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Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Lakers Fans Watching The Clippers.

Clippers fans heading into the 4Q of Game 7 down 82-74.
How Jamal Murray looking at the Clippers.
The lakers-clippers western conference finals is in danger, director silver.
Win or Lose the Nuggets are a great team... I just gotta say that before I flood the TL with Clippers slander.
Almost Clippers and pandemic P slander time.
All year they forced the Clippers hype down our throats, all to lose in the 2nd round against the Nuggets.
Clippers Got Kawhi and PG13 In the offseason And Still struggling Get Passed The Second Round.
Damn Clippers!
The internet getting their jokes ready when the clippers lose.
I cant wait to see the clippers post game interview.
Clippers shitty omg.
Clippers, flippers, house slippers, it dont matter. Nuggets in 7.
Clippers blow the third for the last time.
Adam Silver seeing the NBA on the verge of missing out on a Lakers/Clippers WCF.
This guy wreaking HAVOC on the Clippers.
Watch the clippers come back lol.
My family and I are going to take a shot if Clippers lose.
Mann get this man pandemic P outta here, Clippers traded there whole future for 10 pts in 30 min SMH.
Send the clippers back to Buffalo.
He wasnt doing anything but preaching to the choir over here! The NBA media had to elevate the Clippers to create some sort of opposition for LeBron. The usual.
In the midst of watching this Clippers collapseI cant believe the Mercury draw up a great buzzer-beating look for Shey Peddy to knock out her old team and the defending WNBA champion Mystics.
I saw the Nuggets and Clippers play at Pepsi Center in November 2016. They wore those all white sleeved pajamas.
I almost feel bad for Clippers fans. Come join us though. No need to hurt yourself like that.
So... Ill start this conversation. The Clippers are a better matchup for the Lakers. This Nuggets team has unique weapons that can border on unstoppable. I really think the Lakers wouldve rather had to play the Clippers.

Me going to bed tonight knowing the clippers are still the 2nd best team in LA.
Just imagine if this Clippers game was at Staples Center and how many trolling Lakers fans would have bought tickets to root for the Nuggets.
How LeBron watching the Clippers and Nuggets right now.
I really wanted lakeshow put clippers out bubble tho ***nulb.
Clippers going out sad.
There's still plenty of time for the Clippers.. Let's not jinx this with a premature celebration.
Clippers pack about to have me acting different.
Ready for this clippers pack to go up.
The Clippers were built to beat the Lakers ... but not the Nuggets.
Jazz fans when they see Clippers are gonna blow the 3-1 lead so they're not gonna be the butt of the jokes.
Bro are the clippers really boutta fold like this!?
Lol the Clippers looking to go off really sad Damn like where is the "dawg mentality" everyone was talking about.
Its still plenty of time on the clock... but Clippers still havent showed up.
Leaked video of Kawhi leaving Toronto to go play for the LA Rec Clippers.
Kawhi is great but hes boring as hell. the whole clippers team is. this is a W for the league.
Me getting ready to unleash all of my finest Paul George slander if the Clippers lose.
Damm skip going just as sad as the clippers.
Has any NBA team ever rallied from double digits in three straight playoff games while facing elimination in all three?! Nuggets Related: Has any NBA team blown three consecutive double-digit leads w opportunity to eliminate the opponent in each of those three games?!

Nba Twitter getting ready to slander the clippers.
Keep that energy you had weeks ago when you wrote off the Lakers and gave the to the Clippers. Thats the Colin I expect to see on tv tomorrow. Dont be humble now.
All the saying the clippers beating the lakers The clippers : about to get knocked off by the Denver nuggets.
Clippers slander is welcome Lmfaoooo.
I dont know what the most tweeted video of all time is, but if the Nuggets pull this off, that clip from The Jump asking Whos gonna score on the Los Angeles Clippers? is gonna get rage-tweeted like anything.

