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Monday 8th of February 2021

Going to Write Our Own Legacy.

Going to write our own legacy.
Im saved because Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins. Buccaneer & Chiefs players discuss their faith ahead of Super Bowl Sunday nulb.
Which is it!?
Seems like a good time to remind people of one of the greatest commercials ever made: This SNICKERS x Chiefs collab.
Chiefs fans so full of themselves as if 5 years ago they could make the AFC Championship game.
Chiefs covering and the over hitting.
ICYMI: Tyreek Hill quoted a Bible verse to close out his last media session.
Thx for this insider tip, will make my bet accordingly.
The MTG Untapped Super Bowl predictions! Kosta- Bucs win 35-31 The Micah- Chiefs win 35-24 Who do yall think is gonna win?
If Tyrann Mathieu has an interception AND the Chiefs win Super Bowl LV, we'll give a Tyrann Mathieu autographed jersey to someone who retweets this tweet AND follows us!
If Tyreek Hill scores 2 touchdowns AND the Chiefs win Super Bowl LV, we'll give a Tyreek Hill autographed jersey to someone who retweets this tweet AND follows us!
Game Day! Join us in wishing PatrickMahomes and the Chiefs good luck in SuperBowl!
THEIR stadium that will have more Chiefs fans lol.
Yooooooo its someone in the group chat who put 4 bills against the chiefs.
Retweet this just to annoy Chiefs fans.
Love the super bowl.
I'm going Chiefs.
My identity is in Christ and my identity doesnt change whether Im playing great, playing bad, starter, backup, hurt, healthy my identity is that Im an adopted son of God through faith and Im more than a conqueror. Chiefs OL.

GOOOOOD MORNING, TAMPA! nulb Its SuperBowl Sunday! Whos ready?
The Kansas City Chiefs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. SuperBowlLV is set! How are you preparing for the Game Day? Share with us!
Rooting for the chiefs because jalen hurts is rooting for the chiefs and im nothing if not loyal to my boyfriend who doesnt know i exist.
Whos winning tonight I got Chiefs winning 45-28.
Friends -Here are my Superbowl predictions! I will gain 6 lbs pounds today No one still knows who ksorbs is Pretty sure RepMTG will seek more attention today Tom Brady is a d**k RepMattGaetz is already drunk Jim_Jordan will yell at his TV I will take a nap! Chiefs win 35-31.

Reza Shah's services to Iran: Creating unprecedented public security in the country by suppressing miscreants and cutting off the hands of local infiltrators, tribal chiefs and aggressor owners and creating national unity.

Chiefs, Spags has bradys number and the chiefs are on a roll.
38-24 Chiefs.
In KC for Super Bowl LV! Reppin the Chiefs and patrickmahomes today. charliehustleco thanks for upgrading my mask game! iknowitsintampa runitback Kansas City, Missouri.
Coupuhgmail.com chiefs are not losing dis free.
$500 Chiefs.
Chiefs with the dub tonight.
Mfers be flexing on Twitter so hard talking bout I got 10k on the chiefs.
The day is finally here. SBLV x.
GoFundMe for girl critically injured in crash involving Chiefs coach raises $45,000 within hours.
Tell whit to come out hot and place it all on a -200ish bet that will settle before the end of the game. Like chiefs to be winning after 3 quarters. Then theres time to adjust or coast depending on others totals.

Bucks 21 chiefs 17.
37-34 Chiefs win.
Go Chiefs!
Me too especially since I cant stand chiefs fans.
Will the Chiefs RunItBack tonight?
Retweet no Annoy Chiefs fans.
Chiefs: 41 Bucs: 28 Mahomes: 312 yards.
Chiefs fans have annoyed me my whole life. I know one Bucs fan and hes cool. Shaq Barrett is dope. Go Bucs.
Lets go take it.
32-17 Chiefs.
This if you're a Chiefs fan. Let's see how big ChiefsKingdom is on Twitter.
The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers meet up Sunday in Super Bowl 55. Follow all the action here on Yahoo... .
Chiefs 36-33.
I would cheer on the Chiefs if they were not playing the Bucs.
Since I dislike Brady its got to be the Chiefs today. At least WVU has a great college record against QB Mahomes.
Chiefs, Buccaneers...or just here for the halftime show? Comment below! Superbowl cupcakes available in stores today!
jodispissed8645 mousekerdoodle pranster VampireKat MichaelChrisLA azgrl007 QuinnLeone4 jillmcmullon ava_unity JennyWearAMask AndersIwie Amberdev4real bigdurtynerd juliepanther16 xsambob MimiBme919 bunnykittenpupp Hey girl, you do the same! Go Chiefs!!!

