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Sunday 13th of September 2020

Chris Evans Accidentally Leaks Explicit Image While Showing Fans His Camera Roll.

Unpopular opinion: Nude pics of women being leaked without consent is a violation, and thats still true when it happens to men like Chris Evans. This isnt entertainment. Its creepy and inappropriate.
Yes, Chris Evans accidentally leaked his own nudes on his own instagram yes, its funny but it was an accident and he deleted it, so please dont share them respect his privacy protect him like he protected the world.

Everyone coming to Chris Evans' rescue by flooding his hashtag with wholesome pics is genuinely sweet and feels like when New Yorkers won't give up Spider-Man's identity.
Chris evans when he hears a pussy needs to be guarded.
Its been reported Chris evans has fell over wishing him luck recovering.
Everyone flooding The Chris Evans hashtag with wholesome picture of him and his dog is what the internet should strive to be.
Remember when Chris Evans surprised a fan who was fighting a brain tumour and let him tie him up.
Re: Chris Evans This is so wholesome, sometimes Reddit people are nice. Vnulb.
Can someone please DM me the Chris Evans pic.
Talking about Chris Evans, i mean, look at this angel ><.
Before sharing Chris Evans nude, remember that the actor suffered an anxiety disorder with the rise of his Hollywood career and even refused to be Captain America on several occasions for fear that fame would affect him and his family.

Chris evans deserves the world but the world doesn't deserve chris evans.
Pagi-pagi liat Instagram story Chris Evans.
Yall please respect Chris Evans privacy we all do some dumb shit but remember that he also has anxiety i can't imagine whats going through his head but please lets just respect his privacy and him as a person :).

Chris Evans laugh to brighten your day passing through your timeline.
Me finding out why Chris Evans is trending rn.
See? Chris Evans was trending because of a picture of a dick... There you go, I circled it for you.
Never forget the iconic moment at the Oscars 2016 when Chris Evans was laughing at Henry Cavill after he caught him eating his girl scouts cookies. HenryCavill ChrisEvans.
This is THE BEST Chris Evans Picture.
These Chris Evanss pictures are for your bad day.
Chris Evans right now.
Friendly reminder that Scott Evans (aka Chris Evans' brother) did it first.
The only leaked Chris Evans pics I want to see are ones of him railing Lily James...
Pictures of chris evans with his dog dodger to cleanse your timeline.
Damn that's uncool. Can.. I send mine? And a wiki link to who Chris Evans is cause howw?
If yall search chris evans this better pop out cause its him being adorable and with dodger and thats it. thats the tweet.
Me clicking to see why chris evans is trending.
I think it's great that people flooded social media with pics of Chris Evans with puppies to respect his privacy & keep the di*k pic he accidentally sent out from topping every search. So why didn't ppl do that the many times female celebs had their nude pics stolen & leaked?

Chris evans leaked his dick pict on instagram, just in case you missed it .
If what happened to Chris Evans happen to a woman I think it will be a different story.
On one hand, nothing would make 2020 better than seeing ChrisEvans naked. On the other hand, if I were a Hollywood superstar constantly in the limelight, I would hope people could respect my priva...nope never mind I just want to see Chris Evans naked.

Chris evans did nothing wrong he just saw marvel stans asking for content its our fault for not being more specific.
Before you all make fun of Chris Evans leaked nude pic, he is suffering from anxiety just so you know. Respect Chris Evans. He doesn't deserve this. V.
ECUnulbECUnulbChris Evans NUDEECUnulbECUnulb The only nude scene I will share bc Chris Evans deserves some privacy.
Chris evans is the cutest dorkiest most adorable human being ever.
Instead of spreading chris evans leaked photo, share these. thank you.
Chris evans dick pic getting leaked was not on my 2020 bingo card.
How i sleep knowing chris evans is guarding my pu$$y.
Friendly reminder that chris evans is one of the sweetest men who (very publicly) suffers with crippling anxiety, and you should block & report anybody who is sharing that nude picture because this angel deserves nothing but love Vnulb.

Chris evans tho...
We must protect Chris Evans at all costs.
I knew i was right abt obsessing over chris evans before the nude got leaked.
Chris Evans with mcu friends~.
Avengers reaction to Chris Evans post.
So Chris Evans leaked his own dick pic on Instagram...
Stop babying chris evans ffs people. he's almost 40 years old.
I watched not another teen movie for the first time in maybe 15 years last night and then I found out that Chris Evans dick pic leaked. I feel somehow responsible.
The only thing we should be talking about is how cute Chris Evans and dodger are Vnulb.
Can we not make jokes about Chris Evans' getting his pics leaked. Respect his privacy. He deals with anxiety and you all doing this doesnt help him. We love ya, Mr. Evans!
Did we consider the possibility that maybe Chris Evans has another mans dick in his phone ?
Chris Evans Finding out who posted the nude of him.
Women flooded twitter with cute pics of Chris Evans in an attempt to bury the dick pick. Men, you gonna return the favor next time?
I didn't know Chris Evans is a Taeyong Stan As he should.
Reminder that Chris Evans is a wholesome man, who has done so much good and is a wonderful person. It was an accident, so please dont go spreading it around; I cant imagine how he feels rn. Hes human, like everyone else- remember that.

