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Monday 8th of June 2020


Chips, fries, steak fries.
Literally had it myself donner n chips and mayo.
94 with chips please.
Gabi , pingu , colleen , fish and chips hehe , making instagram themes , paris more <3.
Chips, frites, potatoes ? (??).
Chips, fries, potato wedges or "steak fries". There is another type of fry that also gets called steak fries.
Chips, fries, wedges.
Chips x 3.
Chips, chips & chips.
Chips fries and wedges superior.
Crisps, fries, chips ?????
Chips, fries, Tatie Wedges.
Bbq flavored chips are the best.
Crisps, chips, wedges. anything else is WRONG.
Dear santitas please change it back to 2 dollar only so i can have fun eating chips.
Chips au vinaigre god tier.
I think they are banana chips.
Potato chips Fries Papas.
Chips, fries, potato wedges.
Stoners are a different breed.
I need to announce i forgot chips were made from potatoes so. chips are safe.
Chips, fries, steak fries (but mostly I just call them fries lol it just says steak fries in the menus n shit).
Can a fight start again i wanna eat my chips but this is boring.
Ate too much chips and hummus but that's not going to stop me from eating ice cream later,, will be freaking out a lot though.
Watching old chips and found this gem XD.
Like to sit down and be served a margarita and chips and guac? im crying.
Chips, fries, shitty fries.
Is this... Is this really how people make tea here? People do this? I don't even use the microwave to make hot chocolate (I also never add water to the mix, it's always milk; and I only use the powder mix if I don't have chocolate chips).

Chips, fries, wedges ?
Crisps/chips(or fries)/chips.
Chips, fries, fries.
Chips, fries, and potato wedges.
We won, therefore they are chips.
Is that what guns are for?
Crisps, fries, chips luv x.
Chips, fries, (hot) chips.
1. Chips 2 & 3 hot chips.
You mean chips fries and DIO.
Chips, fries and wedges das it.
Crisps, fries, chips.
Gives him tater chips and also bacon.
Chips, french fries, wedges.
Fries, chips, hash browns, baked potatoes, potato salad, tater tots, them potato hot dog or hamburger buns, mashed potatoes. BOY!!! Elite.
Me after i finish eating a 24 course meal of chips.
All of this upsets me but then I remember Canada has ketchup chips.
Chips, fries and wedges.
Oreo chips brownies.
Crisps skinny chips and steak cut chips.
Chips, fries, and fries.
Crisps, fries and chips although those last ones look so fat they could be wedges.
Chips, fries, fries/potato wedges.
Chips fries potato wedges/steak fries.
Enjoy sir! I recommend a large taco salad with chips and salsa and some frijoles ?
Acc tbf fries and chips are both used when discussing the thin ones innit.
Did you eat paint chips as a child? Seek help.
Crisp, fries/chip, chips >>.
I was trying to eat healthy today. I just finished a bag of chips with chili. I don't regret it.
Chips, fries and wedges anything else is wrong.
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Chips, fries, and undercooked jojos.
If the cookies are Kamikaze that suggests they have no chocolate chips ??
1. wellington crisps 2. haggis chips 3. fish & chips without fish.
1- Crisps 2- Fries 3- Chips.
Chips, shoestring, fries. Not seen waffle cut.
Chips, fries, papas ??
Crisps, chips and chips.

What You Really Think

Mature cheddar and red onion.

Cheddar and red onion is my fav.

Crispy bacon and maple syrup.

Sea salt and balsamic vinegar!! ?

Vegan sheese.

Sweet chilli and sour cream - saving a packet for the weekend ?

Lightly salted.

Oh yum! vegan sheese & red onion ??

Lightly salted please.

Seasalt and Balsamic Vinegar.

Sea salt and balsamic vinegar mmm.

Sweet chilli and sour cream!

Balsamic vinegar is my fave!

Mature cheddar and red onion please.

Crispy bacon and maple syrup please ??.

Ready Salted for me ?

Lightly salted! Love them with a salsa dip.

Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar everyday ?

Cheddar and red onion.

Sweet chilli.

Sweet chilli and sour cream.

Sweet chilli and sour cream ?

Sweet chilli & sour cream ?

Salt and black peppercorns plz :).

My favourite KETTLE Chips for a big night in are: Lightly Salted.

Crispy Baco & Maple syrup.

Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar.

Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream - yummy!

Sea salt and balsamic vinegar are my favourites.

Mature cheddar cheese.

It's gotta be Sweet Chilli!

Chilli for me please.

Slay and pepper.

Crispy Bacon.. yum.

I'd love the sweet chilli and sour cream!

Crispy bacon x.

Cheddar cheese and red onion for me please. Spaniels love cheese!

Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup.

Sweet chilli and sour cream ???? x.

Cheddar and red onion!

Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar.