Wednesday 5th of May 2021

**Update** In Four Months at Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel Has Now Beaten Zinedine Zidane, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Diego Simeone (X2), Jose Mourinho And Carlo Ancelotti! And Without Conceding a Single Goal Either in Those Seven Matches!

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Chelsea first team Champions League history reach final men's women's competition same season. Emma Hayes Thomas Tuchel.
**Update** four months Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel beaten Zinedine Zidane, Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Diego Simeone (X2), Jose Mourinho Carlo Ancelotti! without conceding single goal either those seven matches!

Chelsea Thomas Tuchel becomes first manager reach final successive seasons with different clubs European history.
Thomas Tuchel joined with celebrating Chelsea fans. jaspermather26].
January: table Sacked club legend Frank Lampard Tough against Atletico May: - place - Final - Just beaten Real Madrid Final Thomas Tuchel deserves everyones respect turning Chelseas season around.

Sacking Frank Lampard appointing Thomas Tuchel right decision. Chelsea always right when comes managers. laud them. respect them. Another Champions League final confirmed.
Thomas Tuchel's warning Guardiola ahead Champions League Final.
four months Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel beaten Zinedine Zidane, Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Diego Simeone ]x2], Jose Mourinho Carlo Ancelotti, without conceding single goal either those seven matches.

Chelsea makes wanna some give away. Should Like retweet want Kante Hazard Werner Vinicious Lampard Thomas Tuchel Mason Mount English European Manchester City Kroos English Chiwell London England.

Thomas Tuchel said this when joined Chelsea January. Fair he's done already.
Chelsea sacked Frank Lampard, brought Thomas Tuchel theyre Champions League final some Arsenal fans still backing Arteta doing Trust process. Shameless fans.
Thomas Tuchel Chelsea will very happy into half-time happy there more goals although sure nerves take What think TheRealAC3?
Chelsea Women. Chelsea Men. Just Chelsea! Champions league final! Incredible, inspiring Emma Hayes. Thomas Tuchel!
Youve gotta give Thomas Tuchel flowers Since taking over Chelsea: games 16 wins 18 clean sheets 2 defeats UCL finalists FA finalists Back four turned around Blues.

Thomas Tuchel came into league when Chelsea were struggling. Brought them back Beat City take them final. taken them Champions league Semi-final well. whatever want proud right that club.

Rival have appreciate incredible work Thomas Tuchel done Chelsea just half season, absolutely incredible, manager.
Thomas Tuchel taken Chelsea side that close hopeless UEFA Champions League finals.
Thomas Tuchel reaching final: done yet, know this. finals ]Champions League Cup] sacrifices have given this point been worth from one.

Thomas Tuchel only manager have faced Zinedine Zidane times avoid defeat: (BVB) '' (BVB) E (PSG) '' (PSG) '' (Chelsea) E (Chelsea) Three different clubs lose Zizou. Solid.

When Thomas Tuchel said will build team wants play. Yall thought mouthing, Chelsea become Concrete brick actually wants play.
celebrations commence! What night Bridge! Chelsea worthy winners over both legs What impact Thomas Tuchel having.
Thomas Tuchel: "Every club different. Chelsea, found club very very strong, very focused, with support from one. Premier League extraordinary. It's pleasure coach here.".

Chelsea right now... 2021 Uefa Women's Champions League final Secured. 2021 Uefa Men's Champions League final Secured. Emma Hayes Thomas Tuchel leading Chelsea European stage.

Atletico werent their best Porto unlucky Madrid looked today Nope, Thomas Tuchel Chelsea tactically superb nullify opposition. coincidence... Respect, respect.
Back back finals Thomas Tuchel. Regardless what happens Istanbul, remarkable stint German Chelsea. he's even hold this team he'd like. Sometimes, sacking managers will results. ain't bad.