Chris evans will you guard this pussy.
Chris Evans accidentally posting his nudes.
Twitter after chris evans leaked his nudes.
This is the type of content that everyone should be sharing. Chris Evans being a perfect gentleman.
Chris Evans leaked his own nudes I.
In honor of Chris Guard that Pussy Evans...Let's watch Not another teen movie!
What's going on with Chris Evans?
Me sleeping knowing that my will always be protect by chris evans.
Chris evans at the premiere for captain america: guard that pussy (2024).

What You Really Think

It's not Chris Evans' schlong. It's America's schlong. God Bless America.

My bike is red & shiny.

Hardly news worthy. Move on.

I swear the people that are in this comment section is the most boomer fucking shit ever So he takes dick pics... AND? Fucking so what.

And why are we talking about this? chrisevans is a great actor. Lets just look forward to his next fabulous movie.

AND IT WAS NICE A DICK! There I said it!

Cap you did that on purpose didnt you?

Another leftist POS.

Wanted attention since the movie industry is on lockdown.

Add yo hidden folder fof the win.

Well yeaa thankgod somebody did it.! Evvvrybody needs to start dropping their intimate nudes now lol i mean come fucking on: it's 2021 after all, ya damn squarebears! jeezus kristos lol Wake upp ya dodo birds & get wid it!! This ain't the Inquisition, it shouldn't be weird.!

If I ever become famous remind me to delete everything, lol.

Always a mfering accident.

Nice cock.

Yay? Boohoo? It's a dick. Seen one, ya seen em all.

I have his n*des btw, if anyone wants them, dm me lol.

Those who scream the loudest...

I wanna see it.

Some people say accident; I say public service. Thank you, Chris. 2020 got a little better cuz of you.

If yall want the pic, cash app me 2$.

Come and check out my free onlyfans page! Show some love and support!

Ok guys who had Chris Evans accidentally leaks own pics in the 2020 is fucking crazy betting pool?!? WTF.




I think yall mean THICC Evans fym.

There are no accidents hahahaha.


Nice Cock bro 10/10.

I'm sorry but how is this proof that its HIS fallas?

Accidentally .

Whose to say it's his tho?

Is it Americas ass?

Lthr qbl lr.

Haha accidentally sure.


I saw the dick pick, its massive.

America's ass?

Rofl. Iron man was right about him.

A dick pic is what upsets you..get over your selves.

I'd say that's America's dick but we all know that title belongs to Biden.

Was it his peepee?

Bruh to the people asking for it and spreading it, grow the fuck up please. he may have accidentally leaked it but that doesnt justify spreading it around without his consent. its disgusting.

People are acting like its such a big deal. He's the same as any other man, and does things all men do (idk about taking pics of it tho) but still. He didn't mean to upload it. If ya see it, look (if you want) and move tf on. Don't keep it going for days or months (years).

Who cares!

You are a great actor do you who is Chad.

Can we get some F's for Cap.

Can you like please remove this? He clearly did not want it public, so can you guys please respect that? Respect his privacy. He's human, mistakes happen. Why do you think it's okay to do this? He isn't perfect, and he's an adult that can take any pictures of himself if he wants.

I feel bad thats just sad.

Thats Americas dick.

2020 sucks bruh.

Thats Americas cock.

Throw his ass in jail its a Publicity stunt showing that to kids you know they are online thats indecent exposure its a crime.

Good, good, want to eat lol.

Schit happens This old grandma has actually done that once or maybe twice Im embarrassed to say.

Uh oh, did he go showing off America's Ass again? ... My literal twin, one year apart. Both born 6/13.. that's so something a Gemini would do. Hahaha... Big fat oops! And then... What? Shame? Nahhh...


Who cares?

Come on. Accident?


How do you accidentally show people explicit pictures of yourself.

I can care less.

So from what I am understanding is that he was nude in a photo and he forgot to crop it? And he took that photo with his pet? So what so the man sleeps naked. I mean who wouldn't.


I was hoping for a female avenger...

Captain america well it happens glad I'm not a celebrity.

I support Chris Evans all the way.