelsea bad bad next week.
I need an All or Nothing docu-series for Chelsea this season.
Since the start of last season, only Man City have scored more Premier League away goals than Chelsea But they've only kept one clean sheet in their last 20 away games, and none this year Does something need to change?

Kai Havertz - Chelsea Debut - Premier League Aint Ready.
Chelsea fans really hyping up Havertz tracking back Paid 70mil for a guy to run after a ball If you want someone to chase a ball you can get a dog at the shelter to do it for free.
Yeah i dont see why not. Only thing not in our favour right now is the new fella at Chelsea is out injured so hes still getting a game.
Chelsea sending Kai Havertz back to Leverkusen after todays game like.
Did chelsea just use 100m to buy a german Iheanacho? Havertz ko, planting ni. Fraud.
Brighton 1-3 Chelsea.
Chelsea always wasting talent look at Lampteyomy!
I'm following Chelsea on the 5th Stand app!
How much did Chelsea buy Werner again?
Chelsea go buy bentley parts, wan fix am for okada.
Idk why but there's seemingly always a massive Chelsea vs United fanbase war whenever I come on twitter like when did this start?
Willian plays over 30 matches for chelsea every season till he left. Bale has been warming bench for a while now. Bale is 8th most paid footballer in the world while Willian didn't even make top 20. Pray for Grace my people.

Your passion for chelsea.
Timo Werner when a Chelsea player picks up the ball in midfield.
Na wetin Chelsea buy vs wetin Jumia deliver.
Whos better? Like for Havertz Vnulb Retweet for Lingard BHACHE Werner Chelsea.
Chelsea are going to be ridiculously good this season. Playing and winning this way without - Ziyech - Pulisic - Thiago Silva This Blues have all the potentials.
Live Online Live [?] streaming without ads ... .Brighton vs Chelsea. Live links nulbComputer - PS - XBox nulb: Live for Mobile HD: Hits Like & Retweet.
Sure, theyre getting outshot and outplayed by Brighton. But just wait until Chelsea, who bought every young attacker on the planet in order to build season-sustaining depth, have their first-choice XI out there.

Tonight is a win-win situation for Brighton fans as for many of them they get to see their real team Chelsea playing. What loyalty COYP CPFC.

What You Really Think

I think Harvertz perform very well for them in both goals What a player in the match.

Kai havertz had the worst debut so far in the premier league.

Weldone lads.

Chelsea Cool.

Keep the same energy that you lot did with Pepe with havertz and Werner.

Havertz is a flop lool.

Can't believe Chelsea fans were comparing him to Foden.

For Werner atleast... Havertz is a lil flp.

Havertz disaster class as well as being outplayed by Mount...

Brighton been dominating them.

Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Chelsea 56' Reece James long range goal.

It takes time for the players to settle in. It's their second game if we count the training one the style of every team is different. To early to set up a judgement.

Havertz tonight.

When your PS150m new attack cant score, the defenders have to do the scoring.

Chelseas defense playing better than their offense.

Follow me and I will follow back.

Havertz passing to the linesman world class signing.


Brilliant havertz.


Relax guys it's Brighton.

Chelsea is back.

Still a tinpot club.

Havertz flop.

Werner and havertz avi i made from this game, feel free to use it if anyone wants Vnulb.

Havertz and Werner are flops.

Games not over yet calm down.

Hahaha 72m on thst flop.

Cause they played shit.

Werner And Havertz stinker.

Zouma gives Chelsea a third. BHAFC 1-3.

Havertz is a massive flop.


Chelsea spent 400million and needed lucky long range goals and a penalty to beat Brighton HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA Lampard is finished.