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Don't think they're not working on that.
As if class="u-nolinkc" href="">this comes up under controversial. Some class="u-nolinkc" href="">people are actually intentionally trying to suppress voters - who could that possibly be?
Those billionaires will funnel that class="u-nolinkc" href="">money down to me! /s.

What You Really Think

"Every small business owner will be visited by IRS agents in wheelchairs with guns" is the latest I'm seeing on right-wing social media. Like ... _what???_.

The man on TV told me the demonacrats are baby-eating pedophiles who hate jebus I can't vote against Jebus! /s.

Eh, Republicans dont object because they think they'll be a billionaire one day, they object because they believe ina strict social hierarchy. Billionaires are at the top, they are in the middle, above *those people*. If you disrupt billionaires in the hierarchy it could also mean they will lose their "superior" spot and someone might compare them with a ]non: white straight able bodied property owner]. Of course, the world doesn't actually work that way, but good luck explaining that to them.

Your irs funding is literally just setting up a sucession plan for the staff the expect to retire over the next decade and to bring them back up to strength they were at around 10 years ago. It's just status quo funding. I don't get why you news cycle has made anything out of it.

This is going to be so unpopular but, what they are setting a precedent for is not good for all of us. What is with people trusting the government. Both dems and repubs play for the same damn team, and that teams goal is to keep the common man down and subservient. Dont let them play you.

People who think like this aren't even billionaires if braincells were currency.

It's almost dumber than that. It's basically "I don't like paying taxes, so I don't like the IRS because they are the people that are in charge of it.".

]And then people like me better watch their step. ]().

I vote every election but this will be my first midterm vote. This year for me it honestly just comes down to reproductive rights.

The mid-terms are extremely important. There's a number of governors, Congress, and Senate seats up for election. Real change can ONLY occur once there are at least 60 Democrats in the Senate to prevent filibustering.

Young people need to show up. There are so many of them now they can make a huge difference but they must show up. If they did so every 2 years we could relegate the repubs to near obscurity.

I put in a request for an absentee ballot and checked yes on whether or not I wanted to be a poll worker on election day.

I think we're all in for a rude wake up call this November when people support Republicans at the polls. I want to believe that women will vote Democrats to get back their rights, but the hate I've seen over the years. Classrooms of children are literally dead. I've lost almost any hope of republicans voters making any sense.

The memes, of course. Also student loan debt reduction.

Clinton was the worst president since Reagan. He fucked the economy and stripped welfare/healthcare worse than Reagan would have dreamt. Obama was dogshit too. They were all bad. Youre behaving like a spoiled, entitled boomer who deserves young people to come out and vote for your shitty candidate while giving them nothing to vote for. Boomers and liberals are spoiled children almost as much as conservatives. Yall are the white moderate MLK was talking about. Just worthless.

Let's see what the percentage is for, "leave her no option but a coat hanger up her pussy.".

This is what I dont get. Why??? Why the hell would anyone vote for someone who bragged about it???

For the record, Trump improved his performance with women from 2016 to 2020. ]In 2016, Trump won 40% of women, but in 2020, he won 45% of women.]().

I thought it was 41% of *white* women.. is that not correct?

I wish the democrats had used their various majorities since the Roe V Wade decision to codify it into law instead of relying on a legal precedent. They aren't really fighting back as much as they are using it to gain votes. Pelosi is doing campaign support for anti-abortion dems while saying "go out and vote so we can fix this".

The gop is going to win the house away from democrats.

Oh word? Can you please elucidate how the dems are "fighting back." For any credit at all could you explain why they couldn't "fight back" for the past 50 years?

The GOP supports not killing babies.

I mean ]Pelosi is activly backing an anti-abortion candidate right now]() Its really a choice between the lesser of the two evils.

Vote *while you still can*.

And if you think democrats are going to stop them, you aren't actually helping.

And marriage equality.

And climate crisis. And Ukraine. Vaccine. What else was I told to be angry about.

Imagine if you just populate that checkmark list there exhaustively. Its just bizarre at that point how toxic the democratic party is on the ballot. Makes sense, but such a shame.

I became a single issue voter years ago. I said I would never support a party that was trying to systematically disenfranchise voters to win elections. Now I am adding to that list that I will never vote for a party that actively supports a fascist leader who tried to overthrow our government.Didn't think I would ever need to add that one in my lifetime. Thanks Trump.

>For some voters, the local GOP candidate might profess to stand for safety and jobs while the local Democrat is portrayed as weak on crime. If abortion rights is secondary to, say, personal safety or tax rates to a particular voter, he or she might well set aside their disdain for the extreme GOP elements and vote red. All you're really telling us is that their base is too stupid to be swayed. Crimes across the board are hilariously low compared to previous decades. Anyone with access to google knows the Democrats are the ONLY party that has put forth a competent budget in 60 years. How do you reach people who believe things that 5 seconds on google prove are massive lies?