2020: Champions League finalists with PSG. 2021: Champions League finalists with Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel Thiago Silva.
behalf Chelsea fans... Thomas Tuchel. Thank taking club back top..
Thomas Tuchel moment.
Thomas Tuchel qualified Chelsea final less than months chelsea. Some clubs still process trusting process after years enroute Europa League.
Thomas Tuchels Chelsea record against managers incredible. Zero goals conceded.
Chelsea under Thomas Tuchel: games wins draws losses clean sheets Champions League Final well strong chance What appointment been.
Congrats Chelsea superb performance against madrid.All thanks goes Tuchel building strong solid team.Retweet this Tweet think Thomas Tuchel deserves Coach year award anaa? Chelsea fans drop your handles let's follow you.

Thomas Tuchel hanging fist pumping Chelsea fans outside Stamford Bridge. cfcawayinfo_].
Thomas Tuchel took over Chelsea January. Since then kept clean sheets against: Zinedine Zidane Jose Mourinho Diego Simeone Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Jurgen Klopp Carlo Ancelotti Marcelo Bielsa Pep Guardiola Solid. [?].

N'Golo Kante truth surely evident Thomas Tuchel's 'dream' comes true.
Thomas Tuchel
Chelsea reach Champions League final third time their history, facing City May. Timo Werner Mason Mount score historic goals. finals four pole position. could great season Chelsea Thomas Tuchel.

What You Really Think

Whos arsed ***.


You want to make that Pep Guardiola (X3) or wait for later?

Congratulations to Chelsea but these stats are misleading. We all know that Chelsea conceded a goal vs. Real Madrid. Yet, the stats only picks out the games that Chelsea won.

And those guys u have just mentioned has beaten him on his time with PSG..It is chelsea as a team which is good but Tuchel is still a gambler.

Ummm didnt benzema score bud?

Up Chelsea !!! Let's follow each other my lovely Blue fans, Follow me and I follow back immediately.

Tuchel knows how to improve at back . He was a defender in his short playing days.


Tout ca grace a Edouard Mendy.

They will still sack him!

Hasnt beat Bielsa though has he!!


TG there is no Ole.

He managed a draw with Bielsa.

Didn't see oles name in there.

With Franks team.

And not ole.

But not Big Sam Jules!

Niet gek.

They didn't respect him at PsG.

Must remember the players make plays coaches provide information to guide players to seeing the play to make the fight decisions.

PSG owners look really stupid for sacking Tuchel. Porchertino is definitely a downgrade unfortunately for PSG.

Madrid score once !


-parks the bus.

I don't see Ole's name anywhere here. My manager >>>.

On his own?

Bindu khabichililaa ,The current status in Milima ward,Bungoma county in Kenya.

What was the score of the first CL match with Real Madrid?

We did concede against R Madrid in the 1st leg, but still a hell of a performance.

He conceded madrid.

Ya le puede ganar a el vasco aguirre que seguira dando asco.

He couldn't beat Graham Potter and Brighton and Hove Albion though...

Not Graham Potter though.

How abt benzema first leg acrobatic.

Mad stats.

Please can you remind me of the first leg results...?


He told psg owner neymar is s**t I cant win with him and they sack him we thank him so much he is one of the best manager out there.

Wait make OLE's Tricky Reds catch am.

Guardiola x3 now?

And they call my coach the PE teacher..

Conceded 1 against Zidane if we are counting the aggregate score. But Tuchel has been brilliant since joining Chelsea. Match made in heaven for him.

History makers with a style.

Ole has a decent record against him.

Ole ?

Will never beat Ole.

This obviously means Big Sam is better than all the managers mentioned .

. ChelseaFC .

1 lie.

And yet he couldn't beat big Sam Allardyce.

Ole's at the wheel tho.

Real Madrid scored in first leg.

Unless you pretend he didnt concede against Madrid first leg youre incorrect.

Cant beat the goat tho.

Moving like ole prop.


Didnt Benzema score last week?

One season on one season off.

Has he beaten Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Jules?

Amazing what can be done without a load self entitled children in the dressing room, only in it for themselves.

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