Hard to care about Chiefs football today when my job is laying people off. Glad for the players. But dont know if I could care any less when real life isnt awesome.
Cheetah said the Chiefs are chasing MJs Bulls...but Tom Brady is closer to 7 rings.
If Travis Kelce scores 2 touchdowns AND the Chiefs win Super Bowl LV, we'll give a Travis Kelce autographed mini helmet to someone who retweets this tweet AND follows us!
Madden NFL 21 Predicts Super Bowl LV Winner: Kansas City Chiefs Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
The only question well be answering tonight is Bucs or Chiefs? No tri tonight so our hosts can partake in Super Bowl festivities. Well see everyone next week!
Any last minute SB bets?? I got chiefs.
We were talking about this earlier today about how on paper its the Chiefs all day. But how you know when it comes to Brady you just cant count him out at all.
Kaizer Chiefs will win the Nedbank Cup this season!
Banyana banyana can beat Kaizer Chiefs even if they are all pregnant -nulb.
Hella customers keep asking for me just to say go chiefs They know me so well (.
Lets go Chiefs!!
28-21 chiefs.
It's now Super Bowl LV game day! RunItBack GO CHIEFS!!!
If the bucs lose Ill send everyone that this $10 Must follow.
Its Game Day! Lets Go Chiefs and.
Who are you picking to win? Chiefs or Bucs.
Other Chiefs & Bucs with Mizzou backgrounds.
Has made great decisions to help TMobile customers stay connected to their world. The MidwestThing Team wants to help him go 5-0 in his playoff picks. Change your pick for SuperBowl to Chiefs 31 Bucs_Nation 27. Youre welcome! Tampa today will be ChiefsKingdom!

Apex_GamingCo AverageJoeWo zeal_ke SuperBowl Chiefs Buccaneers Chiefs look strong as hell this yr.
But the goat?
CHIEFS and thats it.
I told you to eat before Kaizer Chiefs match, look at you now inviting people because ukuda akungeni.
He was thrown under the bus today. He was definitely setup for failure. Stash was done badly by the coaching staff of Chiefs. No excuse for him though.
Im in ks and my family isnt havin a party this year obvs, bc pandemic, but theyre all still Fuckin Pumped to scream at the tv tonight n cheer for the chiefs lolol.
Day186 Chiefs RunItBack DuckRaces SBLV is FINALLY here! Dos Lombardis Season7 Finale starts NOW! FollowME ArtbyCaitlyn Kevrok805 & Retweet anyRace post for your chance to win 1 of 7 prizes on 2/8 ChiefsKingdom Stay TURNT UP My Friends! Got myon Lombardi.

Weve battled and found ways to win. PatrickMahomes talks to kurt13warner about why this Chiefs team is ready to take on any challenge. ( nflnetwork) : SBLV -- TONIGHT 6:30pm ET on CBS : NFL app // Yahoo Sports app.

The time for talk is over as the Kansas City Chiefs are set to defend their NFL Championship this afternoon against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers SuperBowl SBLV Who's your pick, ChiefsKingdom or GoBucs?
Lets do this!! Go Chiefs! MahomesZoneSweepstakes SBLV *.

What You Really Think


Hope you beat the greatest cheater ever, Brady.

We got some guys too. We like our chances! 2020 Super Bowl.

Go Chiefs!

Is this year going to have a parade like last year I hope so. I'm actually willing to wear a mask for it.

The amount of cowards that get on here and go out of there way to make ridiculous comments about Andy Ried like he is Responsible for his grown ass son is just amazing. You take POS to a new level, while you try to be Twitter tough guys sitting behind a screen. You are sad people.

You all are just talking bad about us cause you are nervous were going to whoop your butts! Tom Brady or not we are bringing it back! GO CHIEFS!!!!!Vnulb.

Come on Chiefs Mke us proud,Kingdomnation.


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