Its still a lot of game left but the clippers look dead.
Wild, not even kawhi can break the clippers curse lol.
Clippers exotic.
Dayum but the clippers supposed to be better than the lakers.
Clippers are down terrible today.
Hahahah the Clippers jinx is real. Playoff P my ass Wait 101 years you'll understand... LAC PlayoffP . Paul George is a joke.
Why the clippers going out sad like this.
The Clippers pulling a postseason Kershaw.
Maybe the Clippers werent as good as we thought they were?
Dont worry the Clippers aint flip the switch yet , just wait for game 8 nulb nulb nulb nulb nulb.
"bron look at the clippers".
On My Mama. The Clippers Slander Will Be Everything.
If Porzingis hadn't gotten hurt, we would have showed these Clippers pepper sha.
The 41st pick in the draft is tearing apart the Clippers.
And pat bev the absolute worst player in the entire league so you know the clippers are fucked.
A lot of the discourse re: the Clippers this series has been about lineups and Harrell or whatever but Murray and Jokic are just wildly outplaying Kawhi and PG tonight.
Atleast we didnt have high expectation like the clippers. Twitter goin be on they ass.
The NBA will never bless us with a Lakers/Clippers WCF ***nulb.
Clippers the biggest frauds Ive ever seen.
Clippers continue to make history for all the wrong reasons.
The Clippers arent gonna win this series b/c of Immaturity. All of the antics & clowning on the bench all playoffs has caused them to lose that serious edge. Kawhi isnt the outspoken leader type so where else is the leadership coming from? Paul George was in on the jokes.

Naa clippers are big enough for that.
Nikola Jokic checking back in, looking for all the world like he should be leading a group of kids on their gap year to a Croatian hostel instead of the Nuggets to a win over the Clippers.
Lakers fans watching the Clippers.
Aye that clippers pack getting ROLLED.
Gonna have to put u on suicide watch if ur Clippers lose MAL___: Clippers by 8.
Need the clippers to win but Murray is such a problem.
The Clippers never really wanted to be in the Bubble. Now they're free to leave.
I want the nuggets to put the clippers ass out this is gonna be funny. I cant wait to hear excuses on why the clippers lost.
Thank you. Nuggets yall just read my mind. Put Jokic back in the game. Hes got 4 fouls and he needs to be smart. I think if Jokic fouls out this game is rigged and Clippers will win.
This man sending the clippers home????
Good thing the clippers are waiting for the playoffs to flip the switch.
Clippers not losing this ima say it now.

What You Really Think

Not til there's a 10 point lead with under a minute to play. Until then it's more like.

Lakers when they get a 3-1 lead.

Playoff p strikes again.

Tough scene.

Well i guess is lakers vs boston/heat.

Karma for all of Ballmer's tampering last season lol. Kawhi's still cool, but the rest of the Clippers org can stick it.

Watch the nuggets beat the lakers.

This shit is crazy to watch .. a 3-1 comeback.

No bro i want to see kawhi and lebron.

Lakers fans realizing theyre going to play Denver.

Kawhi should have stayed in the East.

This Clippers slander is about to be glorious.



This Clippers pack hits different.

*the entire league.

Spot the difference.

Kawhi got all the pressure on him for the first time ever and hes choking hard.

Looking good.

Meanwhile the real Stephen A is...almost having a meltdown.


Jamal Murray rn.

The timeline tonight.

Its too early for this. I hate the clips but I aint bout to disrespect Kawhi like that. I remember last game 7 he was on.

Clipper fans right now ***nulb.

Common W.

You have the better gifs thats the tweet.

This will be the worst cyber bullying of all time.

Ring number 4 on the way baybeeeee.

LeBron and AD in the bubble enjoying some wine right now.

How did the Clips even blow a 3-1 lead lol.

Murray is so cold!


This is actually us rn.

Man I need therapy from these years of supporting the clips.

Murray scores more than kawhi and pg combined.

*the entire nba*.

And the clippers were the favorites to win the finals?!?!? smh.

The world watching clippers remember who they are.

Laker fans rn.


Me getting ready for all these clippers slander.

They wont be laughing for much longer.

Not really now they got to play the team that beat the clippers.

Id be scared tho, nuggets looking unstoppable.

We love to see it.

Right now.

This the "deepest team in the league?" The "best player in the world?".


Live look at lebron.

Please stop im already crying.

SAS whats up with this clippers team.

Me rn.


Its sad lol.

Clippers pack hittin rn.

Kawhi suck.

Jamal murray is a baddddd man.