This is literal propaganda this image is literal Democrat propaganda. Most ironic post on Reddit Ive seen in a while.

Wish it was a joke.

Well with a majority in both houses of congress plus the presidency, it seems like this would be a pretty easy problem to solve for them, they could just simply pass laws that guaranteed universal healthcare and a federal minimum wage.

Just look at what you made us do! Were only taking away your rights because you keep insist on using them.

They are, but not in the way you are ready to accept yet.

I find it funny. But then I'm not American.

Absolutely! That this even needs to be something to chose? Its hilarious how hypocritical the right is.

Lets not lose sight that republicans successfully attacked our rights.

When they had a super majority that lasted 72 working days in 2009? When there were *multiple* moderate senators at the time who did not support abortion rights? They couldnt have passed it at the time, there wasnt support. The party is more universally in support of abortion rights now and they are actively trying to protect womens rights as opposed to republicans who are taking them away everywhere they can. Women arent stupid, we can tell the difference.

If that isnt victim blaming, I dont know what is. Its your fault you got robbed! You didnt lock your door!!!

I know. Can you imagine? After four decades of it being settled law they did not put the crashing economy and passing healthcare reform aside to spend their time passing a completely unnecessary law. What were they thinking? Oh yeah, they were thinking **we're not a bunch of dumb-asses**.

What an boring way to conveniently ignore republicans taking away reproductive rights. You can do better with that deflection.

I'm not even in America, and even I know that the Supreme Court there has power to strike down laws. How would a law have changed anything? They would have just said it was an overreaching law.

??? "Yeah, the thief should keep the wallet because you let him take it in the first place. Honestly you're worse than the thief".

What rights are Democrats trying to take away?

There is nothing any Democrat could have done to prevent a rogue, activist SCOTUS from reversing Roe.

Thus sub is straight up neolib democrat propaganda. The failure to recognize dems shortcomings is misleading at best and a plain scam at worst. Dems have been campaigning on this issue for decades and let it fall to the bottom of the priority list over and over. Total fucking joke of a system.

Seethe, hahaha.

Your participation here is voluntary.

Democrats do not have the votes to end the filibuster and therefore expand the court because of Manchin/Sinema. Two more mainstream democrats could provide those votes. That is the reality of the situation.

We could codify it right now if Republicans wanted to.

Thanks for the input, Republican.

Have you got a source or did you just made that up.

So were supposed to what? Vote for the people who actively took away our rights as opposed to the group who passively failed to prevent it? No. Not the same.

The RNC thanks you for your support.

So your solution is to continue voting for people actively taking away your rights?

Please, share the details of the pro-choice supermajorities the Dems had during Obama and Clinton admins that would have allowed them to EASILY pass it. Please, point out the 60 Senators that would have voted for it. Either admin will do. Well wait.

Well there was the tan suit scandal, and the fact that Republicans had a majority which makes it impossible to do anything, but ok.

Why does everyone here not know how the Supreme Court works? "Codifying" doesn't change anything for the Court who is judging on constitutionality.


Supporting policy that a majority of Americans support would be a novel approach for the regressives.

How would they have stopped it?

What are you talking about? Roe being overturned was done by the Supreme Court?

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1. Not a strong point: SCOTUS can invalidate federal law, toolike they did with the VRA. 2. Not a strong point: ]They tried](). 3. Not a strong point: They failed because *one* Democrat and *every single Republican voted against it*. 4. **Every single Republican voted against it.**.

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Need 60 votes in the senate or 50 votes willing to overturn the filibuster, at best now they have 48.

Republicans hold 50 seats in senate 3head.

Thats not reality though.

The fact that owning a firearm is more protected than bodily autonomy in my country is infuriating daily.

What do you consider a blanket ban? Because several states have banned it in all circumstances except for the life of the mother.

Yup, those stupid baby-murdering women terminating their pregnancies after their fetus developed a fatal abnormality instead of carrying a doomed fetus to term. "Health care" my ass, lol!

Not fixed at all. Republicans will leave those babies to die in the streets.

Its not trying to be subtle its trying to make a point.

The majority of people who read these need a 2x4 to the head to get the message. This *is* subtle for them.

Depends on your social circle I suppose.

You spelled Derp wrong.

The right to an abortion.

The right not to carry a fetus? Yo I need undivided access to all the resources in your body for the next 9 months. Whats that? No?

It was a right that extended to all Americans but then Republicans changed that and made it a right that only applies to Americans living in moderate and liberal states.

Sir this is a ~~subreddit~~ web site for blatant corporate political propaganda, not nuance. